Munchkin's sleep disorder finally has a name

After many, many, many, many  sleepless nights, my munchkin's sleep disorder finally has a name. Unfortunately, his sleep disorder also comes with a second diagnosis (on top of his autism) that we will have to have nailed down as well before we will finally see some results. I'm sure you've all heard of the one parent that complains that their infant never  slept through the night, waking more frequently than you ever thought could be humanly possible, living on so little sleep that you thought they, (and you), would die of exhaustion. ...more
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First days and other firsts.

My 5 year old son with Autism started Kindergarten this week. We are learning to deal with new classrooms, new teachers, new friends, and ...teasing. Also new.Trying to walk an unbeaten path in parenting, special needs and otherwise. 5 months new to blogging, and new to blogher. New friends and new family are always welcome at our corner of the internet, Cozy Cadences.We're in this together,-Jenn ...more

It's a Marathon

So when you were lucky enough to join the Special Needs Parent club did you notice that your membership card had no expiration date?  That's right - none.  I thought I should tell you that as the parent of a 21 year old - with SPECIAL NEEDS - the situation does not go away.  And once we are out on our own - away from the cloistered environment of the public schools - it is tough out there and no one is there to hold your hand.  It is one thing to have a cute little child in a wheelchair and an entirely different thing to have a hairy adult....more

While Sharing a Piece of Our Lives, I Stunned My Son's Doctor into Silence

While in the Emergency Department with Rob and Gavin last week I had the chance to speak with one of Gavin’s treating physicians while Gavin was having his MRI. Without meaning to, I stunned him into an uncomfortable silence. I don’t think his years of medical training had prepared him for the unexpected turn our conversation was about to take.I suppose I’m getting ahead of myself here. Allow me to begin at the beginning…...more
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Music to Tame the Savage Beast

 Last night the little man was in prime form.It's funny when you can connect behavior to things you have read - it a reminds me of how normal life really is.  Tonight, he was Max from Where the Wild Things Are; just when Max yelled at his mom "I'll eat you up!".  That was our evening....more

Choosing My Words: What You Don't Know And Can't See

“ How did I get the line on my leg Mommy?” Zoe asked me about her scar last night, as I lay next to her, mostly murmuring that she should go to sleep.. while I tried especially hard not to nod off. Kids are funny at bedtime, vulnerable to the mysterious truth serum spell of near sleep, and Zoe is no different. This is a new place we have arrived at, the magic of bedtime, when affection is still abundant, but now her worries and fears are also at the forefront of thought....more

A Special Couple Makes Their Wish A Reality

Thirty-eight days ago, the newlyweds came to our house for a summer barbecue.  John cooked burgers on the Traeger wood pellet grill....more

Being Her Own Advocate: Growing Up with Learning Disabilities

Imagine that you are afraid of public speaking, I mean really terrified of it. And yet, had a job that required you to address large groups everyday. The people around keep saying that it will get better, that the support is in place, that you will be fine.But you are not. It is just that sinking feeling in your gut day after day day after day.When you have a learning disability, walking into class everyday goes beyond a struggle with the alarm clock. It is day after day of feeling like you are dumb, that you are hopeless. The struggle is constant. ...more