Celebrate Pi Day with Apple and Toffee-Peanut Hand Pies

We have a small obsession with pi and pie in our house. My son has been fascinated with the number pi for as long as I can remember. Few things in life are forever. I think the fact that this number goes on forever in some ways offers him an unmet challenge to memorize as many of the numbers as he can. Last year on a family vacation he memorized pi to fifty numbers, past the 3.14 most of us know. Ask him today and he will still be able to recite them back to you. ...more

Easter Egg Cookie

Rainbow Cookies

These cookies are not healthy. And they are dyed with traditional, chemical ridden, old school food dyes. However, they are homemade, and they are adorable!...more

Minty Chocolate Chip LEPRECHAUN Cookies!

If you love anything minty and chocolatey then you'll die over these cookies!Ingredients:...more
oh my goodness. i'm in, sign me up!more

Ultimate Gluten Free Brownies

I do not have a gluten intolerance. Neither does Wayne nor does Callum....more

Blueberry Lemon Pound Cake

Hey there!...more

Fudgy Rocky Road Brownies


Mint Oreo Brownies with Thomas Keller!

Happy St Patrick's Day! ..if you're in Hartford.  I don't get this at all, but my lovely state is having all of our St Pat's parades this weekend-- even though St Pat's is, you know. On a weekend. Stay perfect, Connecticut. Since next weekend is going to get overloaded with the food apocalypse that is St Patrick's Day aka overloaded with starch and starring the word "boiled", I'm getting a jump and starting with the tasty things a week early. Planning!  Or something.  Here, I'll distract you with mint Oreo brownies. ...more