Balancing Life with the Word Retarded: Brain, Child Magazine Publishes My Story

Heard it? THAT word? Retarded. Said in jest or with intent to label and degrade, the word has harsh tones. The language is going through a change. The R Word is no longer accepted as a way to refer to people with disabilities. Yet, the handling of language is a tricky process....more

Live Long and Prosper ~ wherever you may be.

“Logic is the beginning of wisdom; not the end.” ~ Mr. SpockI’ve been in love with Star Trek and Mr. Spock since the very first episode aired back in the 60’s.I loved the adventures in space.I loved that all of the crew members were treated with respect and as equals.I wanted a tribble.I added new words to my vocabulary, most memorable –  “poppycock”.I wanted to be a part of the crew, but not in a red shirt.I loved everything about Star Trek....more

“To Boldly Go……”

(This post displays in 4 pages due to the amount of photos)This post was originally posted in August 2014 - it was reposted yesterday 2/27/15 - PIP Leanord Nimoy To Bodly Go….I confess…...more

Rare Disease Day 2015

Dear Ryan,...more

bus stop

I felt a twinge driving to work on my son's first day of kindergarten. I wanted to stay home to see him get on the school bus. It was irrational. Being there the first time wouldn’t help me control what happened after the yellow doors closed. Still, I thought how that would be the first of countless times I wouldn’t be there for pick-up or drop-off. It was one of those moments that made me hate working outside the home. But there would be no home without my job, so off to work I drove....more

Courtney and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

 Just published my newest post about a super craptastic day. Wondering if you'd be interested in sharing with your readers. (the final quote is a meme so I attached it)...more

Major study of data shows ADHD doubles risk of early death

Still need a reason to get your kid's attention skills strengthened? Researchers from Denark looked at data from 32,061 people with ADHD over 32 years. (26% were women). They also had a total of 1,922,248 people in the national database so they had a huge "control" population. They found:- When looking at "all-cause mortality rate" (death from all causes), people with ADHD died at a rate of 5.85 for every 10,000. Those without ADHD died at a rate of only 2.21....more

This Was One Of Those Weird Autism Mom Moments

 David has been a real exercise in parental patience lately....more

Knock, knock, knock on wood....

 (Please note: this post displays as 3 pages long due to the amount of photos used - it is not a long read)...more

Special Speak: Managing the World of Language

Commanding the physical world occupies much of my time. Washing hands, cleaning vegetables, vacuuming, picking up clothes, and all day long putting things "just so." My son and I don't always see the world in the same way. I've got a lot to learn to communicate effectively with him. His command of the world takes a twist he sees no reason to justify. To him, licking the window on the bus might be the greatest thing ever. Why not? ...more