How You Can Honor Autism Acceptance Day

People all over the planet are observing World Autism Awareness Day today. My autistic friends and my family, however, prefer to observe Autism Acceptance Day . ...more
MollyRyanYerrakadu Thanks for listening! I hope your family and friends are open to the conveying.more

The Awareness of Autism...where to begin

I have thought and wondered how I could best start the month of April and Autism Awareness…Like many, it is something that I am acutely aware of on the proverbial 24/7 basis.Some people get a little sensitive or testy about this month. They have a  preferred method of awareness spreading or not spreading, a particular symbol, or they think that it serves no purpose other than to sell blue light bulbs.Light it up…light it all up…the good, the bad and the difficult…...more

In Honor of April Fools' Day........

Today is April Fools’ Day and as I do every year, I try to explain to DC that others might be playing pranks on him at work or elsewhere. He does not understand pranks or jokes really, and I always worry that he will be upset if anyone tries to play a joke on him. I usually do this by yelling “Oh My, What is that on your head?” – when he checks his head, I say “I am only kidding, it was a joke” and he laughs. I do also say “April Fools”. I did this a few times this morning and he fell for it every time. He did also laugh every time when I told him it was a joke....more

Autism Action Month. DO Something!

April is “Autism Awareness Month.” I say that’s not enough. Parents of children with Autism are aware of the isolation that their children feel when they are mocked by their peers, and they are aware of the lack of sufficient resources to help their children thrive in schools. Adults with Autism are aware that many who claim to speak for the Autism community don’t actually ask Autistic people for their opinion. They are aware that many businesses refuse to give them a chance at meaningful employment....more

Light it up whatever color you want. I won't be joining you.

April 2nd is the beginning of Autism Awareness Month.  Yaaaaay...awareness, right?  No.  I'm very aware of autism and all of the heartbreaking crap that goes along with it.  I don't need awareness.  No one in my daughter's family or circle needs awareness.  We taught that class, road that train, got the t-shirt, thank-you-very-much.  I don't need a blue frigging light bulb from Home Depot to remind me that my kid is autistic.  I definitely don't feel the need to advertise from it my front porch.  Also, here's an interesting fact......more
I am becoming more resentful of Autism Awareness month as each year passes. Good post.more

Autism Awareness Facebook Cover Photo!

The month of April is Autism Awareness Month, and April 2nd is Autism Awareness Day! ...more

“Look in the mirror and spit cookies”

One of my greatest fears (one of them; I have a million) is DC having something medically wrong with him and I won’t be able to tell.Unless he has a fever,  throws up or passes out right in front of me (try catching a 200lb boy at 3am) there is really no way for me to know.  He doesn’t really let on that there is a problem and when there is, his behavior is pretty much the same as it always is. I don’t know if he doesn’t feel pain like the rest of us or he just doesn’t process it the way we would expect.  This boy can run full speed with a sprained ankle!...more

In you, I see everything....


The School Conference That Made Me Cry

I recently attended a conference at my 3rd grader’s school and it totally made me cry. This time, however, it was a GOOD cry (although also a borderline “ugly cry” too). All because my youngest son has incredible teachers, and he has some amazing, supportive classmates. But let me rewind…...more

Target's Inclusive Advertising

Look at this Target ad. Notice anything? Pretty awesome. One day, this ad will be a regular display. We won't need to write a story about it. A girl with Down syndrome is a wonderful model and that's that. And, doesn't that dress look adorable on her? ...more