5 Reasons Why Parallel Parenting Works Better Than Co-Parenting

We are not those folks. Those folks who are divorced and who have kids and who can actually mumble a "hello" to each other and actually mean it. Those folks who are divorced, remarried and invite each other over to the kids birthday parties. We are not those folks. ...more
Completely agree! Those couples who can co-parent get a round of applause from me.more

This is Your Brain On Zzzzzzz: Unlocking Student Potential Through Better Sleep

 Two years ago, I taught a class entitled “The Theory of Knowledge” to high school juniors and seniors. The curriculum was rich, full to brimming with philosophical discussions, mind-stretching exercises, and debates. It also took place at 6:45 in the morning....more
sleepmom YES! I absolutely agree with you. School start-time is such a huge issue. In our ...more

A Twist of Love

It is 11:24 PM and it's been a hell of a day.  I'm just sitting down to write my blog.  The whole day seems like it started out with blue eyes peeking through my door this morning and nothing has been right since then. ...more

Six Reasons Losing Can Be Better Than Winning

We live in an achievement-oriented society: Children who score higher on tests get better grades and honor roll certificates. Drivers who avoid accidents pay lower insurance rates. Professionals with more degrees get promoted and earn higher wages. We don't often get awards for working hard and coming up short, especially after we are adults. But if we all got accolades for effort, we might accomplish more as a society -- because we'd all be willing to take more chances and give 110% despite the likelihood of public failure and humiliation....more


I voted for the first time a few days after my 18th birthday. I could't tell you who I voted for ...more

How to Inspire Young Entrepreneurs

Nikki J. SurveyNovice Business Starts Here! ...more

Creating Family Traditions is a Bad Idea

Hey, you, over there, taking the photos of your lil’ punkin in the pumpkin patch, put down the camera and step away from that cute family moment.I’m doing you a favor here. You may think that this is the beginning of a great family tradition that will last a lifetime but really you are merely starting down a path that will lead to pain and misery.Seriously....more

Why science projects suck

There aren’t many statements that bring on a headache like, “Mom, we have to pick a science project.”I’m a political organizer. I know history and government. Graphing data and proving a hypothesis makes me tired and confused. When my kids ask for help that doesn’t include a fun dissertation on why Woodrow Wilson was ineffective, they almost always regret it.Here are some of my science project suggestions that never got approved:...more

A Haiku that Really Happened - NaBloPoMo

The haiku you are about to read is true. No names have been changed to protect anyone. Just be advised that parenting tweens and teens is not for the faint of heart. It's playing a contact sport without helmet, pads or a ref to call foul or throw flags on questionable plays. Think you’re a cool mom?I am. I did. But maybe…She doesn’t think so. I know I’m weird, mom.Why do you think that? I ask.I like different things. Different’s good....more
CarrieStuckmann Like a HARD ouch.more

Unexpected Things That Can Impact The Way You Raise Your Children

Everyone raises their children differently and there are a plethora of factors that contribute to the different ways children are raised. Some of these could be socioeconomic while others could be parents modeling their parenting off of their own parents. There are events in you and your children’s lives that impact the way that you parent them. Whether a parent wants to admit it or not, certain circumstances can change their parenting style even if they swore that they were doing the right thing....more