Taking The Bull By The Horns

“Taking the bull by the horns.” It a common idiom, and doesn’t really need too much explanation. It means facing a problem head on and tackling it, plain and simple....more

The reality.

I stayed with them as often as I could. She was exhausted. Every four hours;She administered life sustaining medicine to her babe. The same drug that was keeping her babe alive was beating her down.  Every day completed was a success within itself. Every morning her babe awoke was another miracle.The doctor’s appointments were endless. Three hours drive round trip.Waiting rooms became living rooms.Cafeterias became kitchens.Strangers became friends. ...more


If you are a foodie or a food network junkie (like me!) You already know all about Chopped!...more

Caution! Boy at Work!

I was re-fixing my daughters notice board onto her bed and needed a screwdriver, 'I'll get it mum', said my son. His helpful enthusiasm should perhaps have warned me what was coming next, a few minutes later he returned with a screwdriver, not the one I wanted but a screwdriver none the less.'Let me do it mum' he said, 'I know what to do, I can do it', so I stepped back and let him have a shot....more

Such a Good Looking Boy: the Gift of Autism

“He is such a good looking boy” was in the first paragraph of a multipage report spelling out in detail that my son had high functioning autism. You see, it should not have come as a shock. We knew he was a very unusual boy early on. However, having a professional tell you that your son is autistic can still steal your breathe. I mean, isn’t this a life sentence?...more

Autism Speaks: A Tale of Two Perspectives

CaraCreagerWhat is considered normal is subjective. To lessen my son's struggle would be my ...more

Enjoy Life Foods Dark Chocolate Morsel Giveaway

Who wants to win a bag of the brand spanking new product from Enjoy Life Foods? ...more
thank you for making me fatmore

Feeling Charitable?

Feeling Charitable?In our family, we try to be thankful year ’round, but traditionally, November is the time that we focus on giving thanks. Part of  that process (for us anyway) is recognizing that no matter how hard we have it sometimes, there is always someone in a worse place, and knowing that maybe WE can so something to change that.Fostering the feeling of being charitable is a big part of our holiday season....more
erinific Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment! I'll have to check out igive too- I ...more

I'm Tired of the Time

My daughter is obsessed with time. Not just any old time though, just her time, by her watch. ...more