It's the little things...

It's the little things     I have always appreciated the little things. I was raised as a low-middle income family. My father didn't want my mother to work because he wanted her to be home with us girls. So we were raised to take joy in the little things and to appreciate them no matter how small....more

No pinch! No pinch!

The old Honda Element commercial with the "no pinch" crab has been on my mind lately, because Little Man is driving me up a wall with his pinching.    He pinches all the time now, and it's starting to be a major concern for me.  If he's really excited, he'll grab you by the skin under your arm (don't act like you don't have chicken wings) and pinch.  Hard....more

Autism screening? There's an app for that!

I received an email today about the ANDDS app. It stands for:Autism N Developmental Disorder ScreeningThe emails says:...more

Dear Somebody I Don't Know: Sorry, I Can't Trust You

Due to circumstances beyond control, I lost my babysitter, rather abruptly. We're a month away from the end of school, and Anna, being twelve now, is certainly old enough to keep an eye on David for the two hours between school ending and my coming home....more

So much for being supportive.....

So much for being supportive.....   I was under the assumption that a support group was to support? I mean, am I wrong in that thinking? I won't name names, because even though I want too, I am an adult, and throwing people under a bus isn't so cool to me. (damn being a grown up anyway!) However, I will say it was a local autism support group....more

It's here


The mother I was meant to be

I've been a mom for lots of years. Almost 21 now. I've been a "special needs mom" for over 17. These are different kinds of moms, but the same in lots of ways....more

Keeping kids who tend to wander safe

Statistics show that kids with autism are much more likely to wander away from safe situations.  Many times these kids encounter danger or become victims of accidents. Some simple preventive strategies can help keep these kids safe.Read more here....more