Poinsettia Brush Embroidery Sugar Cookie Card

I wanted to compose a unique Christmas video tutorial to start the holidays off with you. Sugar  cookie christmas cards seemed to “fit the bill.” Who wouldn’t want a sugar cookie card? It is edible, personally designed for a special person in your life. This past Valentine’s Day I created sugar cookie cards tutorial, it was amazing to see each recipient’s eyes dance as they opened the gift box with the sugar cookie card... ...more

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sticky Toffee Pudding is a classic British dessert that doesn’t actually involve pudding. Instead, this delicious dessert is comprised of a very moist cake that’s filled with dates and drenched in a gooey toffee sauce. I first sampled this decadent dish while in York, England and loved it so much that I was inspired to create my own version. My recipe for Sticky Toffee Pudding still involves a date cake smothered in a gooey sauce but it also contains a few ingredients that you won’t find in the traditional pudding such as grated carrots, almond milk, and oats....more

Not So Healthy Cake Batter Cookies

Three of my family members have their birthdays within the same week, so we all got together and celebrated! My family is super big on sweets & unfortunately so am I! Even though I am really into fitness, I struggle with the dieting part. I am really into baking so whenever I’m on Pinterest and I find these down right devilish recipes I HAVE to make them....more

How to Make Failproof Buns for Thanksgiving

Dread baking with yeast? That was me. I didn’t even want to try it! Then our first Thanksgiving as a married couple rolled around, and I was hosting turkey dinner. Oh, and I was pregnant. We had Nate’s parents, brother, aunt, my parents, sister and grandparents. And somehow… I got the grand idea to tackle baking fresh buns all at the same time. Good grief. Sometimes I’m sure I just live for the drama. Image: Courtesy of Here Is Motherhood ...more
Approximately three dozen!more

More Breakfast on the Go: Pineapple Pumpkin Muffins

Have a mentioned I have a lot of pumpkin puree in my freezer? Well I do. Have I mentioned that we are not "morning people" at my house. Well The BF is but he gets up really early and often doesn't have a good breakfast.So when I found a recipe for breakfast muffins that include muffins, I thought why not. When I realized I had all the ingredients to make it even with the changes I made, I thought hell ya.They are super easy and super good.Pineapple Pumpkin Muffins...more

Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop: New sweet spot in Bearden!

Rusha SamsOh, the Places We Seehttp://ohtheplaceswesee.comGreat new shop opening in Knoxville this Thursday: Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop: http://ohtheplaceswesee.com/2013/11/11/buttermilk-sky-pie-shop-new-sweet-spot-in-bearden/...more

Brandied Almond Fruitcake

I'm not a fan of tradition for tradition's sake; in my opinion there's no intrinsic value in tradition. So this cake is great; its a twist on a traditional fruit cake, sandwiching a layer of marzipan between layers of dark and light fruitcake. And while nuts are often added to recipes for texture, here their flavour makes the cake, particularly that of the pecans and almonds, as does the small amount of dark chocolate in the base layer....more

The Very Banana-y Banana Bread recipe

Bananas taste great - until they start to ripen. Yes, I am one of those weird people who prefers my bananas just on the cusp of ripeness. They're perfect when they're just a little bit green, still firm. Sometimes these bananas almost crunch, they're so unripe. Once the first few little brown spots appear, they're tolerable, but not perfection. And once they're a normal person's "ripe," they're done for. Because of my exacting standards, I get a lot of "too ripe" bananas. Thankfully Munchkin isn't so picky....more