That's what I get for asking.

Hallee swims every week in school.  Last week I sent in what she considers an incorrectly colored towel.  It was green.  She wanted white.  Any parent of an autistic kid knows that once these kids get an idea in their heads, it may as well be written in stone.  It’s nearly impossible to redirect them once they get going....more

Family Outings

for us often look different. While we do many things together, there are many things that we do not.  I don't imagine that we are the only ones...we live in a busy and complicated world and many families have difficulty, pulling off,  doing things "all together"....more

We were not a family of 3

We were not a family of 3we were a family of 5...our two daughters (they would eventually be joined by two more) had not only front row seats for our adventure, our ups and downs...highs and lows, the laughter and the tears, the joy and the heartache...they were active participants. They had no choice...this family, these parents, this brother...were the ones they were given...this was where God had carefully and thoughtfully placed them......more


an inevitable part of life. Few of us enjoy it, much less embrace it…some go with the flow and some are rocked to their very core.  We have moved to two different states in the last couple of years. New houses, new schools, new friends…we have laughed, cried, explored and tried…to adjust....more

If your son has delayed language skills, read this

A new study from the University of Cambridge has found that language delays in males often correlate with smaller brain volumes in certain regions. These regions include the temporal lobe, insula and ventral basal ganglia.On the flip side, the study found that men who had delayed language onset as a child had larger brainstem structures than men without the delays....more

Special Needs Journal: A Picture of Daily Life

My son talks so much; interacts with so much; understands so much. I am confident he is brilliant. I wonder, perhaps like other parents, what he will be "when he grows up." What will he do with his life? There are days I operate as if Down syndrome had nothing to do with our lives. Some days, it seems to be front and center. Every day, I doubt myself. Could I be doing more? I am constantly torn; yet I am also at peace. ...more

The Stigma of Hidden Special Needs

I have children with special needs. Hearing loss, heart defect... those don't cause people to raise an eyebrow. A murmur of sympathy for my son who as endured heart surgery? Yes. A few polite questions about hearing loss? Sure. Judgment? No. But what about other special needs? Try telling someone your child was born addicted to cocaine. Or suffers from FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder). These will get you a different reaction entirely. ...more

Never-Empty Nest

A few weeks ago my youngest sister moved out of our parent’s home to begin her journey to adulthood and independence.  My Mom is finally an empty-nester.  She has had children at home for the past 32 years.  32 years.  She obviously was a tad excited as she spared no time changing my sister’s bedroom into her new craft room.  But I know she felt sad and a bit lost as well.  She wasn’t sure what to do with herself without actively playing the role of Mom all the time.I can only imagine how tricky that transition must be....more

"I'm sorry, Ken, but that is incorrect." My response to Jeopardy champ's hurtful tweet

Jeopardy champ Ken Jennings made the following tweet yesterday: “Nothing sadder than a hot person in a wheelchair.” The Twitterverse almost immediately exploded. Some people laughed, most were outraged. Jennings has not yet responded to inquiries and comments about the tweet. Part of me wanted to resist giving this ableist nonsense any more exposure, nor give that person any more free press, but I just have to say: I’m sorry, Ken, but that is incorrect....more

The Flop Has Flipped

Many of you have been following, with concern, my battle to help my autistic niece Gozer and deal with her mother Taintface. Well, I have good news and good news that infuriates only me but with help Gozer so I am dealing....more