The Crazy Train Olympics

 I have to admit that I'm not much of a fan of televised sports.  Not even the Olympics arouses my interest much....more

Balancing Life as a Cancer Mom

I mostly handle my son Jack’s illness pretty well. The day-to-day stuff is much easier than I ever thought it would be and I’m pretty good at keeping up with what needs to be done. The thing that does get to me, though, is the look on other people’s faces when I tell them details about Jack’s treatments for Leukemia....more
 @wdolderer I'm so sorry to hear about your nephew.  I hope he has an easy recovery!more

Motherhood Through Asperger colored glasses

My son was five years and five months old when we were given his diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome, that was fourteen years ago and hardly anyone really knew what that meant exactly. At the time, he was in kindergarten and the school system was fighting to remove him from his integrated classroom and send him to a collaborative program out of district. I fought them tooth and nail becuase I could not (more likely would not) see my son as any different from the other butt scratching, nose picking, and hyper active five-year-old boys surrounding us....more

The Struggle to Find Normal Family Life Amidst Special Needs

He rages again. It's the fifth time since I've been up, counting from the blood-curdling time-out screams that awoke me. I have no idea how many it was before that. Kyle's on kid duty in the mornings since it's summer, a blessed reprieve from the glass-walking that is morning time with those two. This time, it's because WALL-E is on, because Tova picked it while he was throwing a fit in his room. That's part of what he does now -- something disrupts his despotic rule over our family and he runs to the stairs, hitting and slapping them as he goes up to his room to lay on his bed with the blankets over him....more
*hugs* I won't tell you I know what you're going through because I don't, but I will tell you ...more

What a Week for Delirious Mom!

This past week has been jam-packed with activity on the Crazy Train!  The word whirlwind comes to mind.  I don't know how so much could possibly happen in one week, and happen so painlessly at that.  (I should probably knock on wood right about now! *rapping on my head with my knuckles*)  I just give you a brief recap of the week, with the little funny bits that deserve mentioning added in....more

Take Me to Your Leader

Australia is at a pivotal moment in developing a National Disability Insurance Scheme which would ensure that all people with disabilities would have an equal standing regardless of how their disability was acquired, among many other benefits. The Federal Government is seeking support from all of the Australia states in order to commence the initial phase of the scheme....more

Asperger's Rocks!

Proud Aspie Mom!...more

How do we let go?

As summer is coming to an end, I have finally realized that our youngest little treasure is growing up.  It seemed so much easier when the other kids moved onto Jr/Sr High, but, it is so hard to let BJ go and I wonder how other parents of special needs children do it.  I know that without letting him out into the world on his own, he will never learn to be able to be on his own and I also know that we won't be around forever....more

Ripping Off the Band-aide

Hello friends. It’s time to rip off the Band-aide and just start. No more excuses. No more thinking. Just do it already, Jennifer! After all, the journey of a thousand miles begins with one simple step....more


I have really awesome news, Crazy Trainees!! Drum roll, please... I am being published by the Scary Mommy herself-- the one and only Jill Smokler-- on her website! Woo Hoo! *lots of giddy happy-dancing going on at my house right now* ...more