Heaven on a Plate Baked Cheesecake

 I spent quite some time in the search for the world's best baked cheesecake.In my selfless quest to find and share this...more

Vanilla Bean Cupcakes

 I love vanilla! And even more so, I love the flavor of a real vanilla bean....more

Easy vegan cornbread


German Chocolate Bundt

German Chocolate BundtIf you have a German Chocolate Cake lover in your life, this German Chocolate Bundt is sure to put a smile on their face!...more

Mini Peach Cobblers

oh wow, those look good -- and super cute, too.more

Peanut Butter Boston Cream Pie

Sugar Paste Full Blown Rose Spray!

Sydney has been asking me if we could create a sugarpaste full blown rose spray for a cake for sometime now. I figured with Roses being June’s flower now would be perfect. I based the roses for this cake after the Glowing Peace Rose, named after its grandparent Peace, the world’s most renowned rose. The Glowing Peace combines timeless beauty with a modern touch. Large, round buds open to reveal full, 3 inch blooms featuring 26 to 42 golden... ...more

Old-Fashioned Doughnut Muffins

These look good -- better than old-fashioned doughnuts!more