How to Make Crescent Roll Carrots

[Editor's Note: If you're looking for a unique dish to serve for Easter—or any spring celebration, for that matter—this will definitely do the trick! These adorable "carrot" sandwiches are made from crescent rolls and stuffed with chicken salad. They're not your ordinary party offering! --Genie]...more
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How to Make Cheddar Dill Biscuits

[Editor's Note: I consider good homemade biscuits a blissful food to eat, even when they're just made in plain, ordinary fashion. But the addition of cheddar and dill? Well, that makes my heart race. These biscuits sound amazing, and would be as equally at home on a breakfast or brunch table as served alongside a lovely dinner. --Genie]...more
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Polenta Tart with Lime

[Editor's Note: This is a beautiful and unusual dessert that puts polenta to use in an ever-so-sweet (yet tangy) fashion, rather than its usual role as a not-so-sweet side dish. Best of all, whether you can tolerate gluten or not, there's a version of this dessert for you. Give it a try before the citrus season comes to an end! --Genie] Always good to know a tangy tart -- Polenta Tart with Lime, gluten-free and traditional versions...more
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Homemade Sunflower Millet Bread

[Editor's Note: Home-baked bread has a comforting quality to it that simply can't be beat. Here's a recipe for a bread that's both satisfying and interesting, thanks to an unusual flour blend that offers a change of pace from traditional white or whole wheat. --Genie] ...more

Sweet Coconut Bliss: Mounds Brownies

[Editor's Note: This recipe takes regular brownies and makes them extra special by adding just a few ingredients. Next thing you know, you have a dessert that hearkens back to a Mounds candy bar, which is one of my personal favorites! Give this a try if you know a coconut lover who needs a Valentine's smile. --Genie]...more
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Chocolate Overload: Chocolate Cheesecake Cake

[Editor's Note: If you're ready for a true chocolate overload, this may be the perfect recipe. From start to finish, this cake takes chocolate and amps it up in spectacular fashion. Serve it up with a big glass of milk, because you're going to need something to take the edge off all that sweet, sweet flavor! --Genie]...more
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Strawberry and Cream Breakfast Scones

[Editor's Note: These scones would be lovely for a weekend breakfast. Though there are few areas that have fresh strawberries from local farmers right now—they're still in my farmers market, for example—these would work with frozen strawberries, too, for a burst of summer flavor even in winter. If you're not someone who likes sweets for breakfast, try these as a snack with afternoon coffee. --Genie] ...more

Soft Pretzel Bites

[Editor's Note: Today, we kick off Big Game Eats, a series that will take us through to the 2012 Super Bowl on February 5 in Indianapolis. I'll be highlighting recipes that are perfect for watching football games, whether it's regular season action or post-season play. This recipe can appeal to fans of salty or sweet flavors, depending on which direction you take it! --Genie]...more
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Individual Banana Decadence Pies for New Year's Eve

[Editor's Note: If you're looking for something sweet to make for New Year's Eve, this is a great option. These little banana pies are perfectly portioned, and since they're made with Greek yogurt, offer a side of healthfulness along with their sweetness. --Genie]...more

Chocolate Ginger Crinkle Cookies

[Editor's Note: If you're looking for a wonderful food-related story for Christmas Eve, you won't do better this year than this wonderful one from Alanna Kellogg. It comes with a delicious-sounding recipe for Chocolate Ginger Crinkle Cookies, but even more important is the message about creating abundance, one holiday memory at a time, even when the economy's difficult and people everywhere are struggling to make ends meet. --Genie]...more
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