When Reading Becomes the Preferred Form of Playing

Play is a child's work, my educator mother told me over and over. And time and again, I watched my boy punch the clock. The plastic ticky clock that only displays one-half of each number and plays an aggravating, sugary Sesame Street tune on the hour. But over the last few months, playing has been demoted. ...more
Reading have lots of good benefits but it is rarely seen in child as form of their play unless ...more

New Jersey High School Students Create a White Girl Club

If high schools can have a French Club, Spanish Club and a Math Club, why can't they have a... White Girls Club? A group of students in Franklin, New Jersey did just that. A local newspaper reports that members posted racially insensitive comments and photos on social media, and have now been ordered to go to counseling....more
I read two and closed it really quickly. I couldn't handle any more than that. - Denisemore

Parenting Teens Ain't for Sissies

I remember the days long ago, when I struggled to teach my young children to say please and thank you. I wanted them to be that kid that just said it all on their own without prompting. I wanted them to try their hardest to like broccoli And salad. I trained them to make their bed. And see God's beauty in the every day. And love one another. And not to use the words idiot or stupid. I remember is was so hard. And now I look back on those days and wonder... What in the world was I thinking?! Now they have grown. And now it seems even harder. The stakes are so much higher. ...more

Letting Go of Cute PJs to Strive for Other Things

These days, I could not possibly care less what you wear to bed - as long as you aren't naked and you, you know, GO TO BED. After all, matching pajamas may look good, but they don't mean that you are a good human being. Other things matter more to me now. Politeness matters. ...more
hahahahahaha. - Denisemore

Please & Thank You: Teaching Kids Boundaries & Expectations

I understand that these parents don't want "expectations" on their children. I agree that some expectations are not healthy. But some expectations just help us to understand other people and how to interact with them. From a young age, I have taught my girls to say "please" and "thank you" or to apologize if they are wrong. I have let them know from a young age that I expected them to share toys with their friends. I expect them to keep their rooms clean and to help around the house. But not all of their friends have these same expectations on them and that can be difficult to understand, difficult to get along with and navigate a friendship. ...more

The Best Parenting Advice: Ask Your Kids This Question

She told me to sit on the end of my daughter's bed every week and ask her if there's anything I've done to hurt her. That's it. That's the simple question. "Ask her if there's anything you need to apologize for and see what happens. Do this regularly." ...more
I don't think this is a good question, and I wouldn't ask it. I believe it sets the kid up to ...more

Teens Aren't Scary

The time has come to pass on to all of you a little secret. It really isn’t nearly as scary to parent teenagers as people have led all of us to believe. At first, I thought it maybe was just a fluke with my oldest son, but I now have three full-fledged teenagers in my home and not one of them has been scary a bit. ...more

Silence Is Not Golden: Talk to Your Kids About Online Bullying

If you have a tween or a teen, you need to know where they are online and what they're saying. Melissa at Confessions of a Dr. Mom explained a recent post why it's so important for you to be involved, checking on accounts, and asking them questions. Most often, your teen won't willingly speak up about any online bullying going on -- until it's too late. You need to be the parent and be involved. Her post is simply a must-read for parents. ...more
I hope a ton of parents read this and take your advice.  As a high school teacher, and founder ...more

The Day Shopping with My Son Changed

Shopping with kids can be trying. At best. Can I get an amen? Carmen at Mom to the Screaming Masses recounts what life was like shopping with a baby and then contrasts it to a recent shopping trip with her son. Things sure are different for her now, that's for certain. I read her words and long for crying babies in carts. Oh, they grow so quickly. ...more
Loved this post when I first read it. :)more

Having a New Year's Eve Slumber Party? Read These Tips

With New Year's Eve festivities looming just around the corner, I thought it might be a good idea to spotlight this post by Tracy at Sellabitmum. If you're having other kids sleepover on the big day, you might want to check out her tips and follow her advice. And buy earplugs. ...more
Excellent ideas here Tracy! :-)more