Quit Complaining, Soccer Moms! You Don't Know How Good You Have It!

Hey Soccer Moms, listen up! Are you listening? Hey, all you NT soccer moms out there, we (the special needs parents) are jealous! Yes, you read that right. We are jealous, annoyed, maybe even a bit pissed off! Why you ask? Well, have a seat, let me explain! We are jealous because while you have to juggle your kids to different sporting events or juggle birthday parties, play dates, coffee dates, maybe even mani/pedi salon days, or dare I say it, DATE NIGHT with your significant others, we don't get to do this....more
@BronwynPeverill I love this! I couldn't agree more! I don't dare mention how I couldn't sleep ...more

We're Just Doing Our Thing, Living With Autism

This morning, I was getting David ready for school and we were watching PBS. Arthur was coming on, and right on cue, he screamed "Sing it, Mom! Sing it!" And in my best goofy voice, I belted out:Hey! It's a stinky butt kinda day! Because that's how we sing Arthur. Ever since David stretched once and managed to toot a bit in the process - right when Arthur was coming on. I think that was a couple of years ago. But it's a thing now. ...more

Bubbles are a choking hazard

Bubbles are a choking hazard....   So I got up this morning with the bright idea to do something fun. Sunday Funday right??? I got on Pinterest and looked up some warm weather fun. I chose bubbles. Because who doesn't love bubbles???...more

He Said What?!?!?

    Okay, so any of you that have followed my ALFL page for any time, you know how much I love the show Parenthood. When Liam was first diagnosed I was told by another parent in an Autism forum to check out the show. We looked it up, and started from the beginning....more

Forgive Me For Not Laughing


Summertime Woes: Bee Sting Allergies

Research shows that up to 15 million Americans have food allergies, ranging in severity from an itchy mouth to anaphylaxis. Eight foods account for 90 percent of all reactions: milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat, fish and shellfish. Even trace amounts of a food allergen can cause a reaction. There’s good reason for peanut bans in the classroom, as 1 in 13 children is affected....more

Where Is Our Place?

"I don't understand autism. Nobody had it years ago, now everyone has it and gets a personal budget from the government and all sorts of special services. How in the span of 20 years did we go from nobody having this to so many having it. Is this just a ploy to get free money when your child has a small issue that we all just dealt with?"...more

Celebrating the Small Victories

Today I had one of those special moments. It took me a minute to realize the full magnitude of the event. You see this morning was just like any other morning. I walked into Bo's room and flipped on the light. She didn't stir. She's always been a heavy sleeper. I sat quietly on the edge of her bed watching her sleep for a moment, studying her face and thinking about how fast she's growing up. I then began my normal annoying mom routine of lightly tapping her shoulders, calling her name, and sometimes even resorting to singing obnoxious little made up songs to get her to wake up. ...more

If You Put A Label On A Child...

Within my social media and writing circles, I've met amazing people . Some of which are parents. Some of which are parents of children who might be working through some challenges.I like to say "challenge" because it doesn't sound disrespectful and, as I write this, I really hope it isn't. I myself, work through challenges daily as do my kids and husband but I'm referring to children who have been diagnosed as special needs.What isn't a challenge is understanding how amazing they are........as are their parents....more