Having the “Talk” is Never Easy, but Perhaps this Book Can Help: Why Women Have Sex?


Attention 2015 Graduates: The Real World is Calling

I’m running out of time. The countdown has begun to Jimbo leaving for college, and I suddenly have the urge to teach him everything I failed to impart the past 18 years. So I have begun The College List. No twin sheet sets on here – that comes later. This list has all the essentials needed for living a happy, independent life away from home....more

Pinterest; I curse you

While there were touch and go moments, I’ve survived my daughter’s 13th birthday party. As we've progressed through the years I've looked forward with each passing birthday to the lessening pressure to put on a “production” that hasn't been duplicated by other party-planner parents....more

6 Things You’ll Regret Saying to Your Children

Do you ever feel guilt and regret for something that you’ve said to your child? The words that just came out of your mouth sounded as if they were from an alien being (and even more awful, perhaps like some of the things your own mother once said to you, and you vowed you would never say) and there is no way you would speak like that to your best friend! Immediately you regret what you said.  It's no surprise that your child is now arguing with you....more

Why it is my duty to read Fifty Shades of Grey

When I read everywhere that physical and sexual abuse are in fashion, I wish that it was seven years ago; getting fucked while having my head bashed against the railing of the bed would have been much more fun....more

How You Can Freak Out Over Growing Pains: Osgood-Schlatter Disease

My ten-year-old started complaining about her knee about a month ago. Sometimes it was fine, and sometimes she dragged her leg around like it was someone else's, calling it her "bum knee" and ready to swap stories in golf course pro shops. I wrote it off to drama, because: tween....more
I had this as a kid, mostly in my right knee. It got me out of running in PE for a while. ...more


 StandardA Preemptive Warning...more
Cassandra@TND Yes it is! My husband and I just have to "act" more grown up now.more

What Should We Do About Our Teens' Drinking Problem?

My family is drowning. Specifically, my kids. I would like to save them, but I fear I am just making the situation worse. Anyway, they haven’t asked for my help but instead continue to want more. “Mom, can you buy more vitaminwater? I like the peach and berry flavors.” “Mom, we need some bottled water.” “Mom, please pick up a case of Mendota.”...more
samanthamarieB  Saying "NO" to my kids is obviously not my strong suit. Actually, I do ban so ...more