DC Speaks – Doug’s 153rd Birthday and why Mrs. H is just so jealous.

DC has his own Facebook and Instagram accounts. Instagram is private and I only accept people I absolutely know to follow him. 90% of the photos on this account are photos taken of him by me or someone other than himself. The photos and videos he has taken himself are pages from whatever book he may be reading, food, princesses from either books or the computer screen and videos of YouTube videos of Cinderella dancing (spinning mostly) or other characters spinning. There’s a lot of spinning....more


Love has No Labels, No Disabilities, No Gender, No Limits

Two skeletons teach us that Love has No Labels. Kissing, hugging, sharing, we see the image of others with no shells to define our judgements. With the march to Selma marking its 50th anniversary, we can see places we've been and how far we've traveled. Yet, we have distances yet to go. People still struggle to vote, get equal wages, and be treated as a person, not a label. ...more

Dc’s Letter to His Best Buddy, Steve

(April 2014) - DC has been involved in the Best Buddy program, since he was in middle school. Steve has been DC’s Buddy for the past three years. As I’ve told him many times, he is the best, most involved Buddy DC has ever had. Steve will be graduating from college this May. He will be either heading to Boston or back home. In either case, he will not be living close by any more. We will be sorry to loose him. DC will be assigned a new Buddy next year and that buddy has very big shoes to fill!...more

Why You Will Never Be Happy

When you have a baby who has Down syndrome you find out that almost everyone in the world has a cousin with Down syndrome and they all work at a grocery store.And they’re all incredibly happy.You know, I hope most people are happy. I hope all kids are happy. And babies.Are people as a species so unhappy that my now five-year old daughter reading library books on the couch stands out in such contrast?...more

Would I cure Autism, if I could?

Honestly, I don’t know.Okay…well  I suppose, in our particular case, I do know.But I don’t think that I have given a lot of thought to curing Autism in general.I am not embarrassed to say this, we have done little to nothing…well closer to actually nothing…as far as fundraising and or supporting an Autism cause or organization. I guess we have been so busy living it, and some might even say living it in a bubble…that I have had little time to devote to those efforts.Well other than sharing my words here....more

Today changed me

I am lost in the light, truly. It is bright all around me but I can’t see which way to go. One way I run smack into the wall that I saw but still ran into. The other way is clear but to get there is so far away that I can’t see how to get there. Today showed me that so clearly that I am left in awe and wonder at how the universe works….....more


At Work:Jamie: Vick, I just wanted you to explain the payment system we use; is it like PayPal?                  *This is a system that has been in place for the past 3 years and has been explained many times* Me: I guess you can describe it that way.Jamie: I just want to be clear about how it works. They can use their credit card, correct? Me: They can use their credit card or their bank account. (#1)...more

Balancing Life with the Word Retarded: Brain, Child Magazine Publishes My Story

Heard it? THAT word? Retarded. Said in jest or with intent to label and degrade, the word has harsh tones. The language is going through a change. The R Word is no longer accepted as a way to refer to people with disabilities. Yet, the handling of language is a tricky process....more

Live Long and Prosper ~ wherever you may be.

“Logic is the beginning of wisdom; not the end.” ~ Mr. SpockI’ve been in love with Star Trek and Mr. Spock since the very first episode aired back in the 60’s.I loved the adventures in space.I loved that all of the crew members were treated with respect and as equals.I wanted a tribble.I added new words to my vocabulary, most memorable –  “poppycock”.I wanted to be a part of the crew, but not in a red shirt.I loved everything about Star Trek....more