Meat and Potatoes, you say? Potato Moussaka Bolognese, I say.

Recently, I received a request for a meat-n-potato type dish for someone who doesn’t eat vegetables.  Not judging. I am sure they have their reasons.  Rather than fussing about it, I took it upon myself to go as fancy as I could with the meat-n-potato idea, as it sounded pretty challenging....more

Plated + Served: Mini Jalapeño and Chipotle Cornbread Loaves with Tupelo Honey Butter

There’s a lot to say about these mini cornbread loaves: tender, spicy, moist… corny.But one thing you definitely can’t say: boring.Some friends threw together an honest-to-goodness Texas barbecue last weekend (we’re talking smoked, not grilled, meat). I knew there’d be lots of sweet and spicy BBQ sauce, so I brought cornbread to share (and to mop my plate)....more

Gluten Free Strawberry Bread

Gluten Free Strawberry Bread is an adaptation of my Cinnamon Peach Bread and believe it or not, I think it’s actually even more delicious than the peach bread! Instead of roasted cinnamon peaches, the light and fluffy loaf is bursting with fresh strawberries macerated in balsamic vinegar. The finished Strawberry Bread tastes unbelievable, and not just for gluten free bread, but for all bread!...more

Early Morning Baking: Dark Chocolate Orange Scones

I know what you’re thinking.  Two recipes that call for oranges posted here on the blog in the span of a few days, c’mon.  Indulge me for a moment, my friends, because once you take a look at this recipe you’ll instantly thank me.  Right?  You’re welcome. Image: Courtesy of Zagleft ...more
@mamaislosingit I remember those chocolate "oranges" as well, they were so good!more

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Power Bites

My chocolate cravings have kicked up since srtarting this clean eating plan. I needed something quick, but still sticking with whole foods.This recipe is adapted from My whole Food Life. I changed it up a bit; the orginal recipe is here. Ingredients:...more

A Homemade Cherry Pie to Die For

Read the full post here:  ...more

Fresh Strawberry Pie recipe

This year, my strawberry patch just exploded with beautiful, scrumptious strawberries! I decided to use some for a delicious pie, and I wanted to share this easy recipe with all of you.Fresh Strawberry Pie...more

Cinnamon Coffee Cake

Peanut Butter Muffins with Chocolate Drizzle

Peanut Butter Muffins with Chocolate Drizzle...more

Simply Perfect Vanilla Cupcakes

These Vanilla Cupcakes will be your absolute Favorite!  So Fluffy, with an Intense Vanilla Flavor and Buttery Richness.  They have a Fine, Even Crumb, and a Perfect Dome on top!...more