Caramel Brownie Ice Cream Cake

The wonderful people at Werther's Original was kind enough to send me a huge party kit full of free Werther's Original Baking Caramels to host a Werther's Original Baking Bash MommyParty!...more

Pumpkin Eclair Cake with Chocolate Ganache Frosting

 In this Pumpkin Eclair Cake, combination of pureed pumpkin and spices with easy, no bake eclair cake recipe is a winner.>> read more...more


Preparation time: 3-5 MinsServings: 2 PeopleHere is our today’s recipe for Microwave Mexican Omelet.Microwave Mexican Omelet...more

An Ode To A Cheeseboard & Scottish Oatcakes

Nancy Anne Harbord...more

Pumpkin Butter Stuffed Whole Wheat Muffins

As you have probably already figured out by now, I am obsessed with pumpkin food. I also really love substituting whole wheat flour in my baked goods. These two loves combined led to...Pumpkin Butter Stuffed Whole Wheat Muffins!...more

Chocolate Brownie Kiss Cookies

 Every once in a while, I yearn for something that is dark and chocolate and oozing with goodness. If this is not descriptive enough, I mean it has to be decadent.When these cookies came out of the oven it was hard to keep from taking a huge bite immediately.  The aroma was intoxicating, the kiss was barely containing the caramel and the fleur de sel was balancing all that sweetness.  OMG!!...more

Pumpkin Pie {Egg-free} Pie {Egg-free} I have been making this egg-free pumpkin pie for a few years.  My husband loves pie and thinks pie season (Thanksgiving through Christmas) isn't complete without a pumpkin pie!  Since I was experimenting with cooking with fresh pumpkin, I ...more

Maple Apple Bread

As I sit here and type this, Alabama is finally giving me the tiniest hint of Autumn making its way here. And seeing as this weekend is the beginning of the Fall season, our Sunday Supper team has the perfect theme for you – Fall Food! I am sharing a moist and “appley” Maple Apple Bread. This quick bread is lightly sweet, and is perfect with your coffee on a cool Autumn morning....more

Recipe for Puddle Cake

Last night I was fretting because there wasn't anything "snacky" in the house. "I want cake," I grumbled to Peter, secretly (or maybe not so secretly) hoping he'd offer to run out to the store to pick up some treats. "Why don't you make puddle cake?" he countered reasonably (and perhaps a touch hopefully). Puddle cake - but of course! ...more

Cooking with Fresh Pumpkin with Fresh Pumpkin We visited an orchard/farm and picked up some pie pumpkins.  Rather than just sit them outside, like I normally do, I decided to try to cooking them into pumpkin puree to make some of our favorite fall pumpkin recipes.  The two pumpkins I used yielded about 3 cups of puree.  It was the perfect amount to make ...more