A Mother's Day Letter for Special Needs Moms

This Mother's Day, there will be thousands of Moms who don't receive handmade notes, or home-crafted, crayon colored cards. These moms mother for a smile or a tender touch; they mother because that is simply what you do as a Mom. This letter is for the Special Needs Mom, whose child is unable to write or say the words this Mom may long to hear....more
Thank you so much for this beautiful post. You've perfectly encapsulated my experience. My sweet ...more

A Real Helping Hand in the Kitchen: The Staybowlizer

Hurt myself. Again. Hard to type. Even harder to work in the kitchen. Really makes me appreciate how fortunate I am. But before I start singing the praises of a kitchen gadget that really helped me while I was injured,  let’s talk about ME... ...more

What is so threatening about the "gifted" label?

What is it about the "gifted" label that creates such controversy?...more

Parents of Preemies Day

As originally posted on my blog, Joseph at Home (http://josephathome.blogspot.com/2014/05/parents-of-preemies-day.html)...more

Autism miracles! Why Essential oils don't suck.

Do you see this test?!DO you see the CLEAR, LEGIBLE handwriting?...more

What is Wrong With Him?

"What is wrong with him?"It's not the first time I've been asked this question by an innocent child at the playground. It doesn't get any easier to hear though.  Each time I choke on my own spit, my heart enlarges and pounds, and at the base of my amygdala I can feel the Mama Bear just wanting to come out and ask the little brat what's wrong with him..But it passes....more

The Hair Cut From HELL

I just wanted to give my kid a haircut....more

Autism Info EVERYONE should know!

 I’m all rainbowed up ya'll  so I wanna share some important autism info!!! Please share far and wide!!...more

Our Autism Public Service Announcement!!

We are officially DONE touring our local tv/radio station and recording our Autism PSA that will air on 3 local radio stations!!  I was honored not only to be able to write this but to also be able to record it for air. Today has been a very emotional one for our family and we are just honored to have gotten the chance to spread our message. I want to give a HUGE rockin thank you to my friend Adam Thompson from WVNO for making this all possible!...more