It's Hard to Imagine My Son Without Autism

What exactly is autism anyway?  He doesn’t look like there is anything wrong with him.  Should we get a second opinion?  What if he’s just going through a phase?  I’m sure he’ll catch up to the other kids soon.  Some kids just talk late.  He’s just quirky.  I have thought and said all of these things. ...more

Look In to See Out: Getting Out Before Depression Sets In

Cold and gloomy days come, despite the forecast. The rollercoaster ride of emotions opens up the world or closes it. So often people tell me how blessed I am to have a child with special needs. I know I am blessed beyond belief: friends, family, children, and a warm place to go to bed at night. I know from my living abroad, how little or nothing most people in the world have. Why do then I not feel that every single moment? The joy? The bliss? A few days ago, I was down and dragged my dreams right with it. ...more

How Do You Tell Your Child He Is Autistic?

How do you tell your child he has autism? Seriously, how do you do this? ...more
I have 4 autistic grandsons on all ends of the spectrum. We have learned about autism as they ...more

You can break everything in this house and it couldn't come close to my heart

To break everything that you love and brings you comfort seems like the definition of insanity, right? Then Ryan is insane. He keeps breaking everything that he loves; Kindle, lantern, toys, Lego’s, clothes, you name it. Leave him alone for five minutes and he will rip everything to sheds. He is doing it right now. Pushing Russell’s boundaries until he snaps. I am not in the room and he is pushing me to my breaking point. He is being the worst of the worst and there is no reasoning. He doesn’t seem to even grasp how far past OK this behavior is, yet he keeps going....more

Please pass the garlic bread

(originally posted at Taking it a Step at a Time - Autism - Wordpress)It is always funny when I realize something that has never occurred to DC,  until it does finally does occur to him....more

I love you and that will be enough to fix this

Tonight I am defeated, just a lump on the bathroom floor choking on my own tears while softly lit by an owl nightlight. How did I get here? It all begins with Ryan winning a goldfish at a carnival. Just a two-inch long goldfish in a small bowl with rocks. We just had to drive home with said goldfish. Every bump in the road invoked a fear in Ryan that was palpable. “Don’t turn so hard! He’s going to die! Mama, he’s dying! There’s no water!!” He screamed and cried his fear for 20 minutes. So convinced that this fish he was entrusted with keeping alive was sure to die....more

What I have learned in my 34 years.

What I have learned in my 34 years…… I am only 34, I don’t have 70 years of life behind me to push my advice. What I do have is 34 years of a lot of living, a lot of traveling, a lot of mistakes made and a lot of learning from them. So with tongue firmly planted in cheek I am sharing what I have learned in this life.-If you cannot laugh at yourself then you are missing out on a wonderful part of life. Everyone else will laugh at you from time to time, might as well own it....more

2014; A year of heartbreak, liars, stress, terror and what every year will be measured against.

2014; a year of heartbreak, fear, stress, liars and what every other year will be measured against....more

But does he know……

I’ve been asked quite a few times –  twice just this past week, if I have ever told DC that he has autism and if so how did I approach the subject. Most of the questions came from mothers with children that are just beginning to or do already realize that they are different from their classmates and friends....more