Special Children and Common Core Standards - Should they be tested like everyone else?

My son moves into third grade this fall. According to the Common Core Standards, that means he'll be tested. The intense and difficult process of designing an education for a special child adds up to a monumental task. Each child in the regular classroom learns differently. Special kids walk a path that is truly only theirs. My son learns through a physical, emotional, and cognitive basket of connections, each year, month, and day must follow a goal yet always let go to redesign and reassess at any moment. ...more

A Very Special Thank You To A Special Boy

Summer is almost here. I had picked my blue beaded sandal to wear that day. As I was waiting outside my daughter’s art class, I felt a little nudge on my feet. I looked down to find two tiny little shoes trying to fit into the curves on the side of my sandal. I said to the little boy who seemed fascinated by my sandals “Hi There, I think you like my sandals.” He looked up, his forehead covered with beautiful golden hair and smiled at me....more

The System is Failing Us

This post may ruffle some feathers, may even wad some uptight people's panties. So if you are easily ruffled or wadded, then walk away from this post. This system is flawed. It's failing our children. Our children are sometimes in need of emergent care. It's NOT there for them. It's not fair. To them, or to the parents that care for them. ...more
Shellireads (sorry I just saw this now) you are VERY right! Turns out, my son is not only ...more

Traveling with Special Needs Kids and Living to Tell About It: Yes, It’s Possible!

This begins a five-part series on a topic that came up at the family dinner last night—travel and special needs kids.  As we passed around the food, my son’s aunt and uncle talked about their recent trip and the flight home the night before.  And we started wondering about special kids and travel.  We tried to think of Down syndrome kids, or any special needs kids, that we’d seen on a plane, train, or even at a rest stop along a highway.  None of us could recall but a few examples over a lot of travel among us spanning decades.  We all asked, almost at the same time, “Why don’t we see more ...more

The Teacher, the UK, and the Donation

Check out my fundraiser. Click here for my GoFundMe page. I am trying to raise funds to help buy my airline ticket to England for a summer study abroad fellowship I was selected for....more

Disability, Sexuality, and Faith

It has become quite obvious that my fifteen year old special needs daughter and a boy in her social club have a little romance going on!  I doubt if they've ever even uttered one word to each other but when they are together he gets right up in her face and takes her hands in his.  Then they dance and run around together, hand in hand!  It's just so incredibly  adorable! ...more
nomorenicegirl You are welcome!  Thanks for reading!more

Children of women exposed to pesticides during pregnancy are two-thirds more likely to have autism

Pesticides have been implicated in a variety of birth defects for a while now, but this new research using data from the California Pesticide Use Report found a strong link to kids born with autism or developmental delay.Researchers from the MIND Institute at the University of California-Davis tied autism risks to how close a pregnant woman lives to fields and farms where chemical pesticides are applied. In fact, it increased the risk by two-thirds!The most commonly used pesticides were organophosphates, and pyrethroids were second. Carbamates were also included....more
Sometimes studies reflect, finally, what many mothers know. It's a challenging place to be. When ...more

College Graduate to Welfare Mom - How Could This Happen to Me?

Look, over there. See them? They must be on welfare. It's the middle of the day; the cart is full of soda and chips. Maybe they could lose a few pounds? I mean, really. Can't they just get a job? From college graduate to welfare mom, I am now one of those "people." ...more
I was a young widow with two boys and had to go on welfare. Back then food stamps were like ...more

Sports Give Moments of Control

The U.S. ties with Portugal. It's tough in those last seconds of the game, giving up the win when you thought you had it. Sometimes I think I have the day all wrapped up. Sometimes, a lot of the times, I am wrong. ...more

Epilepsy & Diet: How we are working to control Seizures

I always admire those willing to delve into diet to help the body and soul. It is not an easy ...more