6 Thoughts for 6 Months as a Special Needs Mum

Now I know I've only been a Mumma to a baby with special needs for 6 months & I don't have much to offer in terms of advice & all...In reality, Reid is just a baby & Down syndrome has really played second fiddle to her eye & heart surgery, heart failure, numerous hospital stays, feeding tubes & such...http://www.happysoulproject.com/2013/06/6-thoughts-for-6-months-as-special.html#.UdYfffnMB8E...more

Invisible Disorders


What Not to Say to a Mom Whose Child Is Being Evaluated for Educational Services

"Because he was uncooperative on the test, we have to regard him as being behind on receptive language." Huh? Because he was uncooperative, you have no results. That doesn't mean he's lacking in receptive language; it means he didn't want to play that particular game. I recognize that school districts are bureaucratic animals and that the scientific method does not fit anywhere into that worldview, but no results does not equal negative results. ...more

When Mom Learns to Grow Up

Sunday, June 30, 2013...more

How to Drive Yourself Crazy in One Easy Lesson

Let’s say that on Monday, Jimmy is frustrated. He is totally losing it. No, actually, he has totally lost it. For whatever reason, he just cannot do something – maybe it’s a homework problem, maybe it’s tying his shoes, maybe it’s just finding a way to calm himself down. And he is rapidly heading toward the edge, with you very close behind....more

Autism Parents - We Need Some Stinking Badges!

Over the weekend, the kids and I were at a campground, and while they were splashing and playing in the pool, I was lazing indolently on a lounge chair, glancing up from my Kindle every so often to make sure all was well. Not that I had to worry much - they both swim like fish and the pool was lifeguarded, but I'm a Mom and I can't not check on them....more

How Pinterest Saved My Summer Parenting Plans

Before I was a Mom, I once spent a fabulous vacation with Martha Stewart. An entire week cooking, crafting and fussing around my new house, just me & Martha. I followed bookmarked pages from Martha ‘s magazine and splurged on Martha's new appetizer cookbook. It was a DIY week of domestic goodness culminating with a baby shower I would host for a dear friend....more

Autism and iPad in the Exam Room

Several of my patients have Autism. They vary exactly where they are on the spectrum. Most of them have some form of anxiety at office visits; for some, it is severe. Of course, many children Have anxiety around doctors. in fact, surgeons have noticed that the iPad has become a great anxiety reducer....more

Sh*t Moms of Kids with "Issues" Say

Got kids with "issues"? Yeah .... we've been there ............ ...more

"You're Just Not Trying Hard Enough!"

I don't speak Russian. Or Hindi. Or Korean. Or any other language with a different alphabet. And I certainly can't read them. I can't even try to sound them out phonetically, regardless of meaning, because they just looks like squiggles to me.So let's say you put a piece of paper with Russian on it in front of me, and say, "Read it!"I say, "I can't."You say, "Read it!!! Everyone else can!"I say, "Maybe everyone else can, but I can't."You say, "Read it!!!! You're just not trying hard enough!"...more