Love Your Kid, but Hate Her Bestie? Here's How to Get Rid of Her.

I remember when I was growing up and I brought home one of my first best friends.  For security sake we will call her Samantha.  Samantha was a hot girl, or hoe, if you prefer.  At the time I didn't know that, I just thought Samantha was cool and I wanted to be cool.  With that objective, Samantha and I became friends....more

The risks of independent children

When I was little, I walked everywhere: To school, to my best friend's house, to the park across the street and to the park a few blocks away. Sometimes my brother was with me; sometimes he wasn't. As I got older, I walked more places: To the store to get milk, to the theater to volunteer as an usher and sometimes I just walked for exercise....more

First Week of Classes Reflection

 I just started my second semster of sophomore year of college, so I'm sharing my classes and what I thought of my first week!Check it out here....more

What Toilet-Training My Son Taught Me About Myself

Published in BLUNTmoms.Some people blame God for life’s difficulties. I don’t. I blame my 6-year-old son. He’s a darling. I love him like crazy. But his bathroom manners have a long way to go....more

R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Find Out What It Means To.. My Teen!

I am always trying not to embarrass my kids.  Really, I am.  I remember all-too-well that everything my parents did when I was in high school made me cringe.  Why is it, then, that it's seems like it's a game to find me at my most embarrassing moments, and FILM them? Here is a picture my oldest son took of us at the Garth Brooks concert. He's 26 and he respects his mama, as he should.  ;)   :...more

Did you really earn that grade?

My son had a spelling test the other day (never mind that he is only four). He came home with a lollipop and a reward report saying that he spelled all his sight words correctly. Except: He didn't....more

What you need to know about applying to college

The College Application Process  As the editor for a girls website, where all content is strickly written by girls, I thought most parents of college bound teens would welcome this article about the "real college applications process", first hand....more

You need a medical ID bracelet...


Parenting My Teen: I Treat Her Like a Cat

She’s doing her nightly thing: listening to music; checking her social media, chipping away at homework. When a favorite song comes on, the volume goes up. When a new text comes in, her fingers tap. When a page of Spanish is memorized, I hear it flip....more
Great post! Made me laugh. Nice to see there are not too many differences in attitudes ...more