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Spoons, Splines, Executive Function

I’ve been wanting to write a blog post about executive function for several weeks. The funny thing is, compiling the information and the writing such a post requires significant executive functioning effort, and I haven’t been able to muster it. Fitting!Executive function (EF) is hard to explain in a simple way because it does so many things. Some call it the command center of the brain – it is responsible for things like decision making, planning, problem solving, attention, working memory, verbal reasoning, transitioning, time management, and more....more

Not so “literally speaking”

We all know that DC is very literal (see Literally Speaking)  in his speech and way of thinking. Aside from his black and white,  no-gray-area way of communicating and understanding and his just one mumbled word responses, his manner of speaking is at times very formal, for lack of a better word....more

The Insecure Stalker

Stalking is defined: as a repeated unwanted attention, harassment, contact  from or any behavior directed at a specific person that would cause some type of reasonable fear.In 2006 a study was done that presented statistics that:2-13% are males8-32% are females, but are victimized by stalkers, and the majority of such cases is a person they know. ...more

Predicting happiness of couples raising an autistic child

What makes some couples who are raising a child with autism get divorced, while others thrive? Researchers at the University of Miami did some analysis of couples to find out.The scientists looked at things like:1. the impact of optimism (as an individual trait)2. social support3. spousal support4. coping styles5. benefit finding ("the bright side"?)They found that:1. Mothers had more social and instrumental support (vs. fathers)2. Moms and dads didn't differ in terms of partner support, optimism or relationship satisfaction...more

The ice, the grass and other things…..

(Warning: Crabby Post Ahead) From the archives......more

The ritual of it all

It is Friday evening, 5pm. I had arrived home from work about an hour earlier and DC has just come in from the library with Mrs. H.The moment Mrs. H. leaves to go home, his Friday ritual begins.“Mom, may I ask you a question?”...more

Independence Day Anxiety

This year  Independence Day felt just like any other day!We didn’t do anything special. We didn’t have a barbecue, have any visitors, or eat any special holiday foods.It was chilly a 62 degrees and cloudy. It was just a ho hum, hum drum, ordinary and kind of depressing day.But we were looking forward to taking Bethany to see the fireworks!...more
Vic_kies Sylvia Phillips That's too bad. I know the anxiety that causes you. I hope somehow we ...more

Letting Kids Do Dangerous Things

My son stood on the chair. He held a pom pom, waved it, and talked to a photograph on the wall. I sat back and watched. Giving my son time on his own terms and letting him discover the way things work means I have to hold my tongue, step out-of-the-way, and at times, walk a few steps behind. ...more