as familiar as a favorite book

My hackles raised.I smiled when I first saw the boy talking to himself as he entered the youth services area of the library. I wasn't mocking him but thinking, I wonder how often adults caught me conversing with myself at that age?Self-recognition and bemusement quickly gave way to territorial instinct as he approached. Judging this book by his cover, I assumed he was too old to play with the foam blocks, over-sized wooden puzzles and plush story book characters stored in the children's nook....more
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What is Bravery? From a former Army Wife

“You are so brave.”“I don't know how you do it.”“You are so strong.”“I couldn't do it if I were in your shoes.” ...more


Handicapped parking is a touchy subject all the way around.  The number of spaces that must be provided is mandated by law, but depending on where you live and what your business is, this may be an inadequate number or it may give you too many underused spaces....more

Literally Speaking

Twelve years ago, I wrote this:“You can NEVER be too specific: While learning “grocery shopping” in the classroom; his plastic cart full of plastic food… he was told that it was time to “put everything on the counter to pay” – Instead of taking the food out of the cart, he lifted the entire cart onto the counter!”And ...more

Three Strokes to One: Social Situations

One of the metaphors that my diagnosing psychologist used to illustrate the exhaustion of being autistic in an allistic (that is, non-autistic) world is about paddling down a river. All of the neurotypical people are sitting in their kayaks paddling along with the current, but the autistic person is paddling through a current that runs in the other direction. For every one stroke the other kayakers paddle, the autistic kayaker has to paddle three strokes just to keep up....more

One-In-A-Million Mom Serves Ice Cream

One in a Million Mom Serves Ice Cream. Ice cream Causes Coma.  Butter Could Cause Death.  Carbohydrates A Good Source of Glucose! No, these are not headlines for the latest fad diet.  These are critical pieces of evidence, facts of the rare disorder community that alienate my sons (and other rare children) from the rest of the world. ...more

How to Accept the Dark with the Light

A day without darkness is a day without transformation. Having a child with special needs amplifies the mix. Everyday I must find the silver lining, or I shall find madness instead. ...more

Progress with a Side of Pasta

 Looking back over the past year, I can honestly say that it has been a very good and productive year....more

Autism improved by antiobiotics in some children

A man named John Rodakis saw significant improvements in his son's autism symptoms within 4 days of taking a 10-day course of amoxicillin.According to the father, the boy:1. started making eye contact (which he had previously avoided)2. had markedly improved speech (which was severely delayed)3. became less "rigid" in his demands to keep routines and sameness 4. had an enormous amount of energy, which he had "historically lacked"...more

What the Phrase ‘Million-Dollar Baby’ Means to Me

When I went into labor 17 weeks early, there was no time for us to consider our “options.”When the nurse handed me the consent form, I had no idea what I was signing. I had no idea the life of my unborn baby was literally in my hands. At that moment, I didn't know that babies born too soon are babies who are born sick. I didn't know they spend days, months and even years in intensive care units....more