Shoe Shopping with Princess

Birdie, in front of Ripley's in BaltimoreLast weekend, Hubby and I decided to divide and con...more

The Fear Of My Son Being Mislabeled With ADHD

As a special education teacher, I have witnessed some of the miss treatment most children experience as being mis-labeled, with behavior disabilities, within the American education system. In many cases, children, who are over active, inattentive, and show severe imbalanced emotions, are referred to student services. As a result, these service professionals begin to monitor the child, but are quick to label the child as having ADHD, or ED/BD disorder....more

"Holy Crap"-eteria, An Aspie Poem

Those that know a school aged kid on the spectrum probably know how overstimulating the school cafeteria can be....more

Recent irate response from actual teacher!! What's your opnion?

Just a recap of the previous conversation. I wrote this on my blog: Accommodating our expectations of students with mental challenges. (You may scroll down my blog page to r...more

2012: Profiles of Inspiring Moms

2012 Best of Look@Her: Profiles of Inspiring Moms Most Wednesdays in 2012, I had the honor and privilege of featuring  a special needs mom, military spouse, military spouse small business owner or inspiring single mom  on Look@Her.   These are very special, inspiring and hard-working women. I am honored to be able to recognize them for being wonderful mothers, wives and role models.Without further hesitation, the Best of Look@HER 2012...more

Wish Upon a Hero: A Little Girl's Birthday Wish

 Help Me Make My Little Girl's Birthday Dream a Reality    Blondie and her Dino ...more

Wanna dance?

My daughter is the type of child described as "high-spirited" by kind people. I thought all toddlers were as energetic as she is until her daycare providers began commenting on her busy nature. One day when my husband went to pick her up, he heard one of her teachers say, "Oh, Sass' dad is here," with a distinct sigh of relief. From grandparents to teachers, everyone loves her joie de vivre, as long as they can have a nap after watching her for any length of time....more

Autism and My Child: Getting Familiar with What I Already Know

My experience in having my youngest son assessed for autism spectrum disorder has taken me for a bumpy ride. At first, I went through a period of grieving that made it hard to eat and sleep. This was surprising since I never went through this stage with my oldest son when he was diagnosed with a mood disorder. Sure, I was devastated at times, but I didn’t struggle with a feeling of loss so abruptly. I think it was due to my desperate need for my oldest son’s rages to stop and my understanding early on that he had a brain problem....more

The New Year

I know you guys may have been wondering whether or not I had died, seeing as how I can't seem to get my act together to put down a few sentences on my blog lately.  I have all sorts of reasons as to why my writing stream seems to have dried up to a trickle, but I'm not going to bore you with it, or try to justify anything.  Let's just suffice to say that I resolve to do better in the New Year, and I hope that my kids and their schedules will agree with that resolution.  ;)...more

The Emergency NYE Banana

Hubby sometimes gets really bad migraines (especially when he eats gluten, which has been difficult to avoid during this trip, but we're working at it). He got one yesterday evening, which was New Year's Eve. To get some quiet from us, he left our hotel room and went downstairs to a Starbucks to drink lots of coffee, which seems to help. That left me and the Little Man alone to figure out dinner....more