The worst and the best of times.

We settled down.Her baby’s every new day taught us to relax. Loving her was so easy. She gave us so much joy; we were allowed to be happy around her.  By the time my son was born we had a grip on family gatherings!Our kids loved each others’ company. They redefined the term, ‘cousins’.Being her Mom was hard work.I tried to help out when we were together. ...more

No, you DON'T Know Me

I guess I have one of those familiar faces, because I seem to get it a lot. The head cocked to one side, the awkward pause, then “Do I know you?”Normally that comes after I get that strange feeling like someone is staring at the back of my head....more
@Robin Black thanks for taking time to comment! I agree to a degree, but being semi-famous has ...more

Defining Special

The label special needs really makes me cringe.  Special needs children have cognitive disabilities, physical disabilities, things that change the way their worlds work and the way everyone around them reacts.  Special needs children have lifelong problems accompanied by sadness and stress for the people who love them....more

You Can't Handle the Truth (oh wait - that's me)

We're two thirds of the way through NaBloPoMo and so far I have kept the commitment of writing a post a day for my site.  It hasn't always been easy - there have been many nights that I am just sneaking the post up in the final hour of the day, when all I really want to do at that time is sleep.  Some nights I am not sure what to write about and feel like I have to force myself to come up with something....more

Twist Me Up And Wring Me Out

It’s only Tuesday? I thought as I stared at the pill organizer. How is that possible?The anxiety in my chest grew. But that’s what day the organizer told me it was. The next dose of medication was right there. My phone agreed that it was Tuesday, as well. I shook my head and sighed.I can’t wait until Friday....more
@justjazzy24 Thank you so much. I really appreciate your kind words.more

Happy Birthday, Son: You Aren't The Kid I Wanted

Dear Son, You're ten-years-old today. Ten years of all the typical parent stuff: worrying over every fever, jumping up and down when you took your first steps, lifting up the covers so you can crawl in next to me, yelling at the top of my lungs when you and your sister won't stop fighting. ...more
I'm a little late to comment, hope that's okay. As my brief introduction: my husband and I have ...more

The best and the worst times.

My baby’s first Christmas...The.   Worst.   Christmas.  Ever. My, four month old,  baby’s cry caused her, eighteen month old, baby to cry. When her baby cried...All the adults responded as if 911 was needed.This chaos simply increased her daughters upset.  Everyone called her name.Everyone offered her something.Drink.  Cookie.  Soother. Everyone offered their arms.Want a sit with me?Want to go to the moon?...more

Mary & Martha, and Myositis too.

Mary, Martha & Myositis… what do they have in common besides cool alliteration? Glad you asked!I’m not gonna lie. I’m not a salesperson. I know a lot of people who do direct sales and do well with it. I have GOOD friends who do (if you need an independent consultant for just about anything, let me know. I probably have a friend in it and can hook you up!) But me? Not so much, and I HAVE tried!I’ve given up on direct sales since it’s really not my personality. I swore off any “new” campaigns to “get in on the ground floor.” I can’t hear you, lalalalala....more

Make A Difference - Choose Epinephrine

  Why are we so hesitant to use epinephrine? ...more

This is Autism

I couldn't finish reading it.I know it is dangerous to rely on other people for information, especially if I am going to form an opinion or have an emotional response to that information. The source document was readily available, so I had no excuse for not reading it myself. In fact, its widespread distribution was one of its disturbing aspects....more