Society Has Failed Us....

Society has failed us all.... Society deems what is "acceptable" in our world. It feeds the media whom then warps these thoughts into biased, fear based reports. This is unacceptable. Society tells our children it's not okay to be curvy. Society tells our children it's not okay to be Gay. Society tells our children how they should look, speak, and act. ...more

Am I doing this right - Parenting a special needs child

I am not an indecisive mom. I’ve had my after the fact “should I have done that?” kind of doubts but I rarely question myself in the moment. But with everything in life, there are exceptions....more

Fireside Chat With The Autism Mom: Life After The Autism Waiver

My son, Evan, is 21. We were out of the country immediately after his graduation from high school which was an incredible experience. I have to tell you, Israel is DA BOMB for autism services. There are services for babies, little kids, big kids and adults. TONS OF SERVICES! So many services that they apologize to you for not being able to get your kid into a group home (if they so choose) for 6 months to a year....more
Thanks so much for your comment!!!  You are so right about other cultures and learning about ...more

Does Nature Rule Us or Vice Versa?

The moon fills out. The tide rolls in. We seem to be at times hapless victims of constant circumstance. What chance is there if nature rules us? Are we doomed to just wait around until the next cycle of storms track into our neighborhood and uproot all we hold dear? Or do we have a say in our destiny? ...more

I 'm a Special Google Mommy

Mom! Mum! Mummy! Mommy! Mom!...I about fell over when I first heard the Google commercial with the child standing by the mother saying Mommy! over and over. It was a script straight from my life. There are days my special needs son says the word Mommy, it seems, 500 times or more. A day home from a funny tummy meant I was the center of his activities. Where school fills him with stimulation, on days like this, it's all me. ...more

Smooth Sailing: A Mom's Fight for Answers

I knew very early on something wasn’t quite right. From the time B could sit up, he was not as curious as other children. Instead, he wanted to sit in his excercauser for hours on end and rock back and forth. Not a fan of a swing as an infant, it seemed the ability to sort of ‘bang’ his back in the excercauser was a compulsive need for him....more

Head Above Water: Surviving Special Needs Parenting Together

When my son jumped into the pool, he sank. His mouth and eyes were wide open, and his hands high in the air. Straight to the bottom he went. The swimming coach grabbed him; he popped up with a mouth full of water and swallowed it. ...more
Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.more

Curve Ahead

In an instant, all we have can disappear. Tsunami's, earthquakes, tornadoes, car accidents - all these awful events bring us to click on seat belts and build stronger homes. But what about every day? What keeps our blessings in tact? Almost every day, I face those awful thoughts. Almost every day, I'm face with the potential of disaster. My son, who's gained speed and agility, can dart away from my sight in a second. He knows now the world is a candy bowl of sights and sounds, ready to touch and take. ...more

Seeking Independence

This past year has been a real growing year for my oldest son and his path to independence.  It started with allowing him to ride his bike to the library (the next street over) and grew to walking home from school one day a week with our neighbors.  It’s been a learning curve for the both of us.  I’ve had to have internal arguments with myself and remind myself not to hover like a helicopter....more