What happens in your teen's (and preteen's) brain when you nag/criticize

First, let me say that I used the word "nag" because that's the word they used in the article. I think it's got some unfair negative connotations behind it, but let's ignore the semantics for a minute.A group from 3 universities (Harvard, U of Pittsburg and U of California-Berkeley) looked at the brains of 32 healthy pre-teens and teens while they listened to 2 30-second clips. Of the 32 participants, 22 were girls. One clip was the mom "nagging" and the other was the mom just talking about "irrelevant boring stuff like grocery shopping."...more

Thanksgiving and Teens

Here's I sit, getting ready for Thanksgiving (and by "getting ready," I mean watching "Friends" on DVD, eating my 2nd Lunchable, and tweaking my blog), I am thinking about what I am thankful for this holiday season.  Some of the things aren't very traditional, but I am thankful for them, nonetheless: (for quick reference:)D - 17 yr old autistic sonC- 16 year old son (junior)A -15 yr old daughter (sophomore)J - 15 yr old daughter (freshman) ...more

How to make your parents happy – an easy guide for teenagers

OK teenagers,  I have compiled a list of 7 easy things you can do to help make your momma’s lives easier....more
becktacular totally agree, it would be so so so easy to keep me happy. thanks so much for commentingmore

It's a Thanksgiving Miracle!

The Thanksgiving season is usually not considered the time of miracles and yet something miraculous happened yesterday. Not the miracle of weeping icons or spontaneous healing, mind you, but miraculous just the same.Let me back up.My 18-year-old, college freshman came home for Thanksgiving break last night and within 45 minutes our battle for control began.And, no, the miracle is not that it didn’t happen sooner.After several hugs for the dog, a couple quick hugs for me, and a discussion about laundry he disappeared into his room....more
Oh my gosh, I feel your pain, and mine haven't even left the nest yet.  I still have a year or ...more

No Sparkly Shoes for You

I spent hours today trying to find black pants for Erin. Hours, because they couldn’t be black jeans, black leggings or black khakis. They had to be black “dress” pants that “cover the ankles.” Then we had to find a plain black headband, and plain black, closed toed shoes. No sparkles or buckles or straps. Plain, black shoes....more

Natalie Merchant Ate My Blog Post

Natalie Merchant ate my blog post.Okay, okay. Not really. But kind of. See, this is what happened: I’d planned on being a good little blogger, and had resigned myself to a Saturday night spent with my editorial calendar. I imaged there might be wine, andGilmore Girls looping on Netflix, just for added fun. I aimed big: not only that I’d not only get Saturday’s post done, but that I’d get posts planned out for the entire week....more

Teen/Tween Gift Guide for Girls

Teen/Tween Gift Guide for Girls When I was pregnant I was convinced I would have girls, but luckily for me I was blessed with two incredibly easy boys....more

I Like the Night Life

...no, I don't like to boogie.  Actually, yes I do.  I love to dance.  Granted, I dance as well as I sing, and know that I can't sing.  Like, at all.  So there you go.  I have always liked to dance....more

"You Don't Understand High School Talk"

*originally posted on my blog, Nov 8, 2014  I've been tweaking and networking my blog. HEY!  Is that where they got the word "twerking?" Well, in my mommy world, that's what it's going to mean. Speaking of slang, the other day, my 16 year old son sent me a picture on SnapChat (I hate that app, but will not soapbox it just yet!), with the caption "Chem squad feat bae and teach." What the ever-loving hell was that?...more
I suck as a parent Snapchat seems so dumb to me, and they laugh at me for screenshotting ...more