Give Me Chocolate and No One Will Get Hurt: Or (The day I Remembered and Life Kicked In)

Getting my son strapped into the special needs shopping cart is a challenge. Thrilled to have not one, but two, at our grocery store, I have to trick my son into getting in. He'd rather have the red fire cart. Caroline's Cart, however, is made with a high back, safety straps, a brake, and features that keep my son facing me and unable to grab at the groceries lined up all pretty row after row. Though he can not touch anything, he can look. ...more

Dark Days, Friends and Autism

Friends truly are the bright spots in the darkest days.Dark days…we all have them.We don’t out grow them with our children.But one of the most incredible parts of this path that we walk with Autism, with our son, with our family…is the bright spots, the people.I want to describe every God placed unique individual that we have encountered…from the members of our family, to the friends who are like family, to the people who have briefly appeared…faded in and faded out…at just the right moment....more

apple music

While I was contemplating whether a wrinkled cantaloupe was worth ninety-nine cents, my autistic six-year-old son was pressing a full-price Fuji apple to his lips. A sound that might have been “nom nom” prompted me to turn around....more

A Natural Teacher

A coworker recently found out that I am not a "natural" teacher and, instead, I was a Criminal Justice major dreaming of a job like Dexter's. He was shocked. Most female teachers I know always dreamt of teaching and, if you judge a book by its cover, you wouldn't know that I love all things dark and creepy. Hell, a perfect date night for me is dinner and a horror movie. ...more

There’s No Place Like Home

 I am fortunate that DC loves to travel. This was not always the case and for a time I believed we would never be able to go anywhere at all, especially by plane. But now he loves to go everywhere and anywhere....more

Sprout Film Festival Makes the Invisible Visible

We settled in for an afternoon of film. The stars, filmmakers, and audience comprised a demographic often forgotten about in the film world. The Sprout Film Festival travels the country delighting and promoting films, promoting social change. We sat with peers, families, and film buffs to enjoy the movie shorts. ...more

Talk about Autism

April is Autism Awareness month, but as many social images declare ... every day is autism awareness day in our house. Autism is not what we think about 24/7, but it is something that affects 100% of our life. We are fortunate that our journey is in a good place right now, and that allows me to finally step out of my comfort zone and reach out socially to share the good, the bad, and the ugly about living with autism. My hope is that I will connect with other moms on this journey ......more

“How Rude!”

Full House…. One of DC’s favorite TV shows. He especially enjoys Stephanie’s classic line; “How Rude!” It must be the delivery because DC really doesn’t have any notion of “rude” or what it means. He says what he says, the way it makes sense to him. He has no concept of what rudeness is....more

Let’s Remember to Look at Both Sides of the Coin

(Update: April 2, 2015 apparently, when I changed this post from Private back to Public, it reposted as new. Although I do not support Autism Speaks any longer, I would never begrudge anyone that does. I do stand behind the rest of this post – it was a rant at the time, but I do stand behind it)...more

Dear Worried Parent, It Will Be Okay

Exactly one year ago, I took my daughter in for a routine heart checkup. She had a heart catheter procedure when she was an infant. We were told the results should last her a good ten years. Well, ten years turned into two, and we were told she would need an open heart surgery to fix it this time. ...more
greenapples Thank you so much for you comment. Yes I agree, waiting can be our biggest enemy. It ...more