Just say No to homework

Imagine this: School is over. Your children go to their after-school sports activity or music lesson and finally comes home. They have time to play outside and get some fresh air and sunshine. At the dinner table, everyone has time to talk about their day before retiring for their separate activities for the evening. Your children go to bed on time....more

How are babies made?

We were eating dinner in a Chinese restaurant when my son asked me how babies were made. I swallowed my mouthful of sweet-and-sour chicken and answered him with an age-appropriate summary of how sperm and an egg join together and then grown inside a woman's womb to make a baby....more

Teens spend more time on media than sleeping

I work nine hours a day. From around 8:30 until 5:30 (if I am paying attention to the alert that tells me to leave), I am answering emails, rescheduling projects, attending meetings, straightening out issues over the phone and reading more emails through lunch. Nine hours....more

“Don’t Treat Me Like A Child:” Emotional Abuse, a Normal Youth Experience

Are you in a relationship where someone tries to control you? Do they disregard your opinions, feelings, or suggestions? Do they try to make you feel like they’re always right and you're always wrong? If so, you may be in an emotionally abusive relationship or you may be a child....more

Why Teachers Shouldn't Battle Cell Phones

Today I was at a school where teachers fight with students about cell phones. In the staffroom at lunch, teachers were complaining that kids are so devious they sit on their phones, or pretend to be reading, anything to be on their phones when it's a very specific, important rule in the class that phones are to be away and off....more

leaving the workforce to parent my teens, the reinvention of me.

 it's been three months since i've been gainfully em...more

The days that forge the men they'll become

I love my family. I thought that today. Not, I thought I loved my family and then thought twice. This time that I’ve been at home has reminded me what I love more than anything; coffee, England, Scotland and Wales, biscotti, fall, even writing. My family. ...more

Kids growing up too fast

Children have always been curious about adult roles. When I was young, my sister and I often played a game called “Grown Up.”We would dress in our mother’s clothes, say the rosary, and use words like “disappointed.”We poured tea and pretended to be more mature than any other six and seven year-old in the neighborhood.Children still play grown up today, but without the benefit of pretending....more

The Best Advice for Parenting a Teenage Girl

Jessica Barrett@jessbarretttnwww.mrsjonescoulduseabeer.com  ...more

One Mom's Honest Reaction to Her Son Coming Out as Gay

Originally written on October 7, 2015. I had no answer to the question. I didn't think I'd need one. So let's backtrack a little bit: A little over 15 years ago, our first, beautiful baby boy was born. We couldn't wait for him to talk. Then when he could talk, we couldn't wait for him to shut up (parents of talkative kids, you KNOW what I mean. I love him dearly, but omgwouldyoupleasebequietforfiveminutes instead of tellingthecashieryourlifestory). ...more
I appreciate your honesty, and your effort to shift your own worldview. I have a son and a ...more