The Best-Laid Plans of Helicopter Parents Often Go Awry

Join us for a graduation meeting at 7:00. Our topic for the evening will be “From Commencement to Commitment: Mental Health Professionals Parents Can Turn to Post-Graduation”. ...more

Problems Connecting with Your Teen? Try These Three Magic Words

Your teen suffers from abandonment issues.If you are a nurturing parent, you are probably balking at this statement. Most of us associate abandonment with physical conditions, such as inadequate nourishment, inadequate clothing, physical abuse or literally leaving our child without care. If you provide for the well-being of your kids, how could they possibly feel "abandoned"?...more

And The Award Goes To...

Dylan (l) and his big brother, Lane    ...more

How To Make Banana Bread, Thanks To An 11 Year Old!

My son Ethan is taking a Home Economics class this semester and has been busy measuring and mixing ingredients in the kitchen. It's been great seeing him interested in meals and offering to make some of his "specialties" for us.  This Banana Bread with Chocolate Chips is a new family favorite and tastes all the more better because he made it, all by himself. ...more

6 Tips For Book Report Success & Beyond

When my son first entered middle school, one of the requirements in his language arts class was writing a monthly book report. While he enjoyed reading, inwardly I cringed at the thought of him struggling with this assignment - learning how to craft a book report can be a daunting task for any student, and if your child has an attention deficit as mine does, it can prove even more challenging....more

#ToTheGirls: What Do YOU Want Girls to Know?

What do you wish your younger self knew? What do want your daughter to know? What do you want girls to know? I knew that young adult author Courtney Summers had a new book coming about shame. And how those who are shamed are silenced. I don't have to go far to look at how our society fails to protect girls against shame. We've seen in the news what that does to girls. How it slowly destroys them. I live in a society where everyone knew Rehteah Parson's name, but no one was allowed to say it. ...more
Don't keep family secrets from good friends. If they're really a good friend they won't judge. ...more

Going all out for Kaye

 With the 16th Coronation Night for the Miss Cebu 2015 to be held at the Capital Social Hall of UP-Cebu, Cebu City on April 16, allow me to campaign for my bet Candidate No. 6, Kaye Camannong, a favorite to win the pageant....more

Curvy Roads and Short-Cuts

Just the other day the thought hit me that I would rather take a curvy road any day over a straight shot. On a long, straight road, there is no mystery, no surprises. It can become monotonous. A curvy road keeps you on your toes. You have to be alert to the swiftly changing road conditions. There is a spike in adrenaline around every deep curve, because you can't actually see what's on the other side, or what is coming at you....more

A Really Long Downhill Toward Freedom

Ben gave me a 20-week Fitness Challenge which will take us right through summer and hopefully become so habit forming that we never stop doing a little something every day that is good for us. Together, we have walked and ridden bikes and even tried a little running. We are building up our hearts and lungs with longer walks to get ready for even more running. We live in the country and have endless paths to walk or ride in every direction with lovely views all around. ...more

What Every 6th Grader Needs to Know

What Every 6th Grader Needs to Know by Connie Sokol & Rachelle Christensen ...more