Would You Have Adopted Him Had You Known?

I don't always think it's fair when we're asked questions like, "If you had known x, would you have done y." I love the post Tiffany at A Moment Cherished wrote when a question of that nature was asked about her son with special needs. I think if more people read it, they would rethink asking such questions. On the other hand, the discussions need to be had and maybe this was a good prompt. Either way, read the post. ...more

New drug helps autistic and Fragile X kids with social interactions

Did you hear this on NPR this morning? So awesome! A new experimental drug called Arbaclofen is being used in trials (on humans) with great results. The drug specifically helps those with Fragile X who have issues with social interactions (a common symptom of both Fragile X and autism)....more

What is Equine Assisted Psychotherapy?

Although I have never blogged about it before, some of you may know that I am a therapist at an agency that works with victims of domestic violence. One of the coolest things I am able to do in my therapy practice is a modality known as equine assisted psychotherapy. This intervention is effective on so many different levels with clients, and has also been shown to be beneficial in helping to rehabilitate horses who have had traumatic experiences themselves. ...more

The High Cost of Not Treating ADHD

September is National ADHD Awareness Month and what better time to talk about the long-term risks of not treating the disorder?Here's an article on some of the long-term symptoms of untreated ADHD:http://thegazette.com/2012/09/12/adhd-awareness-month-focuses-on-long-te...As you can see, these are big concerns: anxiety/depression, difficulty managing time and money, difficulty getting into college? This is serious stuff!...more

An amazing discovery in autism: neuronal circuits can be reversed!

This is huge. It has the potential to change a lot of what we can do to help address the cause of some symptoms of autism....more

What A Waste (previously published on ScaryMommy.com)

For those of you that missed it back in July, here is the article I wrote for Scary Mommy's Society page.  ...more

An Open Letter To The Mom Who Hit Her Autistic Son

Originally this was going to be a "comment" but then it was way too long, so I made it a post. I'm having an issue with this post (and I keep coming back to it when I should just go to bed and leave well enough alone I guess because I don't want to sound like I'm judging you), but I have an issue with it and it's not because you hit your autistic son. I have 2 kids and have absolutely been pushed to my breaking point....more

The Boy

  This story is not about either of my sons. This story is about a boy about 30 odd years ago. That boy grew up in a small town in India. He was the first son, the first grandson; the oldest of his generation. Hence, he had the weight of the entire generation on him; he was to serve as a shining example of all that was expected of that generation from his elders. The boy didn't mind; in fact, he reveled in the distinction. ...more
@baknginatornado lol!! Just teasing you...I went and saw your comment. Thank you so much! ...more

I've Got The Homework Blues

It's Friday, and you can't know how glad I am about that. Not only is the workweek ending, but as of yet, neither of my kids get homework over the weekends. Thank God. This school year has been a real challenge, and we're not even a month into it here. David is in 3rd grade now, and here they follow the "Everyday Mathematics" program. In 3rd grade, they begin a new "spiral" of learning - that means they're out basics and skill drills and into putting it all together in more complex manners. Ohhhhhhhhhh no. Math has always been difficult for David....more

I Broke: I'll Never Forgive Myself for Hitting My Autistic Son

I'm on the floor of the bathroom with my fingers in my ears. I'm not sure it was even necessary as I wouldn't be able to hear the cries of my child over the cries of my own. I'm crying so hard that my body has started to shake with exhaustion, and I'm sweaty from the exertion. In the other room Casey screams from his car seat that I ripped from the car to buckle him in because I did not know what else to do. He's safe. Safe from himself, and so much worse, safe from me. I hit him. I hit my six-year-old autistic son. ...more
Powerful story. Thank you for sharing, we've all been there and might be there again. No ...more