We've got a whole lot of change going on here at the Crazy Train in the next couple of weeks.  I know you've heard the whole "change is good" nonsense that people like to spew about.  Hell, even I make this comment from time to time!  But I don't usually say this in reference to me and mine.  At my house, change is most decidedly B. A. D....more

Study shows autistic kids appear to benefit from receiving a new pet

The results of a study on autistic children and pets have been published in the journal "PLOS ONE."The study, which took place in France, showed that autistic children who received a pet scored better in "offering comfort" and "offering to share." These results were evident even a few years after getting the pet.What was suprising to me is that autistic children who already had a pet (since birth) showed "generally weaker relationships with their pets."Here's the article:

And We Have an IEP Winner, People!

Last Friday was Birdie's long-awaited IEP planning meeting-- and I am so glad it's over!  (It was quite quick and painless, once we got started.) ...more

The "Sally-Anne" False Belief Test to try on your child (re: Asperger's/Autism)

I have a B.A. in Psychology but I've never heard of the Sally-Anne False Belief Test. What an interesting but simple way to determine a child's "theory of mind."About "theory of mind": Childen begin to develop "theory of mind" around age 4 of 5. It's essentially the ability to think and reason about what other people are thinking (or feeling). Theory of the mind takes place in the right TPJ of the brain, (that's the temporo-parietal junction). As kids turn into teens, the right TPJ begins to develop patterns of activity similar to those of adults....more

My Son Will Not Be One Of "Those Kids" This Year

In our school district, third grade is the year where they all learn to play the recorder in music class. They use a great program called "Recorder Karate" that Anna just loved when she was in elementary school. David is very, very musical, but he has a hard time with fine motor skills (like finger manipulation) and not a lot of patience. I would imagine it's going to be tough for him to learn the recorder along with his class. And therein lies the rub. In our school, at the end of the school year, the kids give a concert where each grade sings a few songs, and beginning in third grade, they play a few songs on the recorder, as well. Unless you're one of those "special kids."...more
The school where I teach has the kids play a few songs... some tricky songs for the more skilled ...more

Does My Child Need a Feeding Evaluation? Picky Eater Vs. Feeding Disorder

 Are you concerned that your child is a picky eater? Are you over mealtime battles? Over the past six years, I have focused my training in Speech-Language Pathology in the area of feeding and swallowing disorders. I am excited to share my knowledge with you to help you better identify when to be concerned about your child's eating habits....more

Dear Teacher

Dear Teachers and staff at Primary School, Hi there My name is Cooper and I am starting Prep this year. I am very excited to be starting school. I am really looking forward especially to German class and learning anything about Science. I love seeing how things work and why they work and who invented them.  I have an amazing imagination and am full of so many creative ideas. I also love beign outdoors and learning about how a farm works. When you first see me lots of people see my walker, or my wheelchair before they really see me....more

Aw Shucks, People Think I'm Great!

Guess what, y'all!  I've been nominated for some more bloggy love awards. Before I go any further, though, I want to apologize to those that have nominated me for so taking so long to respond to these honors.  I am so flattered that you love me enough to send me this accolade!  You have truly made my day!  I have had so much going on this summer, however, that these kept piling up, unanswered-- but I am making that right this very second....more
Of course people like you! Congratulations on the awards!more

This Week's Hairbrained Musings (11)

Another week of moments and musings....more