Remembering The Accident That Changed Our Lives

This Thanksgiving will be the ten year anniversary of the car crash that changed our lives. My post tells about the accident and how my daughter's paralysis has made our family stronger. Thanksgiving for us means remembering how quickly life can change and to be grateful for the moments we share together.

Priorities, Priorities

Last night I was scanning the ‘net for ideas. The Tom Cruise inspiration was a hit, so I thought I would try my luck again.NaBloPoMo will do that to you. It’s day 10. I’m 1/3 of the way there.I came across this really (well, sort of ) interesting article in the LA times about the Olympic torch. It’s now in space.No joke....more

Why I Don't Like Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks, but I don't think they listen I'm going to put some opinions out there to the best of my ability, because I get angry every time I think about it all, so it's not easy. I'm also not going to link to any doom and gloom sources (why would I want to give them more traffic?) so if you really want to know more, you'll have to Google it yourself. (The links in my text all go to posts on MY site with MY opinions) ...more

Free Birds Sensory Friendly Screening November 9, 2013

It can be a challenge for families with a special needs family member to find outings they can do together. AMC's Sensory Friendly Films is a monthly first-fun family film in a special environment that makes it possible for individuals with autism, sensory proceesing disorders or other special needs to feel comfortable....more

Scariest train journey EVER?

Who is up for the best and scariest railway trip of all time?This is a picture of Brunel's railway Bridge, (The Royal Albert Bridge) completed in 1859. The bridge spans the River Tamar, connecting the city of Plymouth to the County of Cornwall. (England).My daughter was absolutely convinced that the train traveled roller coaster like through the curved supporting struts at the top!...more

Accidental Attention Deficit Disorder

It seems to me that this generation of children and young people are increasingly growing up with attention deficit disorder. Their parents or carers always seem to have their hands, eyes and ears focused on phones, or tablets, or computers. I've seen a toddler run into a lake while their mother was texting, I've seen kids in A + E waiting rooms, (with already cut heads), climbing on tables whilst their parents play the latest tablet game, children gasping, 'look at me, look at me', who are ignored for technological fixes....more

The Sensory Child Gets Organized - Book Review

This past year we’ve really struggled with sensory issues with our son Jack. We didn’t know whether these struggles were related to his fight with cancer (treatment can affect many things) or if the issues had been less noticeable earlier in his life because he wasn’t under so much stress. He’s always been a sensitive kid – I can remember setting him down on the lawn outside our apartment at nine months old and his look of consternation when he realized he was surrounded by pokey blades of grass....more

Lights! Camera! Action! Autism!

We had David's parent-teacher conference last night, and as always, my boy is the proverbial "Little Engine That Could." They've changed the report card structure this year and oh, was it a wonderful change. His new math report card shows his proficiency percentage in relation to set goals. For instance, one of the goals is 100% accurate computation of basic math facts in a timed, 100 question drill. Right now, he's sitting at 77%. Normally, that would give me a bit of a twinge. He tries so hard, but math is rough for him. It's good, but obviously he needs to work on this....more

How Something I'd Never Heard of Changed My Life (Prematurity Awareness Month)

I'd never known a preemie baby before Jax. Preterm birth was something abstract, something that only happened to other people. Mainly people who were irresponsible, careless, and unhealthy. It was something that could be prevented if only the mother had taken better care of herself during her pregnancy. The only picture I had ever seen of a preemie was the Anne Geddes photo of a tiny baby in her father's hands. And that baby looked so cute and healthy! ...more
Thanks so much for sharing your experiences. All NICU experiences bring you closer to what ...more

The Boy Who Bounces Back

Yesterday, Jax had surgery. We knew it was a complex procedure, but we weren't really prepared for what came next...After 4 hours of surgery, the doctor came and gave us report: "This was not the easiest job I've ever done. I had to do a skin graft.  Jax has 1000 tiny, internal stitches."Our jaws hit the floor. 1000 stitches?...more
Denise I know, right?! Incredible! And he somehow still has a smile on his face.more