Tasty Tuesday: Easy Banana Bread

Tasty Tuesday: Easy Banana Bread I love a quick, easy and healthy breakfast bread....more

Chocolate Cupcakes

Ingredients:1 cup all-purpose flour1/4 cup cocoa powder1/4 teasp baking soda1/2 teasp baking powder3/4 stick butter (6 tbsp), softened3/4 cup sugar2 eggs1/2 cup milk1 teasp vanilla extractPinch of salt...more

Whipped Chocolate Almond Frosting

This weekend I discovered a new love for yellow cake. Yep, you heard me right. Up until this weekend I had never tried yellow cake...now that I have, I don't think I can turn back....more

An Amazing Product for Cooking and Beauty

We love all natural remedies and keeping our bodies as healthy as possible, so today were going to let you in on a little secret that has now just started to become more mainstream as a beauty product. The ingredient of all ingredients is…drum roll please…coconut oil! Who knew that this fruit was so diverse? You can drink the coconut water and you can eat the coconut meat, which all have nutritional benefits. What we are more focused on today are the many uses of the oil that comes from coconuts....more

Vegan and Gluten-Free: Chocolate Buckwheat Ice Cream Sandwiches

I wish I had an awesome story to tell you about ice cream sandwiches, but I don’t really. I remember in the summers of my youth, I would go downstairs to the “big” freezer and grab one for dessert after dinner. They were meh; these ones are better. That’s it. That’s my awesome story. Sometimes, I just can’t tie in a recipe to a life event, as hard as I try (and I have a lot of stories!). I’ll probably think of one just as I post this--Murphy’s law!...more
Maria Diaz  Thank you!more

How to Create a Princess Cake

Does your little one love princesses, pink and anything girly?...more

Yummy Baked Scones With Herbs & Loads Of Cheese

I used to drool at the variety of scones available at the Tesco and Sainsbury’s supermarkets in Durham – cheese, cranberry, sultana, plain, herbs etc. They came in all shapes and sizes too – round, hexagonal, triangular and sometimes squarish as well. One scone per day was all it took to make me a happy maiden at lunch. Those were the good old days…...more

Almond Joy Brownie Bars

Fudgy, Dense Brownies Layered with a Sweet Cream Cheese Coconut Topping, Crunchy Roasted Almonds, and a Smooth Chocolate Glaze.  These Almond Joy Inspired Bars might change your mind about coconut!Omg you guys.  The craziest thing is happening to me!...more