Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This, or Today Sucked

 We interrupt yesterday's awesomeness to bring you today's day from hell. I admit it. I was on a high, happy cloud.  Yesterday went so well that I drove to school humming and singing. I mean, I do that every day but today I did it from  high atop the fluffy,  happy cloud. ...more

Innocence Found

Today was a marvelous adventure.... My first school trip with the kids. I went into it a little bit nervous, I have to admit. The thought of all the kids in our school being on buses for almost an hour and a half, followed by walking around a zoo sounded a wee bit daunting....more

Will Your Special Needs Child Ever Achieve Independence?

Am I the only mother out there who looked forward to motherhood, but also looked forward to the day her child would eventually move out of the family home?...more
This is a wonderful site. I have an adult child of special needs. They never stop growing and ...more

Money: Special Needs Couple Makes A Dream A Reality

Thirty-eight days ago, the newlyweds came to our house for a summer barbecue.  John cooked burgers on the Traeger wood pellet grill....more

Parents of musically gifted children: Get out of your own way so your child can flourish!

Parents of gifted young musicians can support their child’s musical growth by understanding their own reactions and feelings....more

Exercise: So Important for Your Autistic Child

All kids need exercise, but there are specific reasons for autistic kids to get active: Autistic adults cite exercise as critical for self-regulation and helping to ...more

They Were Making Fun Of My Son, So I....Did Nothing

Where I live, I get the best of both worlds. I'm in a small town riding the edge between the far suburbs of a major US city and the very rural farmland that stretches to the west. I only have to drive an hour and my kids can have museums and touring exhibits and Broadway road shows and concerts and all kinds of culture. ...more
I have to admit I'm a bit teary eyed after reading this. I have a soon to be 13 year old ...more

I Am Invisible

I’m on the track team at my high school.  I sit at the top of the bleachers waiting for my race to start. My teammates don’t see me because I am invisible.I sit at the lunch table at school with my peers, the table is crowded but they don’t see me, because I am invisible.Sometimes adults can see me for short periods at a time. But it doesn’t last long. Bit-by-bit after several minutes I fade away right in front of their eyes and they don’t even notice. I am invisible. My mom is the only one who can see me all the time....more

What's It All About? Thoughts on Disability, Difference, and Dissatisfaction

"We spend nearly every minute wanting things to be a little bit different, a little bit better. Even now, reading this, you might be thinking defensively: But I only want what’s best....more