Changing What A Christmas Present Is For My Special Needs Kid

Christmas presents are hard.  Any present that we get Little Man is really hard.   Every year it gets more difficult to buy him things that he will show any interest in...  Or that is appropriate for him to play with at his developmental age.We have piles and piles of toys laying around the house for him to play with.  There is a toy organizer that has books, blocks, light up toys, pop up toys, ride on toys... every toy you can imagine, we probably have one. ...more

Can lithium restore brain function in people with Down Syndrome?

I'd consider this pretty big news: Researchers in Italy used lithium to restore new neurons in the hippocampus (the part of the brain that controls learning and memory). They were also able to "significantly improve" cognitive skills in mice with Down syndrome, especially spatial memory, object discrimination and contextual learning. Apparently, mice are very similar to humans in many ways, so this might prove to work on humans too!Here's the article I read:

The beginning

Life doesn’t get boring.  EVER. Every day is a new challenge.. some days we cry and some days we celebrate.  Autism is a rollercoaster ride in the dark.  Butterbean was diagnosed July 2012 at the age of 3.  The doctor the diagnosed her told me there were many great resources out there for kids with Autism, but he could not possible keep up with them all. That’s it.....more

The Power of One Teacher

Below is one of my most cherished posts.  It makes  me cry every time I read it (in a good way):...more

Asperger's removed from DSM-V manual

The American Psychiatric Association has said that it's dropping Asperger's from the latest edition of the Diganostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5).Instead, it will fall under autism spectrum disorder. The APA said that will help children with autism get diagnosed more consistently and more accurately. This could be a good thing for parents who are trying to get insurance to pay for things. It could also help teachers, schools and parents in determining special ed (and funding)....more

When You're A Special Needs Mom, Love Is A Battlefield

I took my son to war over the weekend.The battlefield was rife with tribulation. It was loud - blaringly so. Discordant sounds hit us from every direction, lights were flashing in our eyes and everywhere we could see. We were pushed and shoved and pummeled and by the end of the day we ached from our exertions. It was misery at times, but we made it through.I made it through taking my autistic son to a holiday fair....more

Applying Floortime to Technology: How My Child with Autism Learned to Use the iPad

In this post, I will share how our daughter Beth learned to work the iPad (i.e. learned to poke and drag, the key to using all apps).  I will narrate our process during videos of my daughter demonstrating the apps, and then generalize the lessons I learned at the end of this post. Since we are using Floortime (1) for play therapy, I took a play-based child-centered approach to helping Beth use the iPad. ...more

Jacket Fail: The Ongoing Oddysey of Winter Coat Meltdowns

Just when I think I haveSensory Processing Disorderunder control, it rears its ugly head and reminds me who’s boss.With the return of winter comes hats, gloves and the ever-feared winter coat. We have made such phenomenal progress with Vman I naively believed we would coast into winter. SPD kindly slapped me across the face as a wake up call to realty....more

It's Never Too Late To Be Thankful

It doesn't take a lot effort to be thankful for what we have and don't have in our lives.While I am in currently hosting a one-woman pity party, I am very thankful and grateful that my children and family are essentially healthy and not battling any life-threatening diseases.I am thankful and grateful that my children are so resilient and  strong.I know that we have faced many medical challenges and I certainly realize that we have been more than blessed and lucky in many ways.  I know that things could be so much worse....more

Jacket Fail: The Ongoing Oddysey of Winter Coat Meltdowns

Just when I think I haveSensory Processing Disorderunder control, it rears its ugly head and reminds me who’s boss. ...more