Lower IQ generally means less happiness

A study of 6,870 people age 16 and older compared verbal IQ (using the National Adult Reading test) and a 3-point happiness scale to look for correlations.They found that:1. Those with the highest IQ (120-129) were the happiest2. Those with the lowest IQ (70-99) were the least happy3. Factors like health, income, daily activities and "neurotic symptoms" impacted the level of happiness, reducing the link between IQ and happiness by about half....more

If Joe Had a Hammer...

There is this boy I know. We'll call him Joe. Joe takes classes at the karate school where I teach. He is very strong and very fast, two traits that are constantly on display because Joe is never still. He cannot be still. It seems to hurt him to try. When the other kids are attempting to control their bodies (no small feat for any child), Joe is spinning in circles. Or he is lying on the floor kicking his feet. Sometimes he is making loud skreetchy sounds reminiscent of a pterodactyl. Or laughing at his own private joke....more

Angel Wings

I sit at my computer deleting e-mails I won't have time to read today, including one from my Down syndrome support group with the subject heading "New Testing for DS."***...more

Blue Paint

Call Me Wildly Optimistic, But I Think Education is Going to Survive the Fiscal Cliff

Now that the 2012 election has ended, the news beast has decided we'll get all crazed over the upcoming "fiscal cliff." There must be NEWSMAGEDDON!!!!!! at all times, so the debt ceiling gridlock that never got dealt with in 2011 is now here in the shape of across-the-board federal budget cuts to defense and domestic spending. ...more
I share your optimism, and even if no initial deal is reached, one would be retroactive. It's ...more

the day i almost died...

As I lay on the hospital bed with monitors hooked up to me and machines beeping and squealing, I can't help but think of my friend who died just a few days prior...doing the same thing I'm doing now.  I. am. terrified.My nurse looks worried as she checks the numbers. The doctor walks in to check on me, and the look of concern on everyone's face is alarming to me. ...more

How Should a Teacher Break the News that Your Kid is Weird?

Lunch in the Teachers' Lounge is never dull.  Every day at noon, several of my co-workers and I break bread together and talk about whatever is on our minds.  We talk about our kids, our families, our extracurricular activities, and any of the hundreds of other things friends might discuss over lunch.  As you might have guessed, however, our number one topic of choice is our students.  And whywouldn't it be, right?!...more

Stories That Touch the Heart - The Emperor's New Onesie

I almost started crying watching this video. The Emperor's New Onesie is a story many of us can relate to.When I think back to how upset my Vman was as a baby, I wonder what would have happened if I had let him be a naked baby... snow in Chicago be damned! Vman cried CONSTANTLY as a baby. And the entire time, people kept telling me tricks to deal with his issues. As an infant, people, including our caring pediatrician, kept telling us that he was just fine. Hey, babies cry, right?...more

NaBloPoMo #11: Unplanned

He was as planned as planned could be. As a child of assisted fertility, every phase of his conception was watched closely, scheduled down to the minute. When he divided into eight cells, I got to see him under an electron microscope, my eyes wide with wonder as I realized I could tell him about this someday. ...more
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How do you say goodbye?

Most of us had to deal with this in childhood: You find an amazing friend, a best friend. One you played with all the time. Someone who understood you, who liked you, who always wanted to hang out with you. Nothing could ever come between you...At least, until one of you moved away.I still remember how upset I got when a girl who lived on my street moved to Ohio when I was six-years-old. I cried for days. It was awful!Now I have to figure out how to help my child with Asperger's say goodbye....more
My heart goes out to both Sean and R.  Such a hard thing to face.more