Your Child Still Has a Birthday Even if My Kid Has Allergies!

I was totally flabbergasted over a recent headline on the Huffington Post: “Why do your kids allergies mean my kid can’t have a birthday?”   Seriously…… do people really believe this crap? I was a little late joining the party on this article, it coming to my attention when a family member promoted it via social media.  WOW!   All I could think of was how ignorant and uncaring the author was in her article....more

Put Compassion First: An Interview With Autism Parent Brenda Rothman

Brenda Rothman is a refreshing source of compassion and practical advice in the autism parenting online world. I frequently check in with her blog, Mama Be Good, for ideas about fostering healthy family relationships, encouraging understanding, and nurturing both parent and child. ...more
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1 in 50

My hackles raise.I smiled when I first saw the boy talking to himself as he entered the youth services area of the library. I wasn't mocking him but thinking, I wonder how often adults caught me conversing with myself at that age?Self-recognition and bemusement quickly give way to territorial instinct as he approaches. Judging this book by his cover, I assume he is too old to play with the foam blocks, over-sized wooden puzzles and plush story book characters stored in the children's nook....more

More Music in Austin

I am lucky that I get to meet amazing babies, parents and WeeHands Instructors from across North America. Who know that that the wee songs that created when my little ones were babies would be sung and signed by parents across the continent!...more

The apple of my eye

I don’t want to eat this apple.As I rinse the Gala apple, I am disappointed. It's surface is a dull red interrupted by an uneven patch of yellow. The lopsided globe is marred by bruises. It simply can’t compare to the shiny green luster of a Granny Smith.I twist out the stem and bring the small, unwanted apple to my nose. I close my eyes and inhale....more

Let's Do More than Just End the R-Word

Last year, I let this day slip by. I'd written about it the three previous years. I spend a lot of my time trying to create empathy for people (all people), and this -- the casual disregard for people with intellectual disabilities, the widespread belief in our society that people with disabilities are disposable -- hurts. It isn't the word that hurts -- though it does -- it's the WORLD that hurts. ...more
Great read. As a people, we need to learn to love. Having a sense of humor is not a bad thing. ...more

Will you still feed me when I'm sixty-four?

Hoping to reap the supposed health benefits of Greek yogurt, I stopped buying the foil-topped containers of Yoplait yogurt over a year ago. Before hopping on the Greek yogurt bandwagon, I used to share the regular kind with Philip. For a few weeks last spring, he happily consumed it, either allowing me to feed it to him or choosing to spoon it up himself. I celebrated these achievements....more

He'll be OK!

I have a friend who has a son who is 18 and in his final year at school. He has just received an offer from a university, conditional upon him gaining an A,B,C in his A levels (the final year of  secondary school in the UK). This is a truly remarkable thing. You may think it's not that remarkable as you will know that students all over the country will be receiving offers and some will have more difficult obstacles to overcome in terms of grade requirements. But this is an amazing achievement for this young man....more

I Made This Baby

Muscular Dystrophy (MD): Not to Be Confused With Medical Doctor, Maryland or Matt Damon

I'll be the first to admit it, when I think of Muscular Dystrophy (MD), I think of Jerry Lewis. You know, Jerry's Kids...the telethon. I watched it, and so did many of you, because it had great entertainment. I never donated, I was too young, and I certainly had no idea what MD was. If you were to ask me, I would have said it is a disease that causes mental retardation and confines people to wheelchairs. I would have been wrong. Because of Kathy, Dave, Keelan and Ella, I now know what it is....more