Normality Defined ~ Momma's Heart Hero

During the cooler months of the year my son appears “normal.”  Society sees a typical high school student, a 16-year-old wearing Vans and carrying a string sack loaded down with electronics, power cords, chewing gum, and various other (evidently) necessary items to survive a day in high school.Matthew plays alto sax in the high school marching band, played JV lacrosse this spring, and is socially active – ‘normal’ by society’s standards....more
Excellent. The stamina, endurance, and bravery of kids is something we adults have much to learn ...more

5 Reasons to Send Your Teen to Teen MIssions

We’ve somehow established a very strong precedent of sending our teens on a Teen Missions team the summer they are fifteen. This wasn’t intentional and fifteen isn’t some magical age in our house. It happened the be the age we felt Adalia was mature enough to spend her summer away from us in 2011. Then Judah went in 2012 at age 15 and now Judah and Tilly are both going (tomorrow!) in 2014.Chuck and I intend to send every one of our teens on a Teen Missions team at some point and here’s why:Five Reasons to Send Your Kids on a Teen Missions Team....more

My Kid, The Button-Pusher

I have a kid who pushes my buttons…I mean really, seriously, and almost continuously pushes my buttons.  If there is a button to be pushed, he will find a way to push it.  In fact, sometimes I wonder how his fingers aren’t sore (From all the button pushing…kinda like George Jetson).  It’s like he can just walk into a room and suddenly he has somehow annoyed the snot out of me....more

Do Your Kids Fight With Each Other? You'll Never Guess What's Behind It

Are your kids constantly bickering with each other and driving you crazy? Do they always seem to be picking on each other to get a reaction? Why won't they stop?Dr. Susan Rutherford addresses what's going on between your children when they fight with each other... and what you can do it stop it!CLICK HERE TO WATCH  ...more

Writing Day 1

Today is very important. Today I will be starting towards a goal of daily writing. Not a journal dialogue but an actual novel.As the parent of tween girl, I have become oncreasingly aware that there is a limited number of age appropriate books that don't involve a romantic interest.  As women we always say we don't need a guy but we are inundated with it daily. Even in music....more
Good Luck with your daily writing! I read the War of Art by Stephen Pressfield and have been ...more

My 12-Year-Old Was Blackmailed for Nude Photos Via Kik Messenger

As a mom, and a communications professional in the technology space, I’ve heard some pretty scary stories about kids use of social media. Predators lurking on Facebook, bullying happening via Twitter, and even suspicious activity occurring on Minecraft. ...more
Thank you so much for sharing.  This is terrible.  I can't stand that our children have to live ...more

Should Training Bras Be Sexy?

My sweet little thing is turning 12 in a month, and this girl is changing! Not only emotionally, but physically. A couple of months back, her friends started wearing training bras, so needless to say, she needed to get one too. The funny part is, I happened to be excited, whether I believed she needed one or not. I was happy she came to me and asked. It was something I didn't do. ...more
My 10 year old has been wearing bras for about a year now. She's an early bloomer in all those ...more

One of Many Races

This paragraph was written on Saturday, but I decided not to publish it until today. ...more