Exclusion Rips My Heart Out

 I sit at the kitchen table. Peeling and slicing apples for pie. Liamis in the other room, happily playing games on the computer.He's quiet. He's happy. I'm enjoying the "down" time. I gaze out the window at the freshly falling snow. I admire the beauty...more

The Insidious Culture of Othering: Neurodiversity and Stigma

Facebook can be an interesting place, not just for the amount of information and stories shared, but also for the drama. A friend of mine posted today about getting a puppy for her family – she was going to go and look at a dog to see if it would fit in with her family. While most were supportive, one commenter decided to take my friend to task, accusing her of “not thinking this decision through” and insinuating that her first-graders, one of whom has pretty severe anxiety, would somehow fight over the puppy and hurt it, or even kill it....more

Save Me: Consider the ABLE Act Designed to Help Disabled Save Money

A bill in Congress designed to help people with disabilities secure the power to save without losing benefits remained stagnate and risked dying, until now. This November and December, I hope the ABLE Act moves up the hill for consideration. ...more

Don't Forget Yourself

Don't Forget Yourself11/20/14As it is with most things Autism lately, I seem to be going in circles.  No two of these kids are the same and neither are their parents, but I keep running in the same cycle. It is my hope that by sharing what I’ve learned I can help another family. ...more

The Tough Mom

Unfortunately, my sweet little daughter has some health issues. The other day I counted 8 different doctors that she sees on a regular basis. On her medical charts, the doctors describe her as "aggressively uncooperative". She has grown to hate doctors, and she has every right to. I would hate it too. ...more

Of Mice And Men And Mermaids: The Challenge Of Special Needs And Siblings

"Mom will you sing 'Morningtown Train' tonight?" she asks as we eat dinner."Oh, Boo, you know I can't. That song is too long and David climbs all over me and ruins it for us," I say.Anna nods, dejectedly. "How about...'Goodnight, My Someone'?" she asks, hopefully."Okay," I relent. "But only the first verse. You two need to get to bed."...more

My Children are Unique NOT Special Needs

Hey everyone this my first post on this site, therefore, being my first and with everything going on at my home I decided to discusss the differences of special needs and what I call "unique" kids.  I should warn that this post is probably not politically correct, but it is soley my opinion on the subject. I currently have two children, both boys, and both "unique" in there own way ...more

Hemophilia Superhero Comic Book Available Soon - Please Donate

 As a mother of a child with hemophilia, I'm so excited for him to be able to see that he IS a superhero. ...more
Great illustrations!more

Sometimes You Miss the Bus: Special Needs & Expectations

The first snow presents challenges. Which shoes to wear? Coat? Is it going to melt? With the morning's fresh covering of white, I made decisions fast and furious to get to the bus. I grabbed the heavier coat, stuffed some mittens in the backpack, and stuck with the high top boot/shoes my son's been wearing for fall. ...more
That is the key isn't it?more