Ice Cream Sandwiches to Celebrate the Fourth

[Editor's Note: The Fourth of July is filled with pomp and circumstance, and this dessert fits the spirit of the day! It's a delicious twist on plain ice cream sandwiches, and celebrates the stars of the Stars & Stripes. It's a beautiful way to celebrate the holiday. --Genie] Patriotic Ice Cream Sandwiches ...more
 @TalkingTrash Aren't they? So festive!more

How to Make Regular and Gluten-Free Gougere

[Editor's Note: I recently had gougere for the first time at a going away party for a very close friend, and I probably would have eaten the entire tray if I hadn't summoned every bit of my self-control. These cheesy, puffy snacks are rich and wonderful, and I love that this recipe offers a version for those who can tolerate gluten, and for those who can't! --Genie]...more
These sound like they could be dangerously delicious, but they also sound relatively easy ...more

A Delicious Recipe for Pizza Cupcakes

[Editor's Note: Some might say that a cupcake isn't a cupcake unless it's sweet. That may be so, but no matter what you call these handy little treats, they're an awfully convenient way to maximize the flavor of pizza in an eminently portable, snackable package. Perfect for kids' parties or even gatherings of grownups, these pepperoni pizza-themed delights are sure to keep people talking. --Genie] ...more
Oh, this is has to fit into my category of cheap quick easy dinner recipes! The kids will love ...more

A Mother-Daughter Blog's Blue Ribbon Cheesecake

[Editor's Note: I've been saving this post since last Mother's Day, when I spotted it and thought it was a wonderful story about mother-daughter relationships, blogging, AND food. Not only is this cheesecake recipe fantastic, but you're going to love the story of how Apron Strings got its start. It's a terrific way to start off this day that honors the mothers we know and love. --Genie]...more
I love seeing Donna and Anne featured here.  Donna is a good friend in Salt Lake and I'm looking ...more

Snickerdoodle Coffee Cake

[Editor's Note: Though I make no secret of my preference for non-sweet breakfasts, you'll almost never see me turn down a bite of coffee cake. This recipe, which combines my sweet guilty pleasure with the flavors of one of my favorite cookies, is, therefore, extra-hard to resist. It would make an excellent addition to your Mother's Day brunch table! --Genie] ...more
 @HomeRearedChef I thought exactly the same thing. So yummy-sounding!more

Pretzel-Crusted Banana Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes

[Editor's Note: If you're a lover of both cupcakes and bananas, this is the treat for you. I particularly love its pretzel-crust bottom, which gives it an unusual and salty crunch. It might be a fun dessert to bake up this weekend! --Genie] ...more
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Sweet Treat: Orange Vanilla Bean Cupcakes

[Editor's Note: These fresh and light cupcakes are ideal for a spring gathering, whether that's a party, a brunch, or a family barbeque. Though Annie of Annie's Eats claims no love for citrusy flavors at the end of a meal, even she really liked them, and since I'm a big fan of that genre of dessert, I know I'd enjoy them, too. Check out this recipe! --Genie]...more
 @Nobody wants to be Ethel Me too!more

A Beautiful Thai-Inspired Mango Coconut Fruit Tart

[Editor's Note: Rachel of Rachel Cooks Thai developed this gorgeous tart in an effort to tempt her boyfriend, who is not much of a dessert eater. It's not only beautiful, but delicious, graced with a lovely scalloped layer of mango slices that offer sweetness without being cloying. --Genie] ...more
@BlogHerFood oh yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmore

A Rustic Rhubarb Galette Perfect for Spring

[Editor's Note: Though my grandmother has been gone for years, I still crave her rhubarb pie. The combination of tart-sweet filling and flaky crust was one of my favorites as a kid. I have never quite mastered the art of making a top pie crust, so this rhubarb galette is a perfect way for me to revisit a delicious memory while celebrate one of my favorite spring flavors. --Genie] ...more
That sounds like perfect summer dessert. I can't wait till we have fresh rhubarb in the garden. ...more

Samoa Macarons For National Caramel Day

[Editor's Note: Today is National Caramel Day, and what better way to celebrate than with these macarons that are bursting with caramel flavor. They feature the flavor of Samoas (known as Caramel deLites in some parts of the country), which definitely makes me quite interested in making a batch. --Genie] ...more
 @wdolderer Seems like a great way to celebrate, huh?more