25 Crafts 'Til Christmas Blog Series - Making Homemade Vanilla Extract

Okay, so we've all been there. It's about a week before Christmas with a few more people on your list left to buy for, so you turn to Pinterest. What is easy enough to make but thoughtful enough where they will actually like their homemade gift, right? It happens to me every year, and ironically it's the same handful of people that I always struggle to buy for. And then you see it, the perfect gift with a homemade touch.... oh but wait, you either don't have enough time to order the supplies, or enough time to actually put it together. ...more

Candy Bar Blondies

Pumpkin and Apple Streusel Cupcakes with Candied Walnuts

Pretty much squeezed every ingredient into this recipe title because they are all so vital and add to what makes this cupcake freakin' awesome. ...more

It All Started With A Pie

We were watching Public Morals on television last week, and one of the characters was sitting on the tub in her teeny tiny apartment, crying because she felt trapped. She was genuinely sad. The Gina of the past could 100% relate. The present day Gina isn’t sad anymore. Even though I am constantly in search of my purpose, I’m happy. I’m happy with life. I’m happy with where my kids are in their lives. I’ve become more accepting of me and who I am and that makes me happy. I’m just happy and happy is good....more

Mango UpsideDown Cake


Scarecrow Treat Bars

These are a household favorite every Halloween. A quick and easy layered bar. Sure to please all cravings from salty to extra sweet. Recipe at http://www.neveradullbite.com/2015/10/31/scarecrow-treat-bars/...more

All Butter Pie Crust Recipe: Pie is Love

Even though the name of my blog is Drunk on Love in the Kitchen, it is not a true food blog. I don’t post recipes with gorgeous photographs. My writing centers around family, love, food, and pie. Pie definitely is a big part of my writing and my Facebook posts. Some of my readers have requested my crust recipe, so I decided to attempt a walk-through of the steps. It’s a food blog post without the glossy professional pics. I just snapped photos as I went through the motions.  Full disclosure: I often bake first thing in the morning....more

Easy Halloween Cake

Submitted by Sue of Bishop, GA...more

Bypass your mouth and apply these fluffer nutter brownies directly to your thighs!

 Please ignore the fact that tomorrow is Halloween and you will likely have more chocolate and sweets in the house than you’ll know what to do with....more