The Epic Big Deal of My Son Playing Soccer at Recess

Every single night, after reading a story together and singing a bedtime song, David and I talk about his day at school. I can't just generally ask him how his day went, because the answer is always "good." Of course, in his defense, he almost never has a bad day at school. ...more
Fantastic - it's like that birthday party test for my kids. My girls have special needs and ...more

Supporting musically talented children

Musically talented children often face an uphill battle when trying to maintain enthusiasm for their studies. What typically starts with excitement and focused effort can end in boredom, apathy and disappointment. Several authors (e.g., Haroutounian, 2002, Parncutt & McPherson, 2002) have offered ideas for enhancing musical training and motivating young musicians....more

Ending Disney's Guest Assistance Card Program: Thanks, Jerks

Ending Disney's Guest Assistance Card Program Thanks, Jerks. ...more

There's Always a Critic!

I am the last person on earth to claim that I am a stellar mom. Quite the contrary. I have made mistakes left and right but, the one constant is that I love my children and through all our ups and downs they truly know that....more


As a freshman at Purdue studying Fine Arts, I spent an entire semester drawing the same structure. Three days a week. Every week. Four months. The same thing....more

The Joy of Baking

The Joy of Baking ...more

Don't Trust Your Instincts

I know - it flies in the face of conventional parenting wisdom.  You always are supposed to trust your instincts as a parent, when that little voice tells you that the fever is something serious, get it checked.  When your child answers "nothing" in an innocent tone of voice when you holler in to see what's going on, and your instincts tell you otherwise, most often they're in the middle of something they shouldn't be doing.  And when your instincts tell you that your child is scared and vulnerable and anxious, and wants only to be picked up and comforted - don't do it....more

I Feel Your Pain

I watched her as she softly rubbed her pregnant belly, and followed her gaze to the mother who was holding her infant as close to her as possible given the IV and monitors between them.  I imagine she could feel that mother's pain as she caressed the unborn child within her. She glanced down at her belly once more before continuing her rounds, checking on each child as they were wheeled out of surgery and into the recovery area. More than once she rubbed her belly as though reassuring herself in some way. And as I watched her, I felt her pain....more

I Knew There Was A Problem When I Came Home and Found the Babysitter Tied Up

Dear babysitter who thinks because my son has special needs that means he’s sweet and easy.When I told you about my son’s issues during our interview, I don’t think you were listening to me. You were so perky and shiny and a tad bit condescending. “Oh yes, I worked with special needs kids in summer camp.” But you know what babysitter? All special needs kids are not a like....more

Never Stop Trying To Change The World

     Last night I attended Open House at Punkgirl's school. She had reminded me at least four times to visit room 205, the classroom where she helps out the Special Needs program. She has been working with the program since last year, when another child had introduced her to it, and from the first moment it has been her niche....more
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