Teens with weak working memory more likely to engage in risky sex

A new study from the University of Oregon, the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania found that there's a link between impulse control and cognitive abilities. More specifically, the test found that teens with weak working memory skills are more likely to to have impulsive tendencies in early to mid-adolescence. It's not exactly the best time to have weak impulse control - especially with peer pressure, raging hormones, a desire to be popular, etc....more

4 Ways Parents of College Students Can Lower Their Auto Insurance Quote

 Though parents love to see their kids get a college education, they cringe when the bills come in. College is a pricey endeavor, requiring you and your child to fork over cold, hard cash for tuition, textbooks, and meal plans. And that doesn’t even take into account the stuff that gets your child home for a visit — like a car. That means, of course, that you need to add car insurance to your budget....more

Parents just don't understand

On days of high stress at my office, my coworkers and I will message one another with phrases we've picked up from the younger members of our team: This meeting: I can't even.OR I literally can't with this person right now.OR ...more

How to Help Your Hurting Child (When Everything Isn't Going To Be Okay)

My 11-year-old daughter looks like she just lost her best friend. Probably because in a way, she has....more
fushmush Thank you so much! I only wish you might not have need of it in the future.more

Breath Mints - Conversations with Charlie

Charlie and I were standing in the check out line at Wal-Mart and he pointed to a small tin asking if he could buy it. I didn’t really look at what Charlie was pointing at but said if it was gum, then no.Charlie – It isn’t gum Mommy, it’s breath mints.Me – Breath mints? Why on earth would you want breath mints?Charlie – Well, let’s face it Mom. I don’t brush my teeth all that often. Elizabeth...more
Still giggling. And, you bought them. hahahahahahamore

5 reasons marijuana is detrimental to the teen brain

 Marijuana has been known as the gateway drug of teen substance use for decades. It's often thought of as less harmful and consequential than other drugs because it's "natural" and now legal in many parts of our country. In the U.S....more
Dr. Luisa, no one is advocating teen use (with the exception of medical application)  anymore ...more

A word to pregnant teens - You will be okay

25 years ago I became a teen mother.  This was not the life I expected, planned for all through my childhood, or thought would make my family proud.  I was 17 years old, no boyfriend, no baby skills, and was facing a life where people looked at me like I should be ashamed of myself because I had “made a mistake” and gotten MYSELF pregnant. This is my teen pregnancy story. ...more

Rules For Your Children When They Are Online

There are quite a lot of useful things on the internet for our children to see. It seemingly has everything that anyone could want or need to know. There are drawbacks, though, as there can be damaging things that a child could see online. This includes a myriad of things including pornography or even some explicit language in a chatroom. Year after year there are child predators online looking to take advantage of innocent children. As parents, you should establish ground rules for your children’s  online activity....more

Help! It’s summer break. My teen's out of school. And I’m scared.

Help! It’s summer break. My teen's out of school. And I’m scared....more

Black (Children's) Lives Matter: Why Is Our Suicide Rate So High?

The first time I thought about killing myself, I was eleven. I’d had some trauma in my life, unspeakable things that my tween self could not articulate. Pain that ran deep, seated into my soul. I could not get away from it. Image Credit: Sam D via Flickr...more