One-In-A-Million Mom Serves Ice Cream

One in a Million Mom Serves Ice Cream. Ice cream Causes Coma.  Butter Could Cause Death.  Carbohydrates A Good Source of Glucose! No, these are not headlines for the latest fad diet.  These are critical pieces of evidence, facts of the rare disorder community that alienate my sons (and other rare children) from the rest of the world. ...more

How to Accept the Dark with the Light

A day without darkness is a day without transformation. Having a child with special needs amplifies the mix. Everyday I must find the silver lining, or I shall find madness instead. ...more

Progress with a Side of Pasta

 Looking back over the past year, I can honestly say that it has been a very good and productive year....more

Autism improved by antiobiotics in some children

A man named John Rodakis saw significant improvements in his son's autism symptoms within 4 days of taking a 10-day course of amoxicillin.According to the father, the boy:1. started making eye contact (which he had previously avoided)2. had markedly improved speech (which was severely delayed)3. became less "rigid" in his demands to keep routines and sameness 4. had an enormous amount of energy, which he had "historically lacked"...more

What the Phrase ‘Million-Dollar Baby’ Means to Me

When I went into labor 17 weeks early, there was no time for us to consider our “options.”When the nurse handed me the consent form, I had no idea what I was signing. I had no idea the life of my unborn baby was literally in my hands. At that moment, I didn't know that babies born too soon are babies who are born sick. I didn't know they spend days, months and even years in intensive care units....more

Study says kids with ADHD learn better when fidgeting

A study out of the University of Central Florida has found that kids with ADHD who are allowed to move frequently via fidgeting have increased information retention and abilities to work out complex cognitive tasks.There are several interesting issues/findings mentioned here, not all of which I can or would be willing to back up. Here are a few of my concerns:...more

How do you solve a problem like……

(from Dec. 2013) One of DC’s favorite musicals – and there are plenty- is the Sound Of Music.He was introduced to the Sound Of Music by his cousin Erica, who gave him his first copy of the movie in VHS form when he was 6 or 7. I never imagined he would watch it, let alone learn every word to every song, but he did. It is still one of his favorites....more

Everything's Going to Be OK

By seeing a glimpse of life, we connect. This film series focuses on knowing Everything Will Be OK. Raising a child special needs is parenting. Plain and simple. The challenges involve understanding different thought patterns, unique time tables, and gifts meant to be unwrapped as time presents them. ...more

Teaching Kids To Appreciate What They Have

I spent a very special day in Chicago yesterday with my daughters.  We were celebrating my ten year old daughters making it through a whole year after her intensive surgery to lengthen her tendons and to replace her hips.   It has been a long, very hard, very painful year for her, and I thought it was a perfect opportunity to celebrate and make a negative turn into a positive....more

Paranoid?…. Who?…… Me????

One could (and would) say I am a little bit paranoid, just a tad…… especially when it comes to children. I drive myself crazy watching other people’s children. I’ve pulled drowning kids out of pools and lakes while their parents were not watching them, grabbed kids away from traffic, ledges or anything that may cause an injury, again while their own parents were not watching. When we go to a fair or some other type of event where there are a lot of people, there is a good chance I will be bringing a lost child to security or helping him/her find his/her parents....more