How the Woman Behind Ohio's New Adoption Law Helped Me Find My Family

In my baby book there is an empty page titled "About The Day You Were Born." And on the page where my birth certificate belongs, there is a handwritten note detailing my ethnic background with a picture of the day my parents brought me home, at eight-months-old, from the Catholic Adoption Agency in Cleveland, Ohio. 18 years ago, without the sealed records of my birth and adoption, I searched for and found my birth parents. Putting the pieces of my past together filled the empty spaces in my life. Finding my family moved my future forward. ...more
The story is really inspiring one. Birth mothers do have a large heart and they often tend to ...more

Dear Extended Family, Isolation Isn't About You

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is "How do you get your family to understand why isolation is important?" I also see variations of this question almost everyday in online preemie support communities.Preemie parents struggle to find balance. When our baby comes home from the NICU, we want to celebrate! We want to have everyone over to ohh and ahh over the tiny being. We want so badly to have a "normal" experience with our baby. But, we are also painfully aware of the risks involved....more

When Traveling Goes from Good to Bad

As a parent, I generally expect some complications to arise with just about everything I do. Whether it is going to the grocery store when we should technically be having down time or actually going on full fledge vacations. Either way we are bound to have some complications but I never shy away. Sadly, our family just did a massive vacation and found ourselves "stuck". We started out with everything going great, zero complications and routine generally perfect. Our vacation was to Florida, took 2 days to drive there but was worth the many hours in the car. ...more

Because, you know, life was boring

Because, you know, life was boring FOR PETE'S SAKE. Seriously???...more

Hope During the Holidays (Jax Takes His First Steps)

Truthfully, the holidays aren't as bright as they used to be.I used to look forward to this time of year. For many years, the only time I could catch a flight home was during the holidays - I looked forward to that time for months. The anticipation and excitement of seeing family and friends put a bounce in my step and cheer in my heart....more
Denise Now he's non-stop! It's so amazing and fun!more

The Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Single Working Mom Day

I am a bad Mom today. As hard as that is, it's harder that I'm a bad Mom and I really can't do too much about it right now. This is a very busy week for me at work. My department is hosting a conference of high-level executives from all over the globe, and it's my job to coordinate the whole thing, from setup to logistics planning to execution. ...more
Thank you all for your warm and supportive words. Wouldn't it be nice if we lived in a world ...more

Take Care of Each Other

We were invited to a birthday party a few months ago of a little boy close to Christian's age. It was at a park. Christian is getting bigger and not looking like a baby so much so we get a lot of stares. We have a safe little bubble, our family, his school, of people who know him and love him. But when we step outside of the bubble it's glaringly apparent that Christian is different. Those who stare the longest and even make comments or look terrified are usually kids, mostly boys, that are pre-teen, around the ages of 8-10. ...more

Should Special Education Students Be Mainstream?

Special Education students should absolutely be mainstreamed. By mainstreaming these students, it will give them the opportunity to increase and build their self-esteem, it will allow them get motivated to reach their potential, and as well as allowing them to build social skills. Students who are in special education setting should not be segregated because of their academic challenges. They should be given the opportunities to co-exist with other students on a daily basis to bring along a sense of cohesion....more

No dice

As soon as I reached the top of the stairs, Philip came over to give me a hug. Or so I thought. Instead of reaching his arms around my waist, he lifted up my shirt.“Hey!” I exclaimed. “What are you doing?”Realizing the only thing that I was concealing under my top was a roll of belly fat, Philip let my shirt drop. Peter was the next one to be inspected. Philip grabbed his empty hands and  looked behind Peter’s back, but didn’t seem to find whatever he was searching for....more