Embracing Individuality and Self-Expression

The young girl depicted in Blonde Streak and Other Good Girl Stories embraced individuality and self-expression. How does anyone learn self-expression and to be the person you want to be?These are the themes I explored in these short stories of family life and growing up. One of the areas that compelled me to write this book was to explore what it is like to be honest with yourself.Having loving parents and learning the morals and values every child deserves will make a huge different in a person's life....more

I wonder....

Having a conversation with friends the other night (okay a Facebook thread/conversation) we realized how horrible we are at taking compliments. It started simply, one friend complimented another. We all added our own accolades to her. She got overwhelmed and immediately put up barriers on why she was not worthy of our compliments. Just about every woman I know repeats this behavior....more
Thanks Dana Hemelt that mean a lot. You are right, just say thank you. I'm working on it I promisemore

Mommy's Social Media Rules

My 9 year old just got into a relationship.  I knew it was inevitable but I secretly hoped she would wait a little bit longer to step into this new phase of life.  However, she came to me and pleaded her case that she was grown up enough to get into this relationship so I’m going to allow it.  My gut tells me this relationship is going to be pretty serious and chances are despite how I feel about it – it’s probably going to last her lifetime.  She is officially in a relationship with social media.  *sigh*...more

The Ultimate Weapon Against Acne

 How terrible is the feeling of having an ugly pimple on your face?VERY terrible, you say?...more

Dear Dr. Romance: My son gets angry, throws things

Dear Dr. Romance:I am writing to you for your professional opinion regarding my 15 year old son. His behavior overall is good but when he gets angry he throws things swears a lot and just a few minutes ago destroyed my vacuum cleaner in one blow to the floor....more

Helping your Lost teen find their Purpose

For many teenagers, the prospect of getting a job and starting a life of their own can feel a bit like staring into the abyss. Without the right guidance and support, many teens experience anxiety and episodes of depression, often acting out because they don’t know how to deal with the myriad of life-changing decisions they are faced with.  ...more

I Gave My Daughter Her First Joint

[Editor's Note: Today is National Pot Smoker's Day. As more and more states legalize marijuana, situations like this will just keep happening. What's your opinion? Tell us in the comments. - Rita]...more
Here I was just last night worrying that I'm TOO hard on my kids, and my 17 year old son came in ...more

Day of Silence: What If Someone Had Stood Up for My Trans Daughter?

"Slurs," my husband told me angrily over the phone."They're commenting on her pictures with slurs."...more
What a beautiful story! Many transgenders don't (or didn't) have the support your daughter has, ...more

The Worst Prom Dresses of 2015

Gather around, my friends. It's our favorite time of year: bad prom dress season! While we love the girls inside the dresses, we feel it's our duty to guide today's youth in the area of formalwear. The BlogHer editorial team passed around a few pics ... what do YOU think?...more
These are PROM dresses? Made for HIGH SCHOOL teenagers? What is this world coming to?!more