15 Things to do with overly ripe bananas

15 Things To Do With Overly Ripe Bananas I despise looking at brown bananas. They look pathetic really, but rather than tossing them there are some great recipes for their use....more

Easy Barbecue Potato Chip Brownies


Nutella Sandwich Cookies

You didn't think I could stay away from it for that long, did you?  ...more

Banana Walnut Bread…With Just a Touch of Cinnamon and Nutmeg

I love baking something so good that when your family walks in the door, the first words out of their mouths are "What's cooking?  It smells so good in here!"...more

Apple Walnut Bread…For Apple Picking Time or Just Any Time

Apple Walnut Bread isn't just for apple picking time!  It's too good to have only in the fall, so in our house, any time is time for Apple Walnut Bread! ...more

Chocolate Pretzel Hugs


Fondant Bamboo Sugar Cookie and Flowerpaste Asian Orchid Spray Tutorial

For quite sometime I have been waiting to create a bamboo framed sugar cookie with Spathoglottis orchids, better known as Asian Ground Orchids.  I had promised Sydney I would wait for her to come home in order for us to design the sugar cookie frames together. She has a love affair with orchids and had seen Asian ground orchids in a photo with a friend in Sri Lanka. I had originally placed  five orchids in a Mariposa... ...more

Healthier Homemade Blueberry Nutrigrain Bars

Sure, Nutrigrain Bars sound healthy, but they’re loaded with sugar and a bunch of other things I can’t pronounce. And of course my kids love them. So I did some research on the internet to find a healthier homemade recipe for nutrigrain bars. I looked at recipe after recipe and was surprised that so many of them still used a lot of sugar and butter. After pulling from a ton of recipes, I think I came up with a pretty healthy version of my kids’ beloved nutrigrain bars. I even let them help me measure ingredients and run the blender....more

Hungarian pancake: Palacsinta

It's an original Hungarian recipe. Similar to the U.S. pancakes, French Crepes, but not so. If you like it, just do it!...more

My very first Banana Bread!

I was thinking about something new to bake today with my kiddo :-) I heard about Banana Bread, but never did. (I am Hungarian, we have a similar bread with fruit, but a little bit different.) Just typed in google and clicked on the first hit. I guess I found the perfect recipe from the thousands... :-)Ingredients...more