Banana Cinnamon Buns

These are cinnamon buns with a twist! They have fresh bananas worked in the dough which makes them so so fluffy with a delicious hint of banana! ...more

Flourless Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Cookies

It was quite an unsettled day today which was unfortunate for the organizers of the Burlington Sound of Music Festivals parade. Actually unsettled was an understatement. the skies opened up and it poured cats and dogs....more

Homemade "Hotel" Waffles

Continental breakfast is a must when I stay at a hotel. The only exception is if I’m staying in a city where I have a favorite restaurant that I can’t possibly miss (I’m looking at you, Penny Cluse Cafe)....more

Cinnamon Apple Cobbler

This month on Saturday's I'm featuring cobbler recipes on my food blog, Never A Dull Bite. Today is dedicated to this cinnamon apple cobbler.  Tender apples sweetly spiced with cinnamon then topped with a cinnamon bread topping. Pure yum!Recipe link:

Bread Machines and Recipe!

Kathleen Kelly ...more

Blueberry Delight Recipe

This delicious dessert has blueberries, pineapple, and white cake mix along with pecans. If you really enjoy blueberries as I do, then you will enjoy this dessert. Summer time is a great time for making this since blueberries are in season and plump and juicy right now....more

Happy National Peanut Butter Cookie Day!

To celebrate make these peanut butter chip pb cookies! A richly flavored peanut butter cookie with the added bonus of peanut butter chips.  They can't be beat! Recipe link:

Emperor cakes (gateux de l'empereur)

It’s tennis tournament time again and, despite my best efforts, my perennial Tournament Tourettes has kicked in with a vengeance....more

Japanese Milk Bread

Japanese Milk Bread is amazing soft, fluffy and flavorful bread and One of the best bread recipe that I have tried. I love this bread with butter and I have also used it in my sandwich and its worth it. I am going to make this bread again. We finished it off in no time....more

Double Chocolate Raspebrry Cookie

Double Chocolate Raspberry cookie is very soft, chewy, fudgy cookies stuffed with chocolate chip and raspberries.This is one of the best cookie I have prepared. The combination of chocolate and raspberry is amazing.I just can't stop eating it.For recipe visit:...more