To Medicate or NOT to Medicate

WE ARE USING MEDICATIONS~ Yes, you read that right. the mother who was vehemently against medicating children, has put her child on meds. I was always against medicating my son. He was diagnosed with ADHD before he was diagnosed with Autism, and I told the pediatrician from the get go, NO MEDS. As the years have gone by and as I have watched my child struggle, pita and I started to actually entertain the idea.... ...more

Lonely & Scared: How Autism Attempts to Keep Me Isolated

And here I sit… again. I've been thinking about a post on the reality of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) parental isolation for years, but have been afraid to publish. And here I sit… desperately needing to talk to someone with no one at all to call. How could I possibly explain my child's latest antics to a parent of neuro-typical children. Heck, some parents of ASD kids can't understand my kid's behaviors, and they are up to their eyeballs in their own kids' stuff. My burdens will not help them. ...more
Oh my goodness! I could have written this myself, though I would have a cute cat on my lap ...more

The Other Sister .. Special needs adults and Marriage?

So anyone that has a special needs child/sibling needs to watch the movie The Other Sister starring Juliette Lewis  ...more

How To Find Your Family Halloween Fun

Just days before Halloween, when my daughter Zoe was almost 4, we found ourselves inpatient (… again) at our local hospital. Fall had just arrived in Arizona, and though the days were bright and sunny, the weather in the desert was finally, deliciously cooling....more

Sell The House, He Said. It'll Be Better For You, He Said

When he first said he was leaving (via email, if you can believe it. God knows I couldn't at the time), he wrote: "We'll sell the house. The kids will be devastated, but we can both start over."The problem was, of course, that he had already started over, with someone else. All that remained was for us to divvy up the detrius that made up our lives; furniture and DVD's and bank accounts and yes, a house....more
So beautifully written, I wish nothing less than the best of luck and all good things to come ...more

Stand Up for Downs: Photo Contest to Make Them Laugh

Got a funny photo? I do. In fact, I think I might have the photo that could win one of the three $1500 cash prizes to donate to a favorite charity. If I don't laugh out loud every time I look at it, I crack a pretty wide smile. Stand Up for Downs is a non-profit organization that believes: ...humor is a very powerful tool. We have also found out through so many of our children and our friends with Down syndrome that there is a strong sense of humor in that extra chromosome! ...more

Pass the pull-ups please

I spent my morning yesterday  looking for coupons for adult diapers or pull-ups, whatever you want to call them.  I don't know that this is a subject talked about much publicly, it's not one I have really discussed. Potty training, tioleting it's  a delicate subject, with many thoughts, theories, opinions, and feelings.  I need you to understand, I want to respect the privacy and dignity of my child but at the same time...there is no need for him to be embarrassed...if in fact he feels embarrassed. It is part of our life....more

I Watched You Dance: A letter to the Father of an adult son with Down Syndrome

Dear Father: I once watched you and your adult son, who has Down Syndrome, enjoying an outdoor summer concert together. I still think about that day, because I couldn’t stop staring at the two of you (but not for the reason one might think). The relationship you have with your son was one of the most beautiful, precious things I have ever seen. It brought tears to my eyes. I wanted to talk to you and your son so badly, but out of respect for you (and my husband, who gets embarrassed when I make a scene) I simply observed from a distance....more

For Kaitlyn: Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Since October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month I want to honor of all the beautifully unique, valuable individuals who happen to also have Down Syndrome. This month makes me think in particular about precious Kaitlyn.  I wish you could have met her.                     ...more

TaintFace May Be Preggo

My mom called me this morning to let me know my sister-in-law, TaintFace, is probably up the pole. My Mom is, like me, very conflicted. Yes, she will love the grandbaby and I will love my niece or nephew, but Christ Jesus watching TaintFace raise another child after the shit she has pulled with Gozer & Gamer makes us both want to pull our hair out....more