Yes, They're All My Kids

I know people mean well and are just curious but making flippant remarks about me "Sure having my hands full!" or saying "Better you than me!" or even asking highly personal questions about how my children were conceived, especially IN FRONT OF MY CHILDREN is not cool. They're getting older and they hear you. ...more
I have twins and when anyone comments to me "Double trouble" then I simply answer "Double joy."more

Yes, I'm Still Breastfeeding Triplets

I breastfed my youngest son for much longer than planned, maybe because I didn't necessarily "plan" a magic stopping date. I chose not to discuss it with certain groups of people because of the negative comments I knew I'd get in return. Jenny at What the Blog recently chose to talk about it, not as a Super Mom or Super Freak, because she's still breastfeeding toddler triplets. Her post speaks to the misconceptions and the truths about it... and gives me warm fuzzies all the same. -Jenna] ...more

How Do You Teach Twins About Being Twins?

I remember being fascinated by twins when I was in elementary school, having been introduced to the concept by a friend of our family who gave birth to a set of beautiful twin boys. I wanted a twin. I wanted to be a twin. My parents were glad I wasn't, I can tell you that. Deanna at It's a Crazy Beautiful Life is a mom of twin girls and she is currently trying to figure out how to explain all that is twin to her daughters. It is more complicated than it initially seems! ...more
I have boy/girl twins, so I didn't have to get very technical when I was explaining how  they ...more

Fostering and Encouraging Individuality in Twins

I want my sons to grow up to be unique, awesome individuals who don't feel pressure to be like anyone else. I think most parents have this desire for their children, but parents of multiples face this challenge in different ways than singleton parents. It's a Crazy Beautiful Life recently tackled the topic of fostering individuality in twins and the challenges that are inherent with such a big task. ...more
Wow, how true but just by you being aware is a huge step towards their autonomy. You'll be their ...more

What Nobody Tells You About Bringing Twins Home

I know that I wasn't prepared in any way for what it was like to bring home a newborn. Despite what people chose to share, it was nothing like what I expected. 'Ssippi Scoop recently shared a post about what it's like to bring twins home -- which is a must read if you're expecting multiples or planning to help out a friend or relative when they bring their new babies home. It's hard, it's not what you'd expect and she's here to give you some advice. Take it. ...more
We allowed each baby their own schedule, like you, and never slept. Our boys are 2 now and we ...more

Saying Prayers of Thanks for Family

Like Jenny at What the Blog?, I fall asleep thanking God for the blessings in my life. As I read through the little bits of each of her triplets that she thanks God for, I couldn't help but smiling. Reading made me stop and think of each of those little things that I am truly thankful for in each of my kids -- and in my husband. ...more
what an adorable prayer and I love your site/blog! I think I have it hard with twins but ...more