A Primer on Working With Buttercream

[Editor's Note: Heather Smoke of Curly Girl Kitchen imparts a clear, easy-to-follow lesson in this post in the art of making buttercream to frost cupcakes, cakes, and other sweet treats. She shares her past mistakes and her current successes in an informative, accessible way. Check it out if you're trying to master the art of beautiful and delicious toppings for your desserts! --Genie]...more
Thank you for the post. I'm relatively new to baking cupcakes and adding meringue powder to my ...more

Fall-Flavored Popovers with Rosemary, Pear and Brie

[Editor's Note: I love plain popovers, but I'm dying to try this version, which features seasonal pears, a hint of woodsy rosemary, and creamy, melted Brie. I'm putting it on my list of dishes to consider serving at Thanksgiving, since these sound perfect for any Fall or winter holiday meal. --Genie] ...more

Soft Pretzel & Tomato Appetizers

[Editor's Note: These soft pretzel tomato bites are right up my alley: bursting with fresh, seasonal tomato flavor, but built on a base of delicious baked dough. They're a fantastic appetizer for this holiday weekend, or even an afternoon snack this week for kids coming home from their first few days back at school. --Genie] ...more
 @Denise Figured it was just an error....or....an opportunity for someone to get creative and ...more

Rich Vegan and Gluten-Free Chocolate Brownies

[Editor's Note: These sophisticated brownies will satisfy the chocolate lovers you know, whether they are vegan or not. But the fact that this recipe is free of soy, gluten and animal products means it's a treat for a whole range of dessert devotees! --Genie] Bitter Black Chocolate Brownies (Vegan, Soy-free, Gluten-free) ...more

Make Birthdays Wonderful With Wonderland Cakes

[Editor's Note: Birthdays are special, and deserve special cakes. These wonderland cakes are particularly lovely, and work for parties for any child. They're whimsical and fun, and such a treat to dig into with a spoon. --Genie] ...more
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Waffles Made Sweeter With Cookie Dough

[Editor's Note: This blogger found breakfast inspiration when she really wanted to bake a batch of cookies. The result? A rich and sweet waffle recipe that's perfect for family weekends! --Genie] ...more

Fun Food: Hot Dog Sugar Cookies

[Editor's Note: This is one of the sweetest optical illusions ever. These aren't sausage-like at all: they're sugar cookies that look like something they're not! Read on to learn how to make these at home and fool all your favorite baked-goods recipients. --Genie] ...more
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How to Make Banana Pudding Cupcakes

[Editor's Note: Though you'll probably love this recipe if you're a fan of banana pudding and cupcakes (usually served separately), the story behind the blog post is one that is definitely worth a read. Sometimes mishaps occur between food preparation and food styling, and this is a case where, while all's well that ends well, disaster definitely struck! --Genie] ...more

A Dozen Jars of Flourless Chocolate Cake

[Editor's Note: Too hot to bake? Maybe, but I think it's worth it for these adorable jars of flourless cake. They're perfect for a summer birthday—particularly if someone attending the party can't eat gluten. And they're portioned out for maximum flavor in small packages! --Genie]...more

Layered Individual Peanut Butter Pies

[Editor's Note: I refuse to accept that there are good and bad foods...just foods that should be eaten in moderation and others not to worry about. What's great about these little desserts is that though they're incredibly rich, portion control is built right in. Just be sure to use small containers when you assemble them! -Genie] Individual Peanut Butter Pies ...more
*Licking lips* We wish we had this for breakfast. We love peanut butter -Bella and DiDimore