You Might Be a Special Mom If...

This is the special moms version of " might be a redneck."  They were written by a group of strong, intelligent, courageous, loving, special needs mamas.  One of their most important qualities is that they have a sense of humor...something that is a requirement for sanity for the special needs parent. ...more

For Sami, Love Daddy

In 1992, when Sami, who has Down syndrome, was 18 months old, her father, Rich, was the Senior Producer for the Sony JumboTron in Times Square.  He began producing a series of spots to raise awareness and acceptance of people with Down syndrome to run on the JumboTron during Down syndrome awareness month.    He continued to produce these PSA’s on his own until 1994, when he contacted Emily Perl Kingsley....more

Down Syndrome Needs No Apology

"I'm sorry," the man said during a business meeting. For the first time I could remember, someone apologized to me for my son having Down syndrome. I've heard a lot of interesting comments as a parent, but this was the first time someone apologized for my child's existence. ...more
I kept some of the details of the man general, yes. I wanted to focus on what I felt, being ...more

Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day

Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day on Saturday, March 21 with a child near you. Opening dialogue, sharing stories, connecting with social media, photos, and film are a great way to learn more about Down syndrome. As my son marches his way through the world, I see change happening. Not so long ago, people with disabilities went to school away from the mainstream. Not so long ago, a wheelchair had no way to get to the third floor of a building. ...more

Secrets, Surprises and Pizza…………

(Part two of "A little bit of faith..) -Yesterday‘s post,  a re-posted portion of an earlier post with some additions touched on DC’s inability to keep a secret and/or the real possibly that he really does not understand the concept at all. The portion that I did not post yesterday delves into the subject a bit more....more

March Flashback -“A Little Bit of Faith”

March is normally a very busy month for us. DC and I are both March “babies” and as you may (or you may not) know, DC views his birthday as if it were a National Holiday – I admit that I might be a bit guilty of planting that thought into his head ….. just a bit.Other than the birthday observations/festivities, the theater season is in full swing so he is volunteering there more often than he does the rest of the year.We are also right in the middle of Winter Guard season....more

The Bus

The bus pulls up in front of our house everyday, well every school day, to be precise. As soon as Cooper sees it rolling up he is out the door at full speed. Off he goes…back pack on, lunchbox in hand, flailing and flapping…with a galloping, running skip he propels himself toward the bus.I stand there watching…calling after him to “walk!”…while inwardly willing the bus driver to open the doors before he gets there….I just keep saying over and over again in my head, “open the doors…open the doors…open the doors”....more

The Isolation of Single Parenting|Disability

Single-Parenting is hard....more

Why My Baby is in Speech Therapy

After my handsome baby boy was born I started comparing. He was my 2nd child and I thought I knew how things were supposed to go. I found myself constantly saying "Well, she didn't do that." or "How come he hasn't done that yet?...more

A Daughter Teaches, A Mother Learns.

I'd like to tell you a story about a baby girl. Did her mother know one day in April that her doctor appointment would not go as planned. Did she know they would tell her she would deliver her baby that day. Did she know the doctor would use terminology she did not read about in the baby books. Did she know after a suggested sonogram, she would be told that her baby has a "myelomeningocele - spina bifida, a neural tube defect in which a developing baby's spinal cord fails to develop properly." A what? And explain it in WORDS she can understand please! NO, I did not know....more