Learn, Bake, Share with King Arthur Flour

  See how King Arthur Flour help my daughter bake bread and also raise her community awarness. ...more

Morning Glory Muffin recipe

Morning Glory Muffins a great breakfast with a good cup of coffee - Gluten Free.  Cooking with children builds relationships and teaches skills.  I hope you enjoy bot the post and the recipe.  Click here to visit this post...more

Date, Apple and Walnut Loaf

Date, Apple and Walnut LoafThe sky was so clear last night, I’ve never seen so many stars scattered across the night-time curtain of dark blue. Then, when the sun rose, there was a crisp, silver blanket spread over the city. Blades of grass turned into silver swords, puddles into mirror like circles. The mist sitting so heavily along the canal. The first frost of winter.The condensation on the inside of our boat’s windows had frozen, and we could see our breath, it was so cold. Thankfully we have a brilliant wood burner, and it soon melted away any trace of winter....more


"Let the Good Times Roll!"Mardi Gras is this Tuesday, February 17--In addition to some New Orleans (Nawlins) favorites, i.e. Jambalaya, BBQ shrimp & mufallatta, a "must have" is the colorful "King's Cake"...I made a simple version using a box mix white cake baked in a bundt pan and decorated with colorful frosting sprinkles. YUMM!! ...more

White Chocolate Cherry Oreo Fudge

Remember when you were a kid and your mom always told you "it's better with a cherry on top". Well I don't know about you, but if it's better with a cherry on top, then it's even better with cherries all over, inside and on top.Lately here, I've been craving the sweet taste of cherries. Maybe it's because Valentine’s Day is coming up and cherries just seem like the go to food since they're red. Or maybe it's because I haven't dabbled much with cherries in the kitchen and there are so many foods I want to make right now with cherries....more


I’m back with a dessert recipe just in time for Valentine’s Day. To me, whether you are single or not, all Valentine’s Day is is an excuse try out a delicious restaurant and/or eat some yummy sweet treats. C and I have similar attitudes towards it. Last year, we used a Groupon to try out a restaurant, then rushed back home to start watching the new season of House of Cards released that day. So romantic. We loved it. This year, we are trying out a restaurant that’s in a department store (Hey, it’s Nordstrom so it must be classy) and then going to a comedy show....more

{Recipe} Better Than You-Know-What Chocolate Cake

Michele Brown is the Owner/Designer of Sweet Threads Clothing Co,....more

Rosemary Shortbread

Every summer we vacation up at the cottage in a little northern town called Thornbury. It is a sleepy little town but has some great pubs and spectacular coffee shops. Last summer I tried a Rosemary Shortbread cookie from our favourite coffee shop and was blown away as to how lovely it was....more

Vanilla, Chocolate and Cherry Donuts

 Celebrating Valentine's Day should start first thing in the morning!How about some home-made Vanilla, Chocolate and Cherry Donuts! ...more

Hasselback Potatoes

If there are people who fuel me to keep at exploring baking, they are my daughters! It excites them so much when they see me browsing recipes in the web. Aaaand they know very well that when I pinned a recipe on my Baking Pinterest board, given a day or two, there's no way I'm not gonna make my own version of it! And they benefit very well -- they devour the food right away!...more