Cheeseburger Stuffed Buns

Tasty Tuesday: Sopapilla Cheesecake

Tasty Tuesday: Sopapilla Cheesecake I stole this recipe from a good friend (and a blog reader) because it's so unbelievably yummy I had to. Thanks Julie! This is the perfect sweet breakfast treat or snack...I also like it with my afternoon coffee (yes, guilty of sweet tooth while E is taking a nap)....more

Hidden Veggie Pizza Rolls

I'm always worried that my daughter isn't eating enough veggies, so I've decided to start making "veggie hidden dishes"! These hidden veggie pizza rolls are so yummy and easy to make!Recipe Here!Xo,

How to Nab a Handsome Stranger on the Subway

A friend told me the other day that she met several of the men she had dated, on the subway. I thought about my subway rides: People looking adoringly at their smart phones, reading their newspapers, or staring vacantly into space. I wondered how she could be so lucky. Then the more she spoke about it, the more I realized that it wasn’t luck at all. She saw a narrow window of opportunity and she took it....more

Hand Painted Cross Stitch Flower Basket

 I especially love to create cookies that incorporate two elegant and versatile cake decorating techniques. The delicate cross stitching in combination with the hand painted pansy accomplishes both. The focal point is the hand painting, gradually you see the cross stitch design, and finally the entire cookie. The flower basket would be perfect for a plethora of occasions: Easter, Mother’s Day, wedding cookie... ...more

Lemon Cream Pie Cream Pie {Egg-free} We made a lemon cream pie for Easter.  MMMmmmm.  I think the soft lemon flavor is perfect for Easter!  My husband LOVES this pie!  It is one of his favorites.  Have a Happy Easter!! ...more

Sugar Bomb Alert: Easter Egg Cakes!

Okay gals and guys, I’m not going to sugarcoat this… wait, I AM going to sugarcoat this… here’s your super-duper-sweet Easter treat: Easter Egg Cakes!...more

Chocoflan - The Impossible Cake!

I love it when a plan comes together.  Chocoflan seems like it shouldn't come out right, but it works perfectly each and every time, and it's so simple to make!...more

Easter Basket Cake

Idea submitted by Sue of Bishop, GA You will need:...more