Make Some Blackberry Kiwi Tartlets to Celebrate Spring, Vegan Style

To celebrate spring, I worked up this recipe for a vegan fruit tartlet. You can use just about any fruit to fill it, although berries are the easiest, since you don't even have to cut them. California berries are on sale right now, but this will really sing when I can stuff the little crusts with just-picked little juice bombs....more

S'mores Tart

I don’t know about you, but for me a summer without s’mores just ain’t right. And neither is poor English… forget I said that....more

Teacher Appreciation Week Gifts

Teachers are the best, aren't they? I frankly don't know how they do it, hanging out with our little hearts all day, caring for them, keeping them safe and loved, answering to a thousand different authorities, letting us question every single teaching choice during meetings... I could go on and on.There is no way to adequately express our appreciation, but I think we can certainly try!...more

Carrot Cake Sandwich Cookies

Carrot cake sandwich word: Amazing!  A hefty amount of cream cheese frosting sandwiched between two perfectly spiced carrot cake cookies. Recipe link:

Pecan Pie Cupcakes

Another personal favourite of mine, and of my dad's, a good old Pecan Pie! I love the softness of the caramel filling and the crunch of the nuts, it's pretty delicious, so naturally I wanted to make this into a cupcake. ...more

chocolate chip banana nutella donuts are definitely one of my favorite things to bake. I just love coming up with different flavor combinations, but most of all I love that they are only 2 points! Your average store bought donuts will cost you upwards of 8pp or more if its decadent enough, so how awesome is it that you can have 4 of my donuts for that… not that you’d eat 4 in one sitting.. well maybe 3...These chocolate chip banana donuts are delicious, especially the nutella topping....more

Calling All Serious Chocolate Lovers: Chocolate- Chocolate Cupcakes

A seriously chocolatey delight to satisfy any chocoholic! A decadent chocolate cupcake made with buttermilk then frosted with a creamy chocolate buttercream and topped with chocolate sprinkles.  Oh yeah! Recipe link:

Buckwheat Banana Bread with Maple Cream Icing and Cacao Nibs (Dairy Free)

A delicious and healthy banana bread; refined sugar free and packed with superfoods cacao, hemp, and buckwheat. This recipe can be easily enjoyed for breakfast or as a snack. Top off the loaf with the dairy-free, maple cream icing and extra cacao nibs, and you have yourself an amazing dessert....more