Let's Run This Lap Together

The disproportionality of the motherhood experience just smacks me in the face sometimes.We all start pretty much equal, right? We're young women in our twenties, we get connected to someone, maybe get married, feel suddenly completely impelled to have children, impelled as if our entire lives have been directed to that single purpose. Never mind the advanced degrees, the years spent building a career and a reputation, it's having a baby that suddenly becomes the raison d'etre. Why is that?...more

We can’t have it both ways…. but it’s still a little bit sad. (from July 2013)

Today was my son’s first day attending day camp this summer. He has attended this camp since he was 5 – he’s 22 now.Every summer he was able to attend camp all summer long, even staying after until 8pm for a special after camp program they hold twice a week. He loves it there....more

My Son Has No Eyes!

My Son Has No Eyes It was during an ultrasound that I heard the terrifying words,  "I think that your baby's right eye didn't develop."About a month later at my next appointment, his concerns were confirmed.  Now it was my decision they said as to whether or not to continue with the pregnancy....more

It's Hard to Imagine My Son Without Autism

What exactly is autism anyway?  He doesn’t look like there is anything wrong with him.  Should we get a second opinion?  What if he’s just going through a phase?  I’m sure he’ll catch up to the other kids soon.  Some kids just talk late.  He’s just quirky.  I have thought and said all of these things. ...more

Look In to See Out: Getting Out Before Depression Sets In

Cold and gloomy days come, despite the forecast. The rollercoaster ride of emotions opens up the world or closes it. So often people tell me how blessed I am to have a child with special needs. I know I am blessed beyond belief: friends, family, children, and a warm place to go to bed at night. I know from my living abroad, how little or nothing most people in the world have. Why do then I not feel that every single moment? The joy? The bliss? A few days ago, I was down and dragged my dreams right with it. ...more

How Do You Tell Your Child He Is Autistic?

How do you tell your child he has autism? Seriously, how do you do this? ...more
I have 4 autistic grandsons on all ends of the spectrum. We have learned about autism as they ...more

#UnitedWithIvy: Where's the Compassion?

The recent uproar and response to the flight attendant at United Air insisting that a child with special needs be strapped into her own seat during takeoff speaks directly to our inability as a culture to walk in the shoes of another who is suffering and struggling in ways that we cannot see. Image: Matt_Weibo...more
I read this article and decided to read other new stories so that I could develop a balanced ...more

You can break everything in this house and it couldn't come close to my heart

To break everything that you love and brings you comfort seems like the definition of insanity, right? Then Ryan is insane. He keeps breaking everything that he loves; Kindle, lantern, toys, Lego’s, clothes, you name it. Leave him alone for five minutes and he will rip everything to sheds. He is doing it right now. Pushing Russell’s boundaries until he snaps. I am not in the room and he is pushing me to my breaking point. He is being the worst of the worst and there is no reasoning. He doesn’t seem to even grasp how far past OK this behavior is, yet he keeps going....more