Should Special Education Students Be Mainstream?

Special Education students should absolutely be mainstreamed. By mainstreaming these students, it will give them the opportunity to increase and build their self-esteem, it will allow them get motivated to reach their potential, and as well as allowing them to build social skills. Students who are in special education setting should not be segregated because of their academic challenges. They should be given the opportunities to co-exist with other students on a daily basis to bring along a sense of cohesion....more

No dice

As soon as I reached the top of the stairs, Philip came over to give me a hug. Or so I thought. Instead of reaching his arms around my waist, he lifted up my shirt.“Hey!” I exclaimed. “What are you doing?”Realizing the only thing that I was concealing under my top was a roll of belly fat, Philip let my shirt drop. Peter was the next one to be inspected. Philip grabbed his empty hands and  looked behind Peter’s back, but didn’t seem to find whatever he was searching for....more

Our trashy, cheesy Christmas

Philip had taken 291 pictures by the time we got home. He had only had the camera for an hour. It was one of his Christmas presents, the only one that he didn't try to throw away....more

Five hurdles gifted college students must overcome

Most gifted adolescents breathe a sigh of relief when they enter college. Finally, they will be with their intellectual peers. Finally, they won’t have to hide their abilities. Finally, they will be able to fully, unapologetically immerse themselves in their interests. Yet, gifted college students often face unexpected hurdles that must be overcome....more
As a gifted teen going into college next year, can I just say, this is COMPLETELY accurate!! I ...more

Love and Autism: "I Married An Aspie"

My love and I have not always had the perfect relationship. Oh who am I kidding, we still don't; there's one fairytale that will never ride off the silver screen on a white horse. Sorry ladies. ...more
CaraCreager Oh Cara, there is someone perfectly aligned with you, no doubt about it. We are all ...more

"Sad Is Harder Than Mad" - A Lesson I Learned From My Autistic Son

It was a snow day, and we were inside, my son and I. He was watching “Despicable Me” and I was catching up on my holiday baking.The wind was cold that afternoon, and he couldn’t bear the feel of it on his face, so sledding with his sister was not an option. He decided to keep me company instead. As I stood there mixing, he watched his movie and then he asked me a question.“Mom? Are the girls sad? Or mad?”...more
You're right, the sad doesn't go away. but it gets better with time.  Thanks for posting.more

Chronic Pain Spoons

The Spoon Theory was written by someone much more creative than I am – her name is Christine Miserandino ( and she has lupus.  Even though I have Spina Bifida and not Lupus, this is the best description of what it is like to have a chronic illness and chronic pain.  Every day I wake up and before I move, I  have to determine how many ‘spoons’ I have for the day – whether or not it is going to be a productive day or a rest day....more

Mom Finds Natural Remedy for Autistic Son


If We Had Hope Early On

Mindfulness in autism.  I’ve been thinking about this so much lately.  Some of  you may recall the experience that I had several weeks ago where I was verbally attacked over the intention of this new site....more