NOTHING to See Here

In our living room is a large bay window. It used to be a traditional space filled with picture frames, a bowl with colorful glass beads and the occasional bouquet of fresh flowers. Not these days!...more


My boyfriend has 2 sons, 6 and 9 years old.  We have been dating for almost 4 years.  The kid’s mother is practically non existent; she sees them once a year.  She now has a baby girl with another man. The kids live with my boyfriend and his parents basically help co-parent.  At first I thought I could help my BF with the kids but now I'm not so sure anymore....more

To My Middle Child

Always mouthy no matter the spiel, you my middle child Feel were handed a raw deal You think that you were forgotten between the twoBut what you don't know is The next thing I said right after seeing your new baby sister was that, I want to see youWaiting for your special kiss You were not only there on the on the back of mind, you were there left, right and centre ...more

Lilo's Riposte

When Lilo turned 10 last Sunday she became all about the maturity. Her first words were, “I feel so much more mature now that I am in double digits.” She asked if we could assign her more complicated chores to acknowledge her maturity. With great maturity, comes great responsibility apparently....more
HAHAHA! Enjoy!more

Walking Tall

Something upset my son recently, and it took me rather by surprise....more

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How PROM Can Destroy Our Daughters

It's prom season. I don't even know people. My mind has been flipping around thoughts, that happen to run into my emotions and then I find myself confused and disgusted and convicted all at once.  The Prom, which is another fancy and loaded word for High School dance, is a time where students spend now on the average of $1100 to go hang out with the same friends they see all the time, every day. Yes, $1100.  A house payment.Now before I go on I have a few things to say :...more

How to Be Cool

6 Ways To Avoid Power Struggles With Children

All three of my children are headstrong and can be extremely stubborn at times. When they refuse to do as told, it can be frustrating and anger provoking. Many times I’ve resorted to yelling and promising all sorts of punishments if they don’t listen. You can imagine how well those strategies usually work for me....more

5 Genius Ideas for Chore Charts!

My kids don’t mind helping around the house, but there is no routine- I have to ask them to do each thing I’d like help with. “L, please empty the dishwasher.” “A, please put your toys away” Feed the animals, bring your laundry down, dust your room, make your bed, brush your hair!We’ve tried a few things in the past, but nothing has stuck. A few cute ideas have popped up on my screen lately, so I think it’s time to try something new. Here are my top picks for great Chore Charts!!...more