In a post a few months back, I wrote that I do not buy paper towels and I do not, but just for the sake of this post, let’s just say that I do……. (code word of the day – ‘Paper Towels’ = Toilet paper)...more

The Problem With Autism (Sometimes) Is Calling Everything A Problem

 Please take this survey! The post begged....more

20 Things That Parenting a Child With Special Needs Has Taught Me About Life In General

I am married, have two children, and I’m still growing. Each day provides opportunities for education about my inner self, about relationships, and about life. Many of these lessons were learned when my youngest son, who has autism, was very little....more

Hello Dolly!

Every October, we try to take a weekend trip – our Halloween trip – somewhere Halloween themed of course. Usually we go to Salem, MA. Two years ago, just to take a break from Salem (there is never really a break from Salem as we tend to end up there quite often during the year), we decided to try Sleepy Hollow, NY. It was fun. It was no Salem, but DC had his best friend BB, along so he had an exceptional time. Last year, we opted for NY ComicCon and a weekend in NY – DC’s favorite place....more

Finding Nemo and Ed the Chimp

Who wants those old, big, needing-always-to-be-rewound video cassette tapes? We do. Compared to the DVD, the VCR works better for my son. The tape goes in, it plays until I push stop or it ends and there's no skipping, freezing, or most importantly, choices like special features or language. We scoop up old VCR tapes at sales and thrift stores, giddy at the hidden treasure we've found. ...more

To Speak...or...Not To Speak

To speak...or...not to speak?I am beginning to  believe that may truly be the question.The posts, the articles and lists are endless.Four, Five, Seven, Nine, Ten...even Fifteen..."Things You Should Not Say to Special Needs Parents".Google it, they are not hard to find, they are trendy and plentiful.Granted many of the lists overlap, but still they are there. Enumerated verbal offenses, typed up neat and tidy ready for consumption, ready to be taken to heart....more

Disney, Disney and more Disney………………..

Many of you know that DC has a complete, over the top, obsession with all things Disney. This obsession began when he was probably 6 months old. He loved to watch those Disney Sing-A-Long videos, over and over again....more

4 Things People With Disabilities Want Us to Know

When was the last time you used the word "disability"? Did you feel comfortable using it?My friend's sister was in a car accident a few years back - that was the first time I ever had to use the word. Because of a certain whiplash injury, the part of her brain responsible for vision had a little bleeding. She had vision problems right after the accident.They said she was "lucky" because that was the worst that happened to her.Days after her surgery, she still couldn't see the way she used to and I was told, "Her disability won't be permanent."...more

How to Become A Star on Times Square

Submit a photo to the National Down Syndrome to the 2015 Times Square Video Project. One photo per child is permitted. The deadline is July 22, 2015. The video compilation runs in coordination with the NDSS Buddy Walk® in New York City. ...more