But does he know……

I’ve been asked quite a few times –  twice just this past week, if I have ever told DC that he has autism and if so how did I approach the subject. Most of the questions came from mothers with children that are just beginning to or do already realize that they are different from their classmates and friends....more

Raise your hand if your kids are spoiled? Keep it there if you want to change that!

Tell me if you have been here before:“Mom, I wanna go here and do this”(which costs way too much money for a boredom/wasting time thing to do)Saying “no” invokes whining and nagging for hours but there has to be a line right? We can’t afford all the toys/entertainment in the world.Saying “yes” means giving into something your child doesn’t need to make them happy for a moment and make you the hero for an even smaller moment....more

Who Cares? A Medical Challenge for People with Disabilities

Wondering where our children end up, who will care for them, and how is a special concern for parents of children and adults with disabilities. The growing problem of finding health service professionals looms large for many as they struggle to find doctors and clinics accepting adults with special needs. ...more

"Describe Your Child in 200 Words or Less" (From Archives - June 14, 2013)

I’m sitting here once again trying to fill out a form to describe my son, one of the hundreds of forms I’ve had to fill out over the last 22 years. It doesn’t get easier. This particular form is for the Police and Fire Department for a program that keeps information on file about the special needs children in town so if they wander, become lost or if some emergency happens in the home, the police and fire departments have pertinent information on our children, their disability, how to manage the situation, what makes them anxious, what calms them down, where they might go, etc....more

Flapping and Blessing

My family was 45 minutes early for my doctor’s appointment. It was a little over five in the afternoon.We walked around the mall where the optometrist’s office was located to kill some time. On our way down to the ground floor, my youngest saw the slow-moving train packed with giggly kids stationed between the elevator and the escalators....more
Cece Harbor Thank you for the kind words. Indeed, kids with special needs have a unique way of ...more

Disability? My Son will have None of That

My son embraces life. The word disability means nothing to him. He sees every moment as one to be captured. He doesn't know he is different. The task of guiding him, managing his challenges, and helping him keep up a regular existence is a balancing act. Yet, there can be no other way. Pity and sadness for him cannot be a part of our lexicon. He's expected to be the captain of his own ship....more

The Christmas Vacation Dilemma

A few days before Christmas, I read a post from another favorite blogger of mine, Mother O’ Jim, titled “When Delaying is Enhancing…” . The blog was about her son’s Christmas anxiety over a gift he knew he was going to receive (give it a read if you have a minute) and the steps taken to minimize his anxiety....more

Our Sensational Tank

From July 21, 2014 Oh how I love my little Tank, but what most people do not know about my smiley, blue-eyed, extremely verbal child is he is sensational.  ...more

Reporting From The Inside

I sit here tonight, exhausted. I have spent the day on the inside. The inside of a self contained special education classroom. I sit here tonight with a tired body and a racing mind.You see, things are rarely as they seem. What we fashion together in our minds with the bits and pieces of things we see, hear and experience…sewn together with random pieces of knowledge that we have collected and topped off with our imaginations…those scenarios and realities, they are usually not accurate.However, sometimes, sometimes they are....more