Blueberry Cream Cheese Muffins

Happy National Blueberry Muffin Day! These blueberry muffins are definitely not average. A tender muffin layered with a cream cheese filling featuring loads of sweet blueberries. Certainly a deluxe version of a blueberry muffin! Recipe link:

Double Chocolate Almond Butter Cookies

Dairy and gluten free, these decadent cookies boast healthy fats from coconut oil and almonds. Plus, they're loaded with calcium and magnesium, not to mention a healthy dose of chocolate to feed the soul. These cookies have it all! ...more
Balancing Cinderella Thanks - Just creatively finding ways to use chocolate on a daily basis! ...more

The happiest cake-eating parent & babies group in the world

My name is Elaine; I started Pitter Chatter playgroup for parents and babies in Singapore in 2014. We chat, sing rhymes with our babies, eat cake and drink tea! Out of nothing a group of friends have emerged, and that's just the parents! But today we had to say so long to Sue....more

Zopf - Beautiful Swiss bRead

Zopf is a type of Swiss bread made from flour, milk, yeast and egg. Zopf means braid or plait. This bread can be served for lunch / breakfast / dinner.If you want to make quick and tasty bread, then this bread is for you. Its beautiful with the golden crust and ready in 1 hour 30 minutes. This bread can be served with butter, jam or even with cheese....more

Biscotti, How To Make Your Own, Step by Step

While I was in Italy for my food and styling photography workshop,  Julia from  Jul's Kitchen  shared with our class how to make real Italian Biscotti through a cooking  demonstration.  I must say there was something special about this Biscotti, it was slightly softer than normal thanks to the honey which I adored. It was wonderful dipping it into the robust Italian coffee I had grown to love. ...more

Wild Blackberry & Rhubarb Pie

Summer. Prickly berry bushes. Hot. Stained Hands. Sweet & Tart. These are all things that embody this pie. Blackberry & Rhubarb are two items that are an essential part of our summer treats. This pie is so very special to me. It features my mom's "Never Fail Pie Crust" and a slightly modified family favorite recipe for the perfect berry filling. I love the time and care that goes into making the perfect pie for someone special. This is typically featured on Father's Day or Independence Day, although we try to gather enough berries to freeze for a winter treat too!...more
Sounds wonderful.more

French Apple and Custard Cake

A buttery rich apple cake, layered with creamy vanilla custard. French Apple cake is different to your the American style apple cake. For one there is no cinnamon or any other spices and it's made with real butter. It's absolutely fabulous! ...more

5 Killer Treats to Make for Shark Week

Ain't no party like a Shark Week party, 'cause a Shark Week party don't stop … for seven whole days, and then you have to wait another year, so you better make these finned and toothy shark-inspired treats right now! Shark and Bitten Lifebuoy Cookies ...more
Laurend1985 Right? I think I could personally manage the popcorn and the Bugles :)more