On Breaking the First Rule of Parenting

Yesterday, at work, I broke the first and most cardinal rule of parenting: I swore I would NEVER do something with my children.Immediately realizing my mistake, I rushed home, poured a glass of wine and raised it up to the gods of parenting and asked that they unhear my foolhardy words. I begged that this dose of Karma will somehow pass me by.But I know how this parenting thing works. I have had toddlers. I have SWORN certain behaviors would never, ever happen in my house. And then, they did. Then I felt pain and remorse....more

5 Important (but Random) Lessons Teens Need to Know

You thought you had a lot of lessons to teach your toddler? Well, I hate to break it to you, but potty training and spoon feeding are only messy in the literal terms when it comes to the lessons you will have to teach your teens and tweens. Most of our kids' friends are pretty smart and self-sufficient, but every now and then we'll talk about something and they have no idea how they would solve the issue. ...more
You might think this is a given, but show them how to do housework. I was at my ex's one day and ...more

Teen Driver Safety Week: AskPatty Encourages Safe Behaviors On The Road

My own son is 21 now, and I trust he is a good driver, but I haven’t forgotten the years I spent worrying while he was still learning to drive....more

Forced To Volunteer - Public School-Sponsored Chain Gangs

It's not overly difficult to draw parallels between government-funded public school and government-funded prison. Both are compulsory. Both are plagued with over-crowding as a result of poor public policy. Both are expensive to taxpayers. Both are institutions frequently ruled by internal violence and fear. Both screen entrants with metal detectors and have weapons bans. Both give their occupants little choice in how they spend their time. ...more
reillysmom16 That is a good point.  Who gets to decide what opportunities make it to the list? ...more

How To Teach Teenaged Girls About Masturbation

Why should parents teach teen girls about masturbation? It can save their future marriage or at least help them have fun on the way. Girls who don’t learn about their sexuality early in adolescence are more likely to confuse their own emotional need for intimacy with their physical sexual feelings of desire. ...more

A Letter to My Son's Future Girlfriend

To the girl who will one day date my son: You are interested in someone very precious to me. My world turned right side up the day he came into my life and has never been the same since. When I look at him, all I see is a flashback reel full of baby rolls, big hugs, sweet smiles, and superheroes. Although I want nothing but happiness for him, I know he will need to make mistakes in order to grow and learn. Still... it would crush me to see him intentionally hurt or used....more
Aw, as a mom of four daughters, I hope they have mothers-in-law like youmore

Mark Borja expands his horizons

Mark Borja with his mom Tracy Borja and Dr. Michael BorjaThe official red carpet photographer for the upcoming Fil-American Community of the Carolinas (FACC) Gala Night is Mark Borja, who's been helping the group with its photo shoots and other projects....more

Coasting in the classroom

There are several people in my office who stand while they work. I admire them. Because although I know I need to stand up more in my day, I'm not yet at the point where I am ready to raise my desk. (I'd have to stop wearing heels to the office, for one thing.)...more

11 Important Tips for Parents When Your Child Comes Out

Step 1: Take a deep breath. OMG, right? Big news. Or maybe it wasn't. Maybe you suspected this was coming. But you should still breathe anyway because you need do that to keep being alive. So this step applies no matter what. Get some oxygen into you. ...more
Thank you, Mary :) It's was a labor of love - much like parenting.more