Another Day

d.a.marulloI wasn't expecting to have a child, definitely not a child with special needs. But I did, indeed, have a beautiful little girl with Down Syndrome. That was 12 years ago. Today I write about her and how to deal, everyday, in a world that doesn't understand. I teach, I advocate, I survive while caring for a child in a world that needs more advocates and more understanding. Parents who deal everyday have stories that need telling. Stories about love, dedication and survival. We can teach while we do and do while we teach....more

About Me

My name is Mo and I am a mom. Not just a mom, but a mom four times over. Not just a mom four times over, but a mom raising kids with disabilities. Have I mentioned that my kids range in age from 14 to 2? Have I mentioned that my family recently moved from the Pacific Northwest to the middle of the country? I haven't?...more

Everyone needs a little “fairy dust”

Harassing my co-workers for their paper towel rolls for a project this week, made me think about the reasons I don’t buy paper towels myself. This then led me to think about all of the other things I don’t buy, have to hide or make adjustments to, around the house....more

File under: “Rules I thought I would never have to make”

As promised in “Looking Handsome in the Princess Room”, here is the story about the next time DC met Snow White.Right around this time last year we decided to go on a Disney Cruise. DC as you can imagine, was very excited. He loved the cruise, the shows, the mountain of bacon he tried to sneak every morning and of course, the characters on board, specifically the Princesses....more

How to Get Out of My Special Head and Spring Ahead Instead

Spinning. That's what the brain does after a while. Managing the role of a parent spins one immediately into fears/responsibilities/decisions/actions and the result is an exhausted human with no option other than to scream, hold up a white flag, and collapse with a large tub of ice cream on the couch and settle into a long, well-deserved (possibly rationalized) escape for all the above. ...more

I Was Late To Work Today Because My Son Has Autism

 I was late to work today....more
Vic_kies Yeah, I'm really lucky in that!more

The Loquat Climber

 There's a tree in our old neighborhood that my husband pointed out on a walk once. Years ago, someone nailed a sign to it. “No Trespassing”, most likely, but you can barely read it. The tree has grown up and around the sign such that today, only a few black letters are visible beyond the gnarled and knobby bark. How the steely edges of that yellow sign must have dug and cut into its proud trunk along the way....more

as familiar as a favorite book

My hackles raised.I smiled when I first saw the boy talking to himself as he entered the youth services area of the library. I wasn't mocking him but thinking, I wonder how often adults caught me conversing with myself at that age?Self-recognition and bemusement quickly gave way to territorial instinct as he approached. Judging this book by his cover, I assumed he was too old to play with the foam blocks, over-sized wooden puzzles and plush story book characters stored in the children's nook....more
cynkingfeeling you are welcomemore

What is Bravery? From a former Army Wife

“You are so brave.”“I don't know how you do it.”“You are so strong.”“I couldn't do it if I were in your shoes.” ...more


Handicapped parking is a touchy subject all the way around.  The number of spaces that must be provided is mandated by law, but depending on where you live and what your business is, this may be an inadequate number or it may give you too many underused spaces....more