You want to be WHAT?

I wanna be a teacher!  ...more

Can The Physically Disabled Drive?

Transportation is the key to independence. People with physical disabilities want the same freedom driving their own automobiles along with everyone else. Whether you are a veteran, the aging, recovering from a stroke or you have a physical limitation, driving is not out of your reach. ...more

Halloween 2015-The spooky year of transition into teenagerism

For many kiddos on the spectrum, Halloween can be very difficult. It is complete sensory overload. The costumes, candles, not to mention the sugar and food dyes can be an autism parent's worst nightmare. Early on, Hunter struggled with the candles in Jack 'o lanterns. Battery operated candles were an amazing thing for us because they didn't give him the same anxiety. Costumes were also stressful for him because he didn't like anything over his face, and they were uncomfortable. We were able to work around this by picking costumes accordingly....more
Vic_kieS BlogHer thanks so much for sharing Sassy Aspie Mom LITTLEFIREPLUG !!more

Fezzes are Cool

As costumes go, this year was really not all that difficult....more

Toxic Stress Part 1


Star Trek and Autism

I've been watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine for the better part of the past two months, catching one or two episodes on Netflix before bed or before work on some days. A few weeks ago, I caught the episodeS5E16: Dr. Julian Bashir, I Presume episode of DS9 where we learn that Julian was genetically enhanced as a child and I realized this Star Trek episode felt a lot like a way of addressing Autism. ...more

The power of moms banding together

  Autism effects 1 in 68 and is the fastest growing developmental disability in the United States. It is diagnosed in children more than cancer, muscular dystrophy, juvenile diabetes and cystic fibrosis combined. We've all heard the phrase "girl power" but what happens when that phrase is put the test? ...more


October's most popular articles Welcome to November! The weather is getting cold, we’ve shut off the sprinkler system so it won’t freeze and, as is usual for us, a storm is moving into our valley the day after Halloween. Precipitate little storm! Precipitate!...more

10 ADD/ADHD fidget busters for the classroom

“He can't sit still long enough to do his work.”“His constant fidgeting is a distraction for the entire class.""He can't focus and is falling behind."Sound familiar?...more

Discovering Secrets of Parenting a Child with Down Syndrome

The day arrives. The newborn child coos in your lap—her big, broad life on your mind. When will she walk? When will he talk? As a parent with a special needs child, these questions suck....but....what changes? The whole damned game. Find out the hidden secrets things some of us know about parenting children with special needs. ...more