Pumpkin Pound Cake

Can you believe Thanksgiving is a week away?!? Where did November go? I figured I better get going on finally baking with pumpkin before the season of pumpkin was history. I had grand plans for what I wanted to make. Would it be pumpkin doughnuts, pumpkin coffee cake or pumpkin muffins? Then I came across this really great recipe from Whipperberry for Pumpkin Pound Cake. I thought this would be the perfect cake to make for Thanksgiving for this Southern girl....more

Booze Baking: Pink Champagne Cake


Linzertorte Variables

Over the past year or so, I have made a few Linzertortes. I'm not sure exactly how many it's been - maybe 10? I really don't know. They aren't the most frequent thing I bake, but also not the least. So. somewhere in between.What is interesting though is that a number of variables affect what sort of a Linzertorte you get.So far I have experimented with cold vs warm butter, but I think there is more that could be tried....more

Our Favorite Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving and food are pretty much synonymous.  These are some non-traditionalThanksgiving recipes to surprise your guests with. Leave Mrs. Cubbisons’ stuffing and the Velveeta mac and cheese on the shelf (that stuff like …NEVER expires!) Stuffing your face has never looked so good!...more

Cornbread Pot Pie

 So even though its only November we are having some REALLY cold weather. What sounds better than a delicious chicken pot pie… with a twist! It’s topped with cornbread rather than your regular old pie crust.This recipe was inspired by one I found of Oprah’s.. so you know it’s gotta be good.Oprah made her own cornbread from scratch, but when a box of Jiffy cornbread mix costs about .50 cents there’s no need to get my own cornmeal.Make this with chicken or you’re left over turkey from Thanksgiving....more

Very Vanilla Cupcakes

Sometimes simple is best and a beautifully decorated vanilla cupcake is always classic. Vanilla buttercream is so fun, its versatile and easy to colour so its fantastic for themed cakes or for that extra bit of glamour.I think they look lovely with the plain white icing also....more

Storing Cookie Dough in the Fridge

A lot of recipes you see now suggest you leave your  chocolate chip cookie dough in the fridge overnight, or longer, up to 48 hours, before baking. This allows gluten to form for a chewier cookie (because eggs move slowly, apparently, and it takes a while for their moisture to truly move all the way into the flour) and does things with the sugars, which makes the cookie hold together better and not turn into one of those oddly pretty lacy cookies that spread in the oven and look like the butter just fell right out, leaving a sugar structure behind.  ...more

Plätzchen Baken! Freshly-Baked Cookies To celebrate Christmas

This was something that I’ve learnt to bake in Dresden, Germany – a course that was held for $6 per student for those studying German at the Goethe-Institut. Another purpose of this course was to have students bake enough cookies for the upcoming Christmas party (though we were not paid for getting ourselves involved in the mass production)....more