The 4 Minute Cookie

I have been eating very healthy this past week; however, the weekends always throw me off track. I needed something quick and delicious. I didn't have much time to look for recipes and I knew I didn't have much in the pantry. I also had two bananas that were starting to get brown. ...more

Sunday Morning Coffee Cake

A tender cake with a cinnamon streusel topping that pairs perfectly with your morning coffee....more

Lil' Stout Cakes

Did you know that beer can be used for so much more than just drinking?I know shocking, right?Well, save one of your Irish beers, a good stout like Guinness, and get ready to transform it into one sweet Irish dessert!  ...more

Baileys Chocolate Cheesecake

Easy and Delicious Boys Birthday Cake

Make this delicious and easy birthday cake, simply by layering different sized cakes, covering with icing and then using oreo crumbs to look like dirt!!  Add small construction vehicles and signs and you have the easiest, best tasting cake that won't cost you what you would pay at a bakery. And the kids will love it!!!...more

Double chocolate chip cranberry muffins

I’ve been making this recipe since I discovered it at Christmas. It is one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten – moist, delicious chocolate chips, bursts of slightly sour cranberry juices, which somehow complement each other beautifully. You can use frozen cranberries for this (I’m still using ones I bought fresh and froze at Christmas) but you could try other fruits too like blueberries for the same burst of amazing-ness. I’ve been delayed putting this on the blog because it doesn’t photograph well....more

FF - I heart Irish Brown Bread

As I mentioned in the previous Fandom Friday, I've been on a quest to find easy, no-to-low yeast bread recipes. In the no-yeast category, I found a couple of Irish Soda Bread recipes that were close, but not quite, to what I wanted (yeah, me, the inexperienced baker, critiquing recipes - I'm such a brat!). My solution was to merge them together and create my own....more

Chocolate and Mint Round Up

I love chocolate and mint this time of year!Check out this round up of goodies!...more

Raspberry and Marzipan Cupcakes

It's my four year wedding anniversary today =) My wonderful husband brought home some beautiful red roses and I decided to surprise him with some Raspberry and Marzipan cupcakes. ...more