Jaron's Donor Made the Guinness Book

Only one of her four sons actually breastfed — and he did so for only a few weeks. But that didn't stop Amelia Boomker from setting the Guinness World Record for breast milk donation....more

My Messy Beautiful Life

 When I got the email invite from Momastery about this project, I knew I had to take part. I knew I would fight my brain, and figure out a way to get my words out, come Hell or high water!!!! You see, a very large part of my messy beautiful life is that I live with chronic illnesses. A lot of them.... ...more

Where to Look: Miraculous in the Usual

I was immersed in the whistles of high bough song birds and moss so soft and spongy that my knees and feet sunk into the ground. I waited kneeling at the base of majesties. As silent as the arrival of intuition or an angels approach the canopy of my temple opened and the heaven's poured in. Light!“Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer.”  -William S. Burroughs...more

Speak with Care: It Can Make All the Difference in Someone's Life

I was driving to work the other day and overheard someone on the radio say that so and so has an "Autistic Child." I immediately was time-warped back into a Master's class I took about children diagnosed with autism. In this class we were taught how labeling can negatively affect a child and the way they are treated or perceived by others.  Our professor was adamant in making sure we understood the correct way to describe an individual who has been diagnosed with special needs.   Common phrase: "Billy is Autistic." ...more

How To Thrive: Arianna's Third Metric Approach To Parenting

hbksloss thanks Heidi! I hopped over to your blog and loved reading! Hope you are enjoying your ...more

Two Middle School Boys Were Making Fun Of My Son, So I Became An Angry, Snapping Autism Mom

Saturday was quite the day.My daughter Anna just celebrated a milestone birthday, and to mark the occasion, I took her, her brother and her best friend to an indoor waterpark for the day. We closed the place down, and took our tired and hungry selves off to a big chain buffet-style restaurant that happened to be across the street for dinner....more

The Talk - How We Told Our Son About His Autism

It started like every other night.  It could have been any other ordinary day.  Any at all.  The same instructions had been given.  The same teeth-brushing arguments, both pro and con, had been repeated.  The blessed melatonin had been given.  We sat down and pulled open the devotion book but we never read past the date – April 2nd....more

Introductions Are Always The Hardest

I am a sleuth.My colleagues sometimes call me "Mr. Wolf" because I solve problems.My mother calls me "the Austistic Whisperer."I call myself "The Patron Saint of Lost Causes."My dogs just appreciate it when I feed them on time....more

April Is Autism Awareness Month, So Let Me Tell You About My Kid - The One Without Autism

Hi Everyone. This is my daughter, Anna. She's thirteen years old today. Thirteen is a big birthday, don't you think?...more