5 Gift Ideas for Your Picky Tween (That Aren't a Toy)

I have a ten-year-old, and man, tweens are the worst people to shop for. Are they too old for dolls and toys? Are they too young for technical gizmos and clothes? No kid wants to open a gift card. I've scoured the pitches, the Internet and the catalogs to find these five fun gift ideas for tween girls. ...more
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From my Son’s Bookshelf | Books for Reluctant Readers

9 out of 10 middle grade aged boys agree: stories with gross humor beat…any other story! As a mom of a now teenaged boy, I recall rather vividly my occasional struggle to make him read–preferably every day!...more

Why We Still Need Diverse Books: Lemony Snicket Author's Series of Unfortunate, Racist Jokes

This is why we can’t have diverse books. ...more
What an incredibly thoughtless remark. I guess this guy was going for edgy and failed miserably. ...more

My Daughter Is Her Own Girl

While my eyes catch the bubbly, outgoing gals enjoying their friends in the school pick up line, my 7th grade daughter is standing off to the side, alone. She is a total introvert. In many ways, her anti-social behavior breaks my heart because she has a lot to offer, but it doesn't seem to bother her. She shows up to school wearing capri pants with Van Gogh themed knee high socks, Dr. Who t-shirt, turquoise Converse, and Harry Potter buttons on her backpack strap. She has her own style. ...more
Great article, thank you!  How you 'hold space' for your daughter is just beautiful.  My ...more

To the Bad Dad in the Bleachers

 Dear Bad Dad in the Bleachers,You are a bully. You stand and yell at your daughter as she plays in a basketball game, your fists are clenched, your face is distorted in rage. She is only 12-years-old, and your cruel actions break my heart....more

Victoria's Secret and Porn

By Marla CarltonMy 11 year old boy likes to Google girls in bras and underwear. I found it in his search thread on his phone. I noticed he was spending a lot of time in the bathroom on his phone. I talked to him about searching porn on the internet. Told him that he might see something that he can’t unsee, and then I gave him a Victoria’s Secret catalog....more

Calling all teens: Above the Fray wants to know about your online life

 Have social media using tee...more

HS English FAIL

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A Teenage Boy's Perspective on What Makes a Good Gift

 Every year it's the same thing: The brief and unwavering reply to almost everyone who asks what I want for Christmas is, "Money." Asking for money is the easiest way to guarantee teenagers will get something they like, but what does that tell the family members or friends who are asking them? ...more

You Are Here: Our Story

We noticed it first on Facebook. A steady stream of Mommy Blogs with funny photos of cute toddlers and frazzled moms. Potty training, picky eaters, and lots of talk of work-life balance. Then the vacation pictures appeared, a friend and her husband at their new cottage in Vermont, another couple visiting relatives in London, yet another at their apartment in San Francisco.What we stopped seeing was anyone like us....more