Bolivian Cuñapés

Cuñapés are a kind of cheesy bread snack that is very popular across South America. Varieties exist in Brazil (known as pão de queijo), Argentina (chipa or pan que queso), Ecuador (pan de yuca) and even in Colombia (pan de bono).Of course they all vary slightly, but what they all have in common is that they are made of Yam (or Cassava) flour and fresh cheese – which makes them incredibly chewy and moist in the middle....more

Baked Taquitos

Yesterday was another strong blast of heat. Our house has withstood the heatwave until now. This morning when I woke up and the house still sat at 75 degrees- I knew there was a problem. This weather has kicked in full gear and is not backing down. We are supposed to reach 100 degrees today and while Portland typically hasn't reached this high heat on a regular basis, we are now. It seems the past few years have consistently remained hot, smokin' hot....more

S’mores Cupcakes with Marshmallow Filling

Moist graham cracker cupcakes filled with marshmallow fluff, topped with rich chocolate buttercream frosting, graham cracker crumbs and bits of marshmallow. The best s’mores cupcake yet!So apparently last Sunday was National S’mores Day. Yeah, I’m usually behind on things of this nature. Better late than never, right?...more


Popover Mondays!I was craving these the other day and was unhappy that I had no sugar left to make delicious syrup to eat with them. Though the syrup failed me, the popover itself with an egg was quite satisfying.Cooper enjoyed it and sat with me outside talking up a storm while we enjoyed the fresh morning air. He drank his milk and I drank my coffee.They are simple to make and take little time on your part as the oven does most the work. :)Recipe here...more

Delicious Homemade Crusty Bread

When making a meal like pasta, stew, or soup, it’s always great to have a crusty bread to serve with it. So many dishes are enhanced by adding crusty bread to your meal, but especially if your crusty bread is homemade. My Delicious Homemade Crusty Bread is not only delicious to eat with a great meal, but if done right, it’s great by itself straight from the oven....more
TinasChicCorner This bread is delicious!more

Royal Icing Piped Swans Chilling in a Pond

I seem to have a sense of rushing, almost as if the days are to short. I am grabbing the last few weeks before my daughter goes back for her final semester at the university, with these cute pressure piped swans chilling in a pond. Pressure piping is a basic... Enjoy the video» ...more

Raspberry Strudel Tarts with Lemon Curd

Make adorable little strudel tarts using phyllo dough and a sweet raspberry filling, topped with a homemade lemon curd.I have been seeing so many pumpkin recipes lately. We’re barely halfway through August and summer is being ripped away from us with all of these fall treats! Seriously people, SLOW DOWN!...more

My Grandma's Famous Biscotti

Hello everyone, cheers to the weekend!! :) Can we just stop and marvel at my breakfast for a second?...more
1 bottle pure anise extract!  That seems like so much.  These biscotti look wonderful though. :)more

Zucchini Bacon Quiche

This savory zucchini bacon quiche is baked in a crispy pie crust. Loaded with Gruyere cheese, this quiche is sure to impress!I’m sure you all still have a billion zucchini to use up from your gardens. And you are probably getting burnt out on zucchini bread. I know some of you have made four to five loaves and popped them in the freezer for later enjoyment....more

Blueberry Banana Chia Streusel Muffins

Happy Birthday to me!   ...more