My Preemie Daughter Taught Me to Keep Ideas Sacred

7 Keeping Your Ideas Sacred Ideas start off as gut feelings and flashbulb moments. They start unformed, barely visible flickers. Like premature babies, they need incubation and respirators to survive. Twenty four years my daughter Laurel was born 3 months premature .Born 890- grams this flicker of an idea was born at St. Joe’s Hospital in London Ontario. She was so small she fit in the palm of my hand, and we didn’t expect her to survive. ...more
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Stepping Back

I've spent much of my children's lives trying to help them to get it right, helping them to remember PE kit, homework, lunch, chivying them along into coats, bed, baths, school. Sometimes it felt like my day, (especially school mornings), were a constant playing loop of my own voice, a tirade of, 'have you', 'you need to' and 'don't forget', and to be honest I was getting fed up of listening to myself. I'd turned into number one nagging mum, not a role I aspired to or wanted, and I suspect I was getting on my kids nerves....more

Gifted children need a place where they can belong

A recent article about education highlighted the difference between creating an environment where students belong rather than just fit in. The author, Kimberlee Kiehl, noted problems in a system where "most teacher education programs, not to mention the entire education culture in this country, push us toward making children fit in."...more

Gift ideas for special needs kids

As a special needs mom I was in a unique position when I applied to be a Brain Coach at Marbles: The Brain Store. I had seen neuroplasticity in action as my child's therapists reprogrammed and remapped her brain.  The idea of games and toys that help the brain is so crucial to getting kids on board because it makes it fun! The social aspects of sitting down and playing a game together is also crucial to all kids - in fact , all humans!...more

Hope Floats

Hope floats. ...more

Mommy wars: judging parenting decisions without knowing the whole story

Few things can disrupt a family's routine like the birth of a child who doesn't fit the standard mold. With autism rates in the U.S. approaching 1 in 88, and diagnoses of ADHD and behavioral/mood disorders increasing as well, it's a struggle for a lot of families. It can force you to rethink every notion you ever had about how you would parent. And the judgment of other parents can make it even harder. Here is an open letter to moms of "typical" children from moms who are finding themselves having to adjust to something other than what they expected.Dear mom of a typical kid,...more

What I learned from a group of teenagers about compassion

What are we teaching our kids about compassion? How are we modeling the behavior for our kids? Do we slow down to talk to our kids about respecting others that are different from them?Last night I attended a fundraiser for the organization Best Buddies. Best Buddies® is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to establishing a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD)....more