Simple Cinnamon Rolls

So, let’s forget for a minute that we’re all trying to be super healthy right now. These ridiculously easy cinnamon rolls are here because, well, there are some among us who just need to eat a sweet treat....more

Good Fortune Cherry Blossom Cupcake Tutorial

I was asked to review New York Baking company’s silicone baking buddies. New york’s Baking Company was kind enough to send their very bright silicone cups in exchange for my honest opinion of the baking buddies. I have baked 3 batches of cupcakes using the silicone cups, I found the cups released with ease and handled the heat of my oven, however if you are planning to give/and or sell your cupcakes you need to use cupcake... ...more

Meyer Lemon Mascarpone Scones

Meyer Lemon Mascarpone SconesLight and Fluffy Scones, Enriched with Creamy Mascarpone cheese and spiked with Bright Meyer Lemon.This can be a tough time of year for a desserts blogger....more
Pretty, pretty pictures. And I love scones.more

No Fuss Banana Bread

It was a bitterly cold morning in Northern Iowa, which seems to be the way 2014 is going to start out.  TJ and I had spent much of the morning playing, and I had been able to get some laundry and cleaning done, while stll fitting in a short 25 minute workout.  The temperatures on this particular day seemed warm compared to what we had and would be seeing…a mild 10 degrees or so....more

"Neiman Marcus $250 Cookie Recipe"

Clarissa Dickson Wright commented, on an episode of "The Two Fat Ladies" TV show, that "Great bakers are born, the rest of us just have to muddle through."  I think I got that right without going back through the DVD to check the quote.   I quite agree with that statement.   A good friend and retired colleague of the Spouse brought us some quite divine sticky buns on Christmas Eve.  She had made them from scratch and during conversation that day, allowed that her Mother and her Grandmother had been great bakers of bread.  The...more

Simple and Delicious M&M Cookies

My kids had been asking for Chocolate chip cookies for a long time so the other day I decided we would go ahead and make some cookies.  We ran into a problem when we realized that we did not have any chocolate chips in the house....more

Berry Chocolate Streusel Bars

Berry Chocolate Streusel BarsDense and Fudgy Chocolate Crust is topped with a Tangy Yogurt Custard, Studded with Juicy Berries and Sprinkled with a Deep, Dark, Chocolate Streusel Topping.  Garnish with Fresh Berries for a Gorgeous Dessert.Mystery Dish!  Mystery Dish!...more

The Pizza Dough That Changed My Life

Most of this recipe and the shaping technique that accompanies it is taken from Nancy Silverton’s The Mozza Cookbook. I have also just finished reading the profoundly inspiration homage to pizza, American Pie, by top U.S. bread writer Peter Reinhart. On his advice, I rest the dough between mixing it and kneading it and have added the optional extra stage of leaving the dough to ferment overnight in the fridge. However, with or without these extra steps, this dough recipe is amazing....more
If you like lots of sauce I suggest serving some extra on the side. That way you get crispy ...more

New Year’s Haute Couture Cookies

Nicolas Jebran’s designs are cutting edge yet classic; his dresses flow with movement. Sydney and I were looking at his Winter 2014 collection when we both were drawn to the same dress, although neither Sydney nor I can purchase the dress for New Year’s Eve we can create an inspired fashion fondant and royal icing cookie.Fashion inspired cakes and cookies have become popular for weddings and other special occasions. In......more