Sunday morning with Sensitive Santa

Don’t let the absence of photos of Santa Claus fool you. Philip’s trip to the mall this morning to see Kris Kringle was a huge success....more

Frozen 2-D on Saturday, December 7, 2013 is the Sensory Friendly Film at AMC

What are you doing on Saturday, December 7, 2013? If you have a special needs child you may have heard of the great program from AMC Theaters and The Autism Society. If you haven't heard about it read more at my Los Angeles Special Needs Kids Examiner article. Watch the preview of this month's movie while you're there!...more

Life With Expenses

There is a vacation planned for next summer. It was planned by someone else, and, for awhile, I was dead set against going. I would still rather not go but, knowing Caleb the way that I do, he will enjoy visiting with the other people who will be present. He will be really happy, so I can endure for the week this is happening -- if we can still afford to go. I think that it should be doable. We have enough money in savings to make it happen, but… I’m finding out that having a child on the autism spectrum can get expensive!...more

Special Needs Kids Christmas Gift

There are only 21 days until Christmas and I want to do something special for some special kids. Do you want to help me? I’m sure you do because you care and the holiday season is a special time to show how much we care....more

Special Needs Christmas Gift

Claudia Broome | Teaching Acceptance, Understanding and Kindness One Child at a ...more

An Angel on the Tree

The Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Single Working Mom Day

I am a bad Mom today. As hard as that is, it's harder that I'm a bad Mom and I really can't do too much about it right now. This is a very busy week for me at work. My department is hosting a global conference of high-level executives from all over the globe, and it's my job to coordinate the whole thing, from setup to logistics planning to execution. ...more

My Preemie Daughter Taught Me to Keep Ideas Sacred

7 Keeping Your Ideas Sacred Ideas start off as gut feelings and flashbulb moments. They start unformed, barely visible flickers. Like premature babies, they need incubation and respirators to survive. Twenty four years my daughter Laurel was born 3 months premature .Born 890- grams this flicker of an idea was born at St. Joe’s Hospital in London Ontario. She was so small she fit in the palm of my hand, and we didn’t expect her to survive. ...more
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